Game Report: Page vs Smith Baseball

Posted by Press Release on April 29, 2014 at 6:29 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Page 11
Smith 1

             1  2  3  4  5   R   H  E
   Page      1  9  0  0  1  11  11  0
   Smith     0  0  0  0  1   1   4  3

Page 16-3 Overall 6-2 Metro 4-A
Smith 0-8 Overall

Winning Pitcher for Page:
Will Hardin 4-1 on year

Losing Pitcher for Smith:
D. Richmond 0-2 on the year

Leading Hitters for Page:
Troy Lake 1 for 4 2 rbi, run
Stanford Shell 1 for 4 , 3B 3 rbi’s
Will Hardin 1 for 4 rbi
Kenny Mackovic 2 for 3, rbi, 2 runs, double
Kevin Westlake 1for 3, run
Harrison Kiser 2 for 3, rbi, run
Walton Chamblee 3 for 3, rbi, run

Leading Hitters for Smith:
T. Garland 1 for 2 SB
D. Richmond 2 for 2, double, run
R. Goldston 1 for 2, rbi

  • vastly overrated said,

    Some 4-A baseball team is getting ready to receive a gift-wrapped christmas gift come May 14 in the first round of the NCHSAA baseball playoffs…..whoever is the CPC #3 will roll….the schedule they have played will rear its ugly head….the CPC is already one of the top 2 leagues in NC….playing the likes of Smith twice, Trinity twice, Lexington, HP Andrews, etc….will do in the Pirates…..

  • vastly overrated #2 said,

    first let me say this before you to come on here and talk about a teams schedule and some of the teams they have played is just stupid.i know 2 of those coaches that coaches those teams that you mentioned take their jobs very seriously, at least they are playing schools that they want to play rather than playing ones they should play. whether they have won one or few get off your high horse stop putting down those kids accomplishments and be quiet.just you talking about something as stupid as you did bothers me and i am sure others as well. you dont know the trinity coach and you damn well dont know the andrews coach. so just shut the h??? up . sorry andy this person annoys me.

  • no offense said,

    Page only schedules non-conference games that they feel that the odds are in their favor. That’s the history with Page. Everyone knows it. So if some or any of the coaches, particularly Trinity or Andrews since you mentioned them, are actually taking offense(which I doubt they are as they are probably realistic about themselves from year to year), it should be with how they are viewed by Page…and certainly not by some random guys comment that points out the obvious. Page played no one with a winning record outside of the league. And got waxed by the only team with a winning record inside the league. Best of luck to them…but ta little trash talking regarding their schedule isn’t that far fetched…or inappropriate. As for the teams Page played…good for them and their coaches for working hard. That’s what they are supposed to do.

  • no offense who?? said,

    really??? if both of you non-playing athletes know so much why dont you go over and talk to those coaches? thats what you suppose to do. RIGHT ? idiot!!