7 on 7 High School Football Update:Info on SEG at WG on Thursday morning/Info on Page at SG on Thursday afternoon:We have Reports!!!

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Thursday 7 on 7 Update/Reports WG-SEG/SG-PAGE:

Troy Flippin on the move at QB for Western Guilford today….Flippin the brother of Reid Flippin, who was the WG QB a few years back…Had heard that Evans may be moving to receiver, but not sure if that is the case…Lots of good things coming in on Flippin and the Hornets(Good reads and overall good outing for the first 7 on 7) and we hear WG looked good throughout the workout today….WG would take home the win at home, but we also want/need some input from the Southeast Guilford section and want to hear what they have to say….
*****This just in, 7 on 7 at Southern Guilford:Page vs. Southern Guilford 6pm*****
Neither first unit could score in the Page-Southern Guilford 7 on 7….When the second units came out then the scoring began for both Page and SG…Nathan Stoner looked solid and steady at QB for Southern Guilford…Stoner connected with his primary target Kenyon Taylor on several occasions and Dominic Britt was very sharp at QB for Page and his favorite target was #80 James…..He is one to watch in addition to the big man/wideout Ron Hunt….Southern appears to have won the defensive battle and they went deep several times, but could not beat the SG DB’s with Amon Harris leading the Storm secondary….

The 7 on 7 overall was even and both teams mixed it up well and there was plenty of talk to go around…..Good effort from both the Pirates and the Storm on Thursday afternoon at Southern Guilford High School on Drake Road….
*****Any news on how these went?*****
Southeast Guilford hosted Northwest Guilford yesterday/Wednesday…Grimsley at Elon 7 on 7’s today/Thursday…

Southeast Guilford at Western Guilford this morning is the word we are getting….SEG returns one of the top QB’s in the area in Bubba Craven and WG has a very good one too in Tevin Evans….WG had that real tall receiver back and that kid was getting some real serious college looks….One of the Bovians returns for WG and the kid who was the fullback, LB and kicker, he is back for WG and that kid’s last name is Gehsman(Kevin) and he is the real deal all over the field…SEG was also returning McThay, Greg Liggs and Antonio Moore and Moore plus McThay will give you two of the best RB’s in the area….Should have been a lot of quality athletes on that field at WG this morning….That Gehsman kid at Western could be a DI prospect and Evans, Craven, McThay, Liggs, and Moore are not too shabby either….The tall receiver from WG, we need his name….

More 7 on 7 news, if you’ve got it, be sure to share it here….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Getting word that Kevin Henry, a (WR)from Northwest Guilford HS,
    Gregg Liggs (WR SEG) and QB Ryan/Bubba Craven(SEG)
    all looked good in yesterday’s 7 on 7 scrimmage…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Getting word that Ragsdale receievers TJ Parker and Tevin Quick should have a huge impact this fall…
    They both complement each other very well.

    Parker, big with strong hands and Quick, very elusive and he lives up to his name…

    Names to watch from Ragsdale right now, already, as we work in June, are Parker and Quick….The Cobb kid coming back at QB had a very good year passing last season and he should follow that up with another good one/year in 2014….

  • Ragsdale said,

    speaking of Ragsdale just read where former Wofford and Ragsdale Punter/Kicker Kasey Redfern just signed a contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars.


    Couldn’t happen to a nicer young man or a nicer family.

  • HS FB FAN said,


  • Andy Durham said,

    A lot of folks just glad and excited to have football going again…Ball in the air, excitement in the air….

    I might be wrong, but I would expect to see both NWG and SEG throwing the ball more this year…Their bread and butter is the run, but they will air it out too and the 7 on 7’s give them chance to work on that part of their game…

  • Just sayin' said,

    @HS FB FAN – How would you know what NWG will be doing, they have a new Head Coach this year?

  • HS FB FAN said,

    i know that, i was refering to last year, just saying its not a football game

  • Just sayin' said,

    Yes it’s early and you do have to include the big ugly’s.
    But if you can see talent at the skilled positions, from your playmakers, then it’s something to be excited about!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes sir, all are right on all parts…

    Makes for good practice for the offense(QB/Receivers) and good practice for the defense(DB’s)……

  • Just Agreein' said,

    7 on 7 football might not be cut out for you HS FB “FAN” and I use that term loosly

  • Football fan said,

    NW and SE looked good in the 7on7. I think both teams were a little rusty early on but as the day went on both teams were making a lot of plays on offense and defense.

  • SE Parent said,

    Ryan Craven (starting QB) went to 1 day camp at NC State). Back up was a 10th grader.