Sports fans, Soccer fans and U.S. citizens showing love for USA soccer goalie Tim Howard after World Cup

Posted by Andy Durham on July 1, 2014 at 11:15 pm under Amateur, Professional | Comments are off for this article

Sports fans all over are showin’ love for USA soccer goalie Tim Howard, after the U.S. fell today to Belgium 2-1, in the World Cup round of 16….

Howard made at least 16 saves and he saved the USA on so many occasions and he made so many stops in goal, that all sports fans seem to be living within the spirit of Tim Howard today…..

Tim Howard is now one of the top athletes and sports stars in our country/nation…Tim Howard has become ‘The Man’ and today he is at the forefront of our USA Sports Page and pages….

Tim Howard, at least for today, he is the top name in all of sports in the USA….

By tomorrow, our nation will probably be cooling down and their ‘Soccer Fever’ will have come to end for another four years….

Next up, WORLD CUP 2018….….

Who will be the U.S. goalkeeper then??? We have seen Tony Meola, Casey Keller and now Tim Howard and now who’s next???

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