Unique Summer Bible Study Basketball League bringing some talent to the Ragsdale YMCA on Saturdays(Will Graves, Jay Canty, Shammar Bowden and others are back)

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BOWDEN, GRAVES, LOVE, CANTY, WYNN and the best Rockingham County has to offer…..They have combined the ‘good wood'(basketball hardwoods) with the ‘good book'(The Bible) and just take a look, at which way this dream is taking them…..
(We can all use a physical and spiritual boost and I’m glad these young men have found it and taken the time to use it and you’ve got to believe it is going to help them get down the road.)

Got this word in today from Alan Hooker and I thought I would share a few bits of it with you and more will come when we get the chance to speak with the League leader Aziel Shalem and we will be contacting him soon to get the full scoop on this unique Summer Bible Study Basketball League at the Ragsdale YMCA and they play nearly all day on Saturdays….

Here is what we have on the league so far, and we will be getting up with Aziel Shalem to get the full load on the league soon….Here is what Alan has for us today and take this with you and why don’t you show up on Saturday and enjoy some Summer hoops and get in on the Bible Study…Always good to get the word and hear the word in some new places and none better, than on the basketball court…..The word is ‘Hoops’ at the Jamestown/Ragsdale YMCA on Saturdays and the scorebook and the ‘good book’ are studied on equal terms….

On the Summer Bible Study League:

For eleven years Aziel Shalem has organized the Summer Bible Study League at the local YMCA (Ragsdale). Over the years it has featured some of the best talent that this city has seen in the sport of basketball. This year is no different. They tipped off this past Saturday with games running every hour from 5pm to 9pm. The star stunned cast included guys like, Shamond Bowden (former Grimsley and ECU star) who played on last year’s championship team, has also teamed up with Will Graves (former Dudley and Chapel Hill standout) who by the way has been working out with Keith Gatlin and Mo Blakeney and looks like new money. He has chisled his 6’6 frame from 271 lbs down to 255 lbs and plans to use the league experience to keep his game sharp in the event he gets a call. Former Ragsdale stars Rafeal Love and Jay Canty were crowd pleasers and an entire team from Rockingham County who boost of a record of 37-0 while playing in adult leagues. Several students from local college are participating even career driven former athletes like Brian Wynn, who played football at Smith and at Winston-Salem State, is now serving as an Admissions Officer at Livingston College.

Alan Hooker tells us, I was home visiting my family this past weekend and stopped by to be in support and found the experience to be one I thoroughly enjoyed with my family. I do not believe there is a program like this anywhere in the country. At halftime of each game, Aziel will conduct bible study and teach a concept that can be used in your personal daily walk whether you are a player or spectator.

This is the beginning of summer excitement and the citizens in Guilford County would get a kick out of watching these talented players on the hard wood.

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