High School Baseball/Softball for Tonight(4/29/14) with the Carolina Acceleration ‘Diamond Cutter’:We now have updates due to the weather…

Posted by Andy Durham on April 29, 2014 at 11:29 am under High School | 16 Comments to Read

*****Games update:All Southeast Guilford Athletic Events scheduled for today have been postponed…Baseball and Softball vs. Grimsley have been moved to the same times on Thursday….Grimsley baseball update:Grimsley @ SEG has been moved to Thursday, therefore Grimsley @ Northern Guilford has been cancelled……*****…No Grimsley-SEG baseball or softball tonight…

Back in 1986 Randy Jackson said it would be like this one day and what do the oddsmakers say tonight? How many games will they get in this evening….50%, 75%, 30%….Randy Jackson needs to let us know for sure what tonight’s weather is bringing to the plate….Does rain = 100% for tonight? Randy where are you man???

Tons/Loads of Conference Baseball Games on tap for tonight/today, weather permitting and several teams played last night(NEG-WA, EG-EA, NG-McMichael)

High Point Christian Academy at Calvary Baptist 5pmHPCA coming off a big win last Thursday vs. WES, in 14 Innings…Must not have a let-down tonight…..
Forsyth Country Day School at Greensboro Day 5pm GDS can be one of the top finishers with a PACIS victory today….
High Point Central at Glenn 6pm….If Trevor Gay would be ready, Bison will be ready to win one tonight….Glenn used Mason Striplin last Friday night vs. NWG…
Dudley at Page 7pm…Page looks to maintain #2 spot in Metro 4-A…
East Forsyth at Ragsdale 7pm…Tigers have been on a down-beat, need an uptick Tiger night….
Grimsley at Southeast Guilford 7pm…SEG still unbeaten in Metro 4-A….Will that change tonight?
Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford 7pm….NWG has clamps on the top spot in Piedmont Triad 4-A….Can SWG wrestle this away??
Southern Guilford at Western Guilford 7pm…Hornets are (5-5) in the conference and can they make it (6-5) and hand the Storm their first conference loss of the season???

Softball Scene for 2014
Dudley at Page 6pm…Pirates have an eye on the playoffs….
High Point Central at Glenn 6pm…Glenn Bobcats are still a big name on the Softball Scene….
Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford 6pm….Much of the Conference on the line here tonight…..
Grimsley at Southeast Guilford 7pm Senior Night for the Falcons…
Western Guilford at Southern Guilford 7pm…WG has re-discovered their winning ways and better days/nights recently for the Hornets….

  • FalconFan said,

    Grimsley at SEHS for baseball as well at 7. Senior Night with weather permitting.

  • SBRules said,

    NW Guilford Lady Vikings clinched the top spot in PT4A with their extra inning victory over a very good Glenn team on Friday. Two tough opponents (SW Guilford, East Forsyth) stand in the way of an 8-0 PT4A sweep. Just hope the weather cooperates.

  • Falcon said,

    SEG softball cancelled today.

  • ORYA said,

    I can’t imagine the Guilford/Forsyth School districts allowing the games to be played with the threat of severe weather..

  • Rashad89 said,

    I’m ready for football season, so when will football take begin Andy?

  • Gfan said,

    Please explain to me first why SEG did not play last night then why not tonight? My 11 year old played his game tonight at 6 and the 8PM game is going on now. If Greensboro City can play there games at Barber Park I wonder when they could not get this one in tonight.

    Wow too much mist at the Falcon nest tonight.

  • Where are my tigers said,

    East Forsyth 5
    Ragsdale 0

    Ragsdale in serious danger of missing the playoffs altogether. Just weeks ago they were ranked near the top in the state .

  • NWFan said,

    NW #1again of course the league not quite as strong as it has been in the past but who cares. Great job this year.

  • Bison said,

    Glenn- 7

  • NWGSoftball said,

    NW Guilford Lady Vikings 6, SW Guilford 0. WP-Staunton, LP-Goodwin. NWG HR: Staunton, Richey.

  • window of opportunity said,

    #1….the rankings on Impact mean absolutely NOTHING…..#2….when there is a sense of expectation from parents and websites telling these kids how good they are….What do you expect? Makes us in the game that are purists get the last laugh and makes the aforementioned mamas and daddys and internet prognosticators look like morons….

  • Commodore said,

    Can someone post a score from the Northwest Guilford – Southwest Guilford game from last night?

  • score said,

    NWG 2
    SWG 1

  • Where are the tigers said,

    Window, lots of truth in that, sorta my point. Rankings are way off base. Doesn’t take a purist to figure that out. But it seems odd that so many go on to play in college yet struggle as a team in HS.

  • why hate? said,

    @window – being a self proclaimed purist, what do you mean you get the last laugh? It reads as you delight in watching player/parent expectations result in failures…or failure to meet those “expectatinos”. You say it makes “mamas and daddys” and “Prognasticators”…look like morons. Well, ok I guess, but is that enjoyable for you? You say you are in the game…and if so, what are your reasons and goals and philosophy? This post reads as if you are out to prove that others are wrong about what they think/hope a kid achieves as far as playing at a higher level or beig considered a high level player or team. Why does impact rankings bother you so much?

    You are correct, the game and championship will be played out on the field, and not on a website. I agree. So, being a purist, why not let it do that?

    @where…tigers – its not odd that kids dont play well together as a team in HS, but kids go on to play in college. Although there can be, and are many, reasons in my oinion for this…two seem most important to me.

    1. Maturity level – these boys are just that, boys. They wont fully mature(some say ever…haha) until they reach early 20’s. The emational swings..ups and downs…during the teenage years play a huge factor.

    2. (this may be more than one ting here…lumped together) Parenting/coaching history/society – simply put – The focus is very rarely on the TEAM for most. No matter how hard a coach tries…he is outnumbered by the wants and desires of the collective individuals. So a TEAM mentality is so difficultto create…hence the team struggles…even with high calibre players. It started at ages 4,5,6 yet the HS coach takes the blame…for not beig able to reshape the minds of kids who have never been truly taught….TEAM first.

  • baseball parent said,

    As the parent of a 10th grade JV HS player, I can tell you that my son often comments about their poor “team chemistry”. He says that many/most of the talented players on the JV team (and his team has several) obviously care little about how the team fares, that their total focus is on their individual play.