Metro 4-A All-Conference Teams for the Spring of 2014(Baseball, Softball, Track, Tennis, Soccer, Golf)

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Name School
D. J. Artis SE Guilford
Ryne Stanley SE Guilford
Carmine Pagano SE Guilford
Tommy Michaels SE Guilford
Brendan Nail Page
Stanford Shell Page
Kevin Westlake Page
Troy Lake Page
Dairyon Matkins Southern Alamance
Tyson Poe Southern Alamance
Alex Durham Southern Alamance
Kyle Smith Grimsley
Jake Simpson Grimsley
Jalen Surgeon Grimsley
Zach LaBranche Grimsley
Elyjah Harris Dudley
Camden Williamson Dudley
Kameron Pruitt Dudley

Zack Canada SE Guilford PLAYER OF THE YEAR
Devin Sweet SE Guilford PITCHER OF THE YEAR
William Hardin Page COACH OF THE YEAR


Name School
Kayla Allison Southern Alamance
Tessa Faucette Southern Alamance
Emma Patterson Southern Alamance
Carleigh Brooks Southern Alamance
Kelsey Durham Southern Alamance
Anna Hessenthaler SE Guilford
Kara Shutt SE Guilford
Logan Royal SE Guilford
Emma Strouth SE Guilford
Kallee Lambe SE Guilford
Caroline Dunn Page
Kelly Lewis Page
Gracey Albright Page
Angela Lao Page
Julia Slade Page
Akera McPhaul Smith
Jasmine Rios Smith
Tajia Bailey Smith
Tonesha Dearmon Dudley
Ruth Cox Grimsley

Emma Strouth SE Guilford PLAYER OF THE YEAR
Kelsey Durham Southern Alamance PITCHER OF THE YEAR
Chris Miller Southern Alamance COACH OF THE YEAR


Annesleigh Bengston Grimsley
Morgan Bowling Grimsley
Ellen Harris Grimsley
Frances Henshall Grimsley
Abby Hill Grimsley
Monica Pevida Grimsley
Maggie Rotunda Grimsley
Kara Wood Grimsley
Madison Lee Page
Claire Michaels Page
Clare Schmedes Page
Nichole Smith Page
Allison Yates Page
Erin Bradley SE Guilford
Meredith Dunker SE Guilford
Morgan Henderson SE Guilford
Amanda Levesque SE Guilford
Katie Shaughnessy SE Guilford
Nicole Blackwood S Alamance
Kirsten Blackwood S Alamance
Kelby Smith S Alamance
Milenis Nieto BL Smith
Ragianna Royster BL Smith
Maria Bracamontes Dudley

Herk DeGraw Grimsley COACH OF THE YEAR


Hardy Brown Page
Henry Enochs Page
Naveed Faroudi Page
Jack Oldis Page
Thomas Shealy Page
Corey Lindenberg Grimsley
Aaron Pascua Grimsley
Jedd Reid Grimsley
Collin Shick Grimsley
William Fairley Southeast Guilford
Lane Nickels Southeast Guilford
Yahara Touprong Southeast Guilford
Griffin Hinson Southern Alamance

Collin Shick Grimsley PLAYER OF THE YEAR
Chris Huntley Southeast Guilford COACH OF THE YEAR


Alex Burris Grimsley
Brantley Phillips Page
Zack Stuart Southern Alamance
Cody Jones SE Guilford
Jackson Neff Page
Tyler Griffin SE Guilford
Austin Coble SE Guilford
Sam Swope SE Guilford
Hogan Lambeth Southern Alamance
Greg Clark Page
Alec Lloyd Page
Thomas Mayes Page
Seth Garrison SE Guilford

Alex Burris Grimsley PLAYER OF THE YEAR
Wilson Helms Page COACH OF THE YEAR


Nidonna Nicholson L Jump 100 H 300 H BL Smith
Abriya Jackson L Jump H Jump Dudley
Kyla Graham H Jump Dudley
Lekesha Ejindu T Jump 100 H 4 x 400 Relay Dudley
Yasmeen Bailey T Jump BL Smith
Imani Abraham Discus Shot Put Dudley
Amber Daniel Discus Shot Put Grimsley
Kayli Reyna Pole Vault S Alamance
Marcias Guthrie Pole Vault SE Guilford
Blair Ramsey 4 x 800 Relay 1600 M 800 M Grimsley
Mary Katherine Gywynn 4 x 800 Relay Grimsley
Sydney Gilstrap 4 x 800 Relay 800 M Grimsley
Maddie Mullins 4 x 800 Relay Grimsley
Jordan Moore 100 M S Alamance
Aaliyah Burton 100 M 400 M Grimsley
Jessica Walker 4 x 200 Relay 4 x 100 Relay 4 x 400 Relay 200 M Dudley
Jasmine Gooden 4 x 200 Relay Dudley
Mya Johnson 4 x 200 Relay 4 x 100 Relay 200 M Dudley
Kedra Murray 4 x 200 Relay 4 x 400 Relay Dudley
Evelyn Baker 4 x 100 Relay 300 H Dudley
Dasja White 4 x 100 Relay Dudley
Tabitha Jones 4 x 400 Relay 400 M Dudley
Tori Churchill 1600 M 3200 M Grimsley
Kylie Spencer 3200 M SE Guilford

Charles Shoffner Dudley COACH OF THE YEAR


Jeremy Davis L Jump BL Smith
Anthony Capel L Jump Page
Tarius Hilton H Jump BL Smith
Theryon Jackson H Jump SE Guilford
Jamel Jefcoat         T Jump SE Guilford
Xavier Unanka T Jump 4 x 200 Relay 4 x 100 Relay SE Guilford
Madison McCotter       Discus-Shot Put Grimsley
Christian Waters       Discus Dudley
Jonathan Glenn Shot Put SE Guilford
Kody Bowles Pole Vault SE Guilford
Chris Casterlow Pole Vault SE Guilford
Ryan Allshouse 4×800 Relay S Alamance
Teddy Frisk 4×800 Relay S Alamance
Payton Goodwin 4×800 Relay S Alamance
Collin Loy 4×800 Relay 1600 M 3200M S Alamance
Seth Pierce 110 H 4 x 200 Relay 300 H SE Guilford
Darrius Overton 110 H 4 x 200 Relay 300 H SE Guilford
Quentin Martin 100 M 4x 200 Relay 4 x 100 Relay SE Guilford
Isaac Roberts 100 M 4x 200 Relay 4 x 100 Relay 200 M SE Guilford
Izell Jenkins 4x 100 Relay SE Guilford
Nolan Cook 1600 M 800 M Page
Derick Puryear 400 M 4 x 400 Relay Dudley
Kethan Murray 400 M 4 x 400 Relay Dudley
Aaron Sisk 800 M Grimsley
Trae Meadows 200 M 4 x 400 Relay Dudley
Luke Sumerford 3200 M Grimsley
Jason Mannea 4 x 400 Relay Dudley

Collin Loy Southern Alamance MOST OUTSTANDING RUNNER
Madison McCotter       Grimsley MOST OUTSTANDING IN FIELD EVENTS
Alton Tyre SE Guilford COACH OF THE YEAR

  • Charlie Pannell said,

    Congrats to all these kids! The coaches did a good job picking the players. But I have a bone to pick and I am a Falcon fan—- Dave Beasley went 10 and 0 in the regular season and beat Grimsley 3 times but lost the 4th game to the Whirlies and GHS went on to win the conference tournament. Dave’s Falcons went further in the playoffs than any other Metro team but he did not recieve even one vote for Coach of the Year in the Metro.
    One of the Metro coaches said” With the talent you guys have you are supposed to win.” That is a poor excuse for politics! Dave Beasley works hard and his kids are well coached. He coaches and operates a JR American Legion team for his kids instead of taking the easy way out and playing “Colt Rec Ball”. He works late at night and puts the hours in for his kids in his summer legion program. He involves the eight graders early and these kids play a tough schedule in the summer. They play hard and get better— They expect to win and do have a strong work ethic.
    Coach Eggers at Grimsley is a good coach and did a great job this year and could have been named Coach of the Year. Larry Farrer at Dudley also could have been voted Coach of the Year and does a fine job every year with the Panthers. Bill Hardin at Page is a good baseball man and finished well and strong at the end and congrats for winning Coach of the Year.
    Better luck next time Dave— Maybe you could get a vote or two in a contest for who has the best overall Baseball Program.
    Thanks for your hard work and dedication ,
    Charlie Pannell

  • OK?? said,

    mr. pannell the coach of the year is voted on by the coaches. before the conference tournament is played the coaches vote on players and coaches if i am not mistaken. so coach eggers wouldnt have been considered going on by just winning the eggers did a great job with grimsley he coached those kids very well and got everything out of hardin,and coach farrer are all good coaches they do well with what they have. they have to COACH EVERY YEAR.SO THE COMMENT THAT WAS MADE “WITH THE TALENT YOU GUYS HAVE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO WIN “IS EXACTLY RIGHT. when you win year in and year out and the players that come to SEG you are suppose to win. and the same goes for NWG.YOU REALLY DONT HAVE TO COACH BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE BEST PLAYERS EVERY YEAR. if some coaches had to coach at some of the other high schools in guilford county and i can name a couple or more would they be successful??? some schools would like to have the players they cut just to be respectfully competitive . so i think the choice was correct because page isnt really a baseball school. theyre competitive but who would have thought page to be that good? and dont compare wins or losts because they lost to reagan 1-0 and nwg didnt do well at all against reagan. so my point has been made. be thankful seg is winning year in and year out because some dont have that luxury year in and year out.

  • Charlie Pannell said,

    To OK?? Coach Eggers is a great coach and might have been a pick for Coach of the Year as is Coach Larry Farrer at Dudley who does a great job at a school that some folks say is not a baseball school. Dudley’s assistants Chuckie Williamson and others work hard and Dudley has good athletes and players that are coachable.
    I am happpy for Coach Hardin and he is a knowledgeable baseball coach and I consider him a friend.
    However there is nothing special in the drinking water at Southeast Guilford that magicaly prolduces talented baseball players. It takes hard work by the coaches,players,parents and others to make it work. At Southeast Guilford it is a team effort by coaches , players and parents— Our JR Legion Summer and Fall program helps tremendously it making our kids better. Dave Beasley is the leader of the TEAM. Players play the game and coaches teach and motivate. Parents and the community help also. It takes work.
    I am saying — Coach Dave Beasley even though you did not recieve a vote you are still Coach of the Year to the Falcon Family. Charlie Pannell

  • metro said,

    i think if player of the year is based on the best player in the conference then devin sweet should have won player of the year because he didnt lose a game in conference play(he also only gave up 4 or 5 runs total if that). canada is a great player but there wasnt a position player that stood out in the conference.