NABA Today at Guilford College:Pirates and Dodgers bring back memories

Posted by Andy Durham on June 29, 2014 at 6:52 pm under Amateur, College | Comments are off for this article

Greensboro Adult Baseball League playing today at Guilford College and saw bits and pieces of the Piedmont Pirates vs. the WS Dodgers and haven’t seen action like this since back when Dave Parker was just a kid and Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell and Ron Cey were still polishing apples in the Chavez Ravine…The Pirates were hitting the ball hard while I was over there and I thought I saw a Willie Stargell-looking swing or two, at the plate for the Bucs and I know I saw at least one Triple from the Piedmont Pirates…Could have been a ghost of Steve Blass or Dave Guesti on that hill today for the Bucos…The ‘Candy Man'(John C./John Candelaria ) was nowhere in sight, but I did get a glimpse of one pitcher who was a dead-ringer for Al Holland….Another one of those Pirates reminded me of Jim Bibby, as he was warming up out there this afternoon….Rennie Stennett, Richie Hebner, Frank Taveras, Goose Gossage you could see them all if you looked real close today….Steve Yeager, Mike Sciosia, Joe Ferguson, Sid Bream(Sid played for both LA and Pittsburgh and later on for the Braves), Fernando Valenzuela, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, they all were looming around the dugouts at Guilford College today, where the Pirates and Dodgers were going at it…..

Not sure who all of those Pirates and Dodgers were, but they were involved in a battle out there today at Guilford College….

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