Kannapolis’ ‘Uh-Huh Guy’ Gets National Exposure

Posted by Don Moore on June 20, 2014 at 1:44 pm under College, Professional | Read the First Comment

People have seen him in Greensboro games – the small older guy with the signs and the ball glove. The kids follow him around, knowing that if he catches a foul ball, they stand a good chance of him giving it to them.

He’s retired and going to baseball games is his idea of retired life – college or minor league. He visits them all. During the recent ACC Baseball Tournament, he was on the guest list of most of the teams.

Baseball players on the road know him from his cheers and jeers. Sometimes, he is the only one at a game that even talk with them. He makes an impression.

Fans at the home games often moan. At some stadiums, he is barred from bringing his signs. People have lied about his enthusiastic efforts to catch foul ball.

Oh, and did I mention he is loud. Not loud, loud; but PA system LOUD! You can hear him even in Greensboro, where between the music and ads, there is rarely a quiet moment.

The Minor League Baseball website just posted a feature on him. What they didn’t mention was his love of God. You have to meet him to see that.

  • cwynn said,

    This guy was at the ACC tournament he was awesome uh huh!