ACC Teams to the NCAA Baseball Tournament

Posted by Andy Durham on May 27, 2014 at 10:17 am under College | 4 Comments to Read

These guys got in:
Florida State
Georgia Tech
North Carolina

These guys did not get in:
N.C. State
Wake Forest

*****Can’t change a thing, got to be moving on and First Round action gets started on Friday of this week.*****

  • It`s been 22 years said,

    So carolina sent our beloved wuffies home a 2nd year in a row. Ouch!

    Trivia question? How many years has in been since my pack has won a conference championship in anything other than bass fishing / cheerleading.

    Please let Charlie Brown kick that damn ball.

  • factsarefun said,

    The softball team won the conference championship last year, which means it has only been one year. Roughly the same amount of time as UNC since they did not win the conference championship in any sport this year.

  • facts are relevant said,

    tHe facts are telling, it is visually apparent however that ncsu fanbase love a unc loss more than they do a ncs win. That is what a 22 yea drought will do to you.

    The big four sports let me be more specific. That football/Baseball/Mens & Womens Basketball State has NO championships of any kind. Unc has 34. It is pretyy apparent isn`t it.

    Go aggies.

  • Audit Dept. said,

    Crappy product year in year out. Not even mediocre.

    How long will Yow last, Fowler atleast didnt run the programs in these depths.