Interview with new Page Pirate basketball coach Matt Harder on Thursday at Page

Posted by Andy Durham on June 12, 2014 at 8:46 pm under Audio, High School, Video | 5 Comments to Read

Good question and answer session today at Page High School, where new men’s basketball coach Matt Harder held court…

Coach Harder, assistant coaches John Harder and Coach Scarborough, Page Athletic Director Rusty, Principal Faison, the new guy Ben, parents, friends and others on hand and the group got to pick Coach Harder’s brain about the Summer workouts, the Jamborees, the new season of 2014/2015, the team of today and the team of tomorrow and just about everything was on the plate today, with Coach Harder at Page…

We hit Coach Matt Harder with several questions at the end of the Meet and Greet and you can check out the Q and A with Coach Harder, when you
Click On below…

A good range of questions, answers and overall basketball talk today…

  • Dale Fulton said,

    You know, we will have to wait , you know, to see if the detractors were right, you know.

  • Jake Jordan said,

    The kid does his first on camera interview and you have to be a jerk about it. We may have to wait and see about him but you have proven once again that you are an asshole, you know! I would love to see you in an interview with Andy. Why don’t you arrange one and go on camera and enlighten all of us with your high school basketball wisdom. Oh, I forgot, you just hide behind your fake computer name and insult people.

    You are a great representative of Greensboro Day. I know they are proud to have you in their corner.

  • Matt G said,

    Coach Harder will do a great job, I had the pleasure of having him coach my son at Northern. Adding his Father certainly makes his staff really strong. Do not let his age fool you, he knows the game and he is great with the kids. I just wish he was still in the Northern family.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I think Matt G made a very good point and it is something that you have to take into account and it does weigh heavy on how you stack up this coaching situation at Page…

    I don’t think you can put a price tag on the importance of Coach John Harder being a part of this staff…This means a ton and what it means to Page and to coach Matt Harder should not be lost on how we see this new group coming together….

    Matt Harder is an excellent young coach and even more important than that, he is an excellent young educator and the point about the education is something that should not be left out of the overall equation…

    One of the keys in the education factors is you have to be able to teach the athletes and you also have to be able to teach and reach the entire student population and make a positive impact on everyone….

  • appy said,

    I don’t think anyone wishes bad things on Coach Harder. I know I do not. He wanted the job, went through the process, and he got the job. I have heard nothing but good things about the young man. I think the crazy thing here is how an athletic director managed to hire a kid with basically no experience for one of the top jobs in the state of North Carolina. Take the local candidates away from the situation. For whatever reason they did not get the job. Are you telling me that the he was the most qualified candidate that applied for the job that was also certified to teach. This is a coveted job. It would be like Wake Forest hiring someone that had been coaching for 2-3 years as an assistant at the D-2 level as their head coach. Just seems like a stretch. I do hope they have great success because it is good for our area. I just think the AD made a very questionable call.