Time to start looking at those Pre-season High School Football Polls:Have you made yours yet???

Posted by Andy Durham on July 8, 2014 at 12:37 am under High School | 24 Comments to Read

A pre-season Top 10 Guilford County HS Football Poll from one of our loyal readers and how about yours?????
1. Dudley (My Falcons have to beat them to earn the #1)
2. HP Andrews (Loaded again)
3. SEG (Big O line, physical, 3 year starter at QB)
4. HP Central (Mack attack)
5. NG (Read this year’s rule book!)
6. NWG (Wing-T experts)
7. Page (A lot of Athletes)
8. SG (Reggie, Reggie, Reggie)
9. EG (Can they do it 2 years in a row?)
10. Grimsley (Finds a way to beat my Falcons every year!)

The first poll of the season coming in from the Falcon Fan….

  • coach J said,

    1. Dudely
    . Ragsdale


    The Western Guilford Hornets need to be in there. Will be on the rise this year.

  • coach J said,

    There is no way Western deserves to be in the Top 10 6 straight losing seasons and no OL it’s going to be another long year for Western.

  • Football-Extraordinaire said,

    1) Dudley – To be the man you’ve got to beat the man.

    2) HP Central – Top offense, Top QB in the county.

    3) SE Guilford – Veteran team, great running game.

    4) N Guilford – Can’t bet against them with Roscoe back.

    5) NW Guilford – Great program, new coach.

    6) TW Andrews – 2AA defending champs, reloaded.

    7) Page – Looking to bounce back to top form.

    8 ) Southern Guilford – The man Mr. Gillespie.

    9) Ragsdale – One last heave ho for the legendary coach.

    10) Grimsley – Malik, Malik.

  • SE Parent said,

    If it were 7 on 7 Western would have a chance, however when the hitting starts its over for Western.
    Football-Extraordinaire, please tell me Malik is not back!!!!

  • coach J said,

    Until Western make changes its never going to have a chance like why would you take one of your best lineman and make him a TE and put your RB from last year and put him at wide out just backwards over there oh yeah that 6.5 wide out isn’t eligible to play

  • SE Parent said,

    Reminds me of the Jerry Glandville days. Red gun/Shot gun run and shoot. However with reward there is risk.
    Who ever runs, blocks and tackles the best usually wins. Western needs the fundamentals blocking and tackling.

  • Eagle Fan said,

    Don’t count Smith out. They’re just now getting into the hang of things, heading ib the right direction with Coach KP. Some good players. Myles White returns at QB. (Fadt and can throw) The big guys, Cam Clarke and Desmond Sturdivant. Quintrale Davis is fast. The Eagles Nest is attempting to make some noise this season.

  • SE Parent said,

    Smith is hard to predict. I know from what I saw last year they had a couple of big target receivers that would be aceepted to play at SEG! Ha Ha.

  • Just Sayin said,

    Wrong Wrong Wrong!

    Here’s the real 10

    1. Northern – Return all their best skill players
    2. Dudley – Loaded again but lost a lot too
    3. SE Guilford – This team could actually win the metro
    4. NW Guilford – Making too much about the coaching change…New coach will have NW contending this year!
    5. HPC – Should be a big time battle with NW this year
    6. Page – Very interesting team. tough schedule could struggle to make the playoffs again.
    7. Ragsdale – Could be better but had a lot of coaches leave last year and HC tried to leave this offseason.
    8. SG – Could return to a 3rd playoff team again
    9. Andrews – Lost a lot of talent but have reloaded
    10. Smith – Is on the rise and will upset a heavyweight in the metro this year! Be warned Dudley, SE, and Page!

  • Tiger Fan said,

    My take:
    1) HPC – Very good QB for High School system
    2) Northern – lot of athletes
    3) Dudley – lost 8 off of defense but also lot of athletes
    4) SE Guilford – lost more key players than most think
    5) Ragsdale – returns 9 out of 11 starters on offense. Coaching staff will be better than ever after hires get completed this week. HC is more committed than ever (watch out!!)
    6) Page – need consistency at QB
    7) NW – Coaching change WILL be difference.
    8) SG – need QB to complement Gallaspie
    9) Andrews – Lost too much
    10)Smith – Lot of athletes but still same ole Smith

  • MIM said,

    Western will cycle back to being in the thick of things but I think it won’t happen for another 4 years.

    Why? Because they finally got their Advanced Placement Academy and slowly stop losing 350+ kids to Grimsley. You might see Western go back to 4A when they do the count again.

    Those 350+ kids will have some athletes and the the APA will attract more high performing families that want to be active in the school and put fans in the stands.

  • Coach J said,

    Mim Western want cycle back and it has nothing to do with the 350 kids they have lost over the years it’s the White Elephant in the room and that is why come there hasn’t been a coaching change after 7 straight losing seasons and it’s talent walking the halls of Western but want play because they don’t want to play for the current Coaching staff.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Every team needs a decent QB and a RB….Got to have both and they need to be good…

    WG will need to get to at least .500 this season to have a shot to turn it around and they need to be at .500 as soon as possible…

    Back in the day you could average 7 wins a season for what seems like forever, but this is a different day and I hope they can get it turned around this year….

  • coachJ??? said,

    Coach J, please feel free to send in your resume to the principal and athletic director at WGHS since you know what it will take to turn the program around.

    Maybe you can point them in the direction of all of these athletes, specifically lineman, that seem to be roaming the halls yet not on the field.

    On second thought, after reading your posts I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t qualify to work for the school system.

  • coach j said,

    First of all it would start by not running the same plays they have been running for the past 10 years second you hire a experienced coaching staff not kids who think they can Coach third I wouldn’t take my guard and try to turn him into a TE fourth instead of having one player play 8 positions. And as for me qualifications I have played on two high school national championship teams also I have Coached 6 player’s who have played on Sundays.
    1.Terry Hawthorne
    2. Terran Armstrong
    3.Jason Ford
    4.Quaton Balmer
    Also played with them
    Dana Howard
    Bryan Cox
    So Coach J??? Before you speak know what your talking about. One more thing it’s a book called the right kind of hero’s about the football program I was a part of.

  • CoachJ??? said,

    Wow, what a great resume. Surely you are coaching somewhere since you have a winning background. Again, have you turned in that resume? Why even worry about little old WG? Seems like small potatoes with your self-proclaimed greatness.

    Or are you one of those parents who is always bashing the entire coaching staff and is full of ish?

    I’m guessing the later. Feel free to share some more. I can’t wait to see what you toss out next.

  • coach j said,

    And you must be on that Coaching staff like I said before and everyone in Guilford County knows how much of a joke Western is since the self proclaimed ol ball coach of HS football if you want to change the culture of a program you clean house to start over fresh with someone who can build the program up you teach the kids instead of yelling at them stop trying to throw the ball 50 times a game and let #6 Run the ball instead of trying to make a super star out of one kid and yes I am coaching at Smith HS oh by the way didn’t we beat you all yeah we did like I said until you change the culture of losing Western won’t win.

  • coachJ??? said,

    let me clue you in on a few things.

    #1- i’m not on any coaching staff at WGHS and even I know who you are. I’ve never been associated with WG football.

    #2- you were easily identified by your name and the info you just gave out. that’s how bad of a reputation you have on the WGHS campus. Even I figured it out! You have no shame, I’ll give you that.

    I seriously hope the head coach at Smith and their a.d. wouldnt condone one of their coaches coming on here and bashing another school’s staff. Why are you so concerned about WG if you are on the Smith staff?

    So Mr. Alonzo Jones, I call you out on your b.s. I feel for Smith HS if you do indeed have a real affiliation with them.

  • Alonzo Jones said,

    Ok how did I get brought into this I don’t know who you are but keep me out of whatever you have going on I can care less about WG are what they do so I would appreciate if I’m not brought up in your dispute with whom ever your fussing with.

  • coachJ??? said,

    I wish there was a timestamp on these responses because I find it odd that a few minutes after a name was dropped….low and behold Mr. Jones posts under his real name.

    Your lack of punctuation is distinctly similar to coach J.. coincidence I’m sure.

    A quick google search of the book you mentioned shows a story of a program in east St. Louis.

    So just google Alonzo Jones and East St. Louis and see what pops up….gotcha!

  • Alonzo Jones said,

    You can time stamp whatever you like I received a call that I was mentioned on here I have no reason to hide who I am are anything else I’m not going to get in a pissing contest with anyone I support kids period no matter if I like people are not I will still attend WG games and cheer for the kids I know also its funny how that my kids aren’t even at Western any longer but it seems like there is still a problem so if your a coach or parent it doesn’t matter to me just as long as I stay out your mouth by the way what’s your name

  • coachJ??? said,

    You all enjoy your debate of the top 10 teams in the county. Hopefully if you bash someone you’ll do so without tipping people off as to who you are.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread Andy but this character has tried his best to tarnish the entire athletic department/school. Just couldn’t take anymore of it. I’m sure there are these types of people at every school. It’s a shame, that’s for certain.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Don’t know the coach that has been talking on here, but I do know of the Western Guilford program and what Coach Robinson, Coach Henderson and Coach Griffin built over the years and what Coach Causey has been trying to carry on…

    It is not easy these days and if the coaches that are really coaching at the schools could get some support, that would sure make their jobs more appealing…

    Try and transfer some of your web posting energies to the field and that might help by coaching or through added enthusiasm and that would help the kids and the coaches…

    If you are not setting a good example on here and with the kids, how are they going to be able to follow and respect you when it is all on the line and they need your knowledge, wisdom and abilities to make a play or get through a game….

    Time to put a rest to this one and let the rest of the work come from the field and from the training room for now…

    If you can’t lift the coaches up and say something good about them, save your comments….

    Many have put a lot of hours of work in at Western and other schools over the years and we need to let that count for something….

    Football players get out there and bust your tails and work hard on the field and in the weight room and we need to encourage all of you in your efforts and support your coaches as they lead you…