News and Record High School Baseball All-Area Team

Posted by Andy Durham on June 22, 2014 at 1:33 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Congrats to all the young men that made the team and to Devin Sweet(Southeast Guilford HS) for being named the All-Area Player of the Year…..

CLICK HERE to see the entire team and the honorable mention selections and was just curious what areas went into the All-Area territory….Was Alamance County excluded from this geographical territory and if not, why not Brock or Blake Deatherage on the team???(Both from Western Alamance) Also was looking for at least one kid from Southern Guilford on this team, maybe a Ryan Hedrick or a Taylor Sugg, but did not see them on here…

Always a tough task, when you have to select teams, but was just curious and you may have some questions too, and if you don’t have questions, there will be no answers….

  • Gfan said,

    Another well deserved honor for Devin. Central has no idea what a talented, fine young man they are getting. I could knock my Wolfpack coaches in the head for not going after him more aggressively.

  • wow???? said,

    Let me say this to start . Congratulations to all these young men on this list. Well deserved honor. But here is my problem with this list. Its almost laughable there are more than 5-6 schools in Guilford county. And I will say this the Nail kid has no business being an honorable mention. Greensboro News and Record you should be ashame of yourself . I know of at least 10 kids in this area alone that should be on that list hands down. And the best hitter in this area is not even on there. Wow wow again. I said it because someone else might be scared to say it. The truth be said and some more than others knows this is true. I know there will haters but I really don’t care. Its the truth.

  • agree with wow???? said,

    This list is laughable at best…..there are some kids in the area that are head and shoulders better than some of the kids on this list….congrats to those who made the list….however, not an adequate representation of the talent level in Guilford County……why are schools outside of Guilford County represented? In my day, there were 16-20 players on this list with most of all the schools represented, however if a program was not good enough to have a player than that program was not represented….rant over!!!!!

  • Echo wow said,

    Often, who you know is more inportant than how you play.

  • 77 Hornet said,


  • @wow said,

    Who is the best hitter in the area?

  • Eddie Willis said,

    I am curious to know who picks the team? Do coaches still nominate their own players only? The best player outside Guilford county plays @ a 1A (I think private school) and it’s an All-Area team with the state 4A champion in an adjacent county? 7 selections from 3 schools is not very representative IMO.

  • @Eddie said,

    Who is the best player outside Guilford County?

  • bbaseball said,

    I’m sorry but there are some great players on the list BUT how can N&R come up with this list? Based on the input from their staff? How many of their staff members were able to view HS baseball games this year. I’m curious to see how many of their staff attended an inner-city baseball game this year? Which coaches were contacted? Many of the coaches I spoke with were not. N&R if you’re going to do this All-Area please get it right or do not do it at all. You coverage of HS sports is terrible and I can assure you if you did not post it we would not miss it at all.

  • @wow2? said,

    I tell you what go watch the colt baseball league and watch the kid that plays for Dudley. He plays SS. You will be surprised at what team he plays for . And as one blogger said its who you know not what you do.Some Guilford County Coaches doesn’t give some kids their due.

  • bbaseball said,

    @wow2 you are correct. This is the reason that many high school coaches have to explain to their kids why they were not on the list and why so many from the same schools were selected. Please let me not forget about the State Games. Many of those players ADMITTED that they made it either because they played for our of the coaches or their parent knew one of them. Put the best players on these teams. As I look at the staff and roster I have to ask myself about the diversity of the staff and players. Are there no minority coaches out there deserving to be on the coaching staff? Only a few African American players too? MLB is pushing for more participation for African Americans in baseball but if we can’t start with this level these kids will never have a chance.

  • SE Parent said,

    My son didn’t play baseball this year for SE, focusing on football. I coached a lot of the Southern Guilford players over the years and find it bizarre none of these players made either list. Didn’t they have a good season? How bout my friends and Dudley. That lefty can throw the ball (Cam).

  • Tom said,

    As I told them last year in an email, The News and Record should just stop putting out these lists. It is embarrassing how bad of a job they do. They put in so little effort just like with the rest of their high school coverage.

    This is how the process works, They send out an email to the coaches to get input. If they have a bad email address or a coach does not respond they never follow up.

    In soccer this year four kids from our area made all-state I believe. None of the four won player of the year and two of the kids are not even on the list even as an honorable mention!

    All of these lists are like that every year.

  • Commodore said,

    Just one guy’s opinion, but compare candidates on how they performed against teams in their conference. Include the conference schools in adjacent counties to get a rounded perspective. Also, separate public & private schools. Some may disagree, but it’s comparing apples and oranges. I guess it may just depend on how the N&R defines “area”.

  • Voice of experience said,

    A coach has to nominate a kid. If a kid makes honorable mention that simply means his coach nominated him. He might have gotten no votes but he is still honorable mention. So if a kid did not even make honorable mention then his coach did not even nominate him. Go ask the coach.

    The majority of the kids on that team deserve to be there. There may be a handful that get that extra vote die to a favor, or who they play for. Some coaches even bargain, I’ll vote for your kid, you vote for mine. But the majority deserve to be there. I would not give those teams much thought. The process has become fouled and it doesn’t mean what it used to mean. I can name 2 kids in the last decade that got drafted in the first 10 rounds yet one did not make all area and the other did not even make all conference. How does a Trevor Gay at Central not make it? How about Suggs at SG? And for the record, I have no kids involved. I have no dog in the fight but have seen this for 15 years. The process has slowly fallen apart.

    The state games is not as bad. 90% of those kids deserve to be there. The last kid or two is usually connected to one of the coaches. But most deserve to be there. I do remember one year in Region 5 that they picked a kid that played mid infield and they told him they needed him to catch. He had to borrow catching equipment from a teammate. Never caught a game in his life but coach found a way to get him on the team. He must have been pretty decent because he later played for ecu.

    One problem is who should pick the team? You may not like the process but what is a better idea? Who is more qualified to pick the team?

    As to how coaches get selected for state games, you have to put in your dues. It’s volunteer. You have to be willing to coach several years as an assistant to get to the top, and then you still may not. I always felt like Farrar at Dudley would be a good selection but maybe he has not volunteered. It’s not a one year and done kinda thing.

    The processes are not perfect, far from it, but come up with something better. Overall, don’t lose sleep if you didn’t make it.