7 on 7 Passing League Results from TODAY/Saturday at Guilford College:We have a WINNER(East Forsyth Eagles)

Posted by Andy Durham on June 28, 2014 at 4:44 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

+++++We have a WINNER:East Forsyth+++++
[26-20 East over Ragsdale Tigers]….
*****Ragsdale and East Forsyth played in the finals and East won in the last seconds with a pass completion to break a tie in regulation.*****

(Courtesy of Ron, Josh Williams, Jim and Shar N)

Were looking for that final winner and it could just be that Northern Guilford would win it all TODAY???
Here is how NG got knocked off:Northern fell 3yds short of winning. East Forsyth topped the Nighthawks and East has a lot of weapons on offense! Big receivers and Karson Sharpe, SR QB should get a lot of college attention this year.

Reports in from our man ‘J’, on the scene today, at Guilford College…..

Northern Guilford beats Durham Riverside(Semifinal).

East WR #7 great size and great hands! Northern will probably start former Dudley QB Shawn Dowtin. Rising Senior who has played QB since Pop Warner days.

Southwest vs East. And Northern vs Durham Riverside
Playing now. Graham and Ragsdale win earlier.

East Forsyth in semis also. Their Karson Sharpe looks special. Very confident and has great poise.

7v7 at Guilford College. Qtr final games. WS Carver vs Ragsdale. Graham vs. Mt. Tabor. Graham has 2016 QB Jamie Newman with offers from Duke & NC Srate. Northern Guilford in semifinal. Will play a Qtr final winner.

  • Shar N said,

    Ragsdale and East Forsyth played in the finals and East won in the last seconds with a pass completion to break a tie in regulation. A good day of competition.

  • Coach J said,

    East Forsyth beat Ragsdale in the final Ragsdale looks to have a good team this your and they have two linebackers thats going to cause problems 4 offense this year and they have a 6-5 wideout that catches everything

  • Don said,

    East Forsyth is loaded again with receivers! Where do they get these guys?
    Ragsdale looks like they have their share of playmakers also.

  • Anonymous said,

    The NG QB competition is far from over there I another kid who is just as good if not better than Dowtin he was wearing 14 I believe and in the game I saw he threw about 5 TD

  • Nag said,

    Northern will have major issues this fall unless they find a QB. Saw probably 3 different guys playing QB Saturday and none were qualified QB’s . They all looked like they could be awesome DB’s

  • Nighthawk Nation said,

    Like it matters who Northern has at QB. They are going to give the ball to Freeman 30 times a game and when they need a big play they will go Wildcat and line Mook up at QB. People said the same thing in 2012 and then Coltrane stepped up Managed the game and Logan carried us to the Title. Northern will play Great defense and run the ball with authority! Don’t forget we have Harris and Marsh at WR along with Mook. Try and find a team with four better players than Cam, Mook, Freeman, and Marsh! The Northern Big 4!!! Still the best team year in and year out and NW still wont beat us again this year!

  • NIGHTHAWKS! said,

    Little Baby Brother NW!!! New Coach same result!

  • G Man said,

    mr. nighthawk nation,
    You forgot to thank the Dudley Panthers for some of the players you mentioned.

    “the northern big boys” ??

  • Nighthawk Nation said,

    Last time I checked Dudley didn’t make those players! Mook has been at Northern since his soph year. Tre was only the only player that spent more than one year at Dudley and he didn’t play last season. Call it what you want to call it…..last time da Panthers stepped foot in Roscoe Stadium I think the Dirty Birds rushed for about 450 on ya! Game was over by Halftime.