7 on 7 High School Football for Today and have you seen or heard of more games???(Ragsdale hosting EG, SG and Randleman)

Posted by Andy Durham on July 16, 2014 at 10:16 am under High School | 3 Comments to Read

7 on 7 high school football passing games at Ragsdale HS TODAY/Wednesday at 6pm…The Tigers are hosting Eastern Guilford, Southern Guilford, and Randleman….
Eastern Guilford
Southern Guilford
…….Let me see, Ragsdale has the Cobb kid as one of their key QB’s plus Parker and Quick as big wide-out targets and Southern has Reggie Gallaspy out of the backfield and the Kenyon Taylor kid at WR along with Stoner at QB, plus Randleman has the Mollette kid is it, that is headed to North Carolina(UNC) and he is considered one of the top WR’s in the state and Eastern Guilford, is Heath Justice still around??? I remember covering that kid when he was a 9th grade QB for the Wildcats on JV and that seems like it was 10 years ago….Any word on EG?

Just a few thoughts for you as you are headed out to Jamestown for the 7 on 7’s today and please add more and some of may want to start talking about some of those DB’s too….

  • the Truth said,

    Ragsdale has a chance to be really good on defense this year. There Linebackers and Db’s look to be very good a lot of upgrades from last year. We should know more when the lights come on.

  • New Kids said,

    In addition to the two receivers Andy mentioned above for Ragsdale (Parker and Quick), they also have 6’5″ Taylor Still and 6’3″ Bryce Craig. Craig has been out with injury but has been cleared to play. Still has been very active in recent 7 on 7 for Ragsdale and will see the ball a lot this fall.

  • News Kids said,

    EG Has Two Senior QB Jarius Morehead (NC State Commit) & Addison Benton , they have a strong WR core , With Terrell Pickett and Yrral Davis & Jarius Morehead also play WR there squad was looking Athlete like always !! EG should be a hard time to Beat Specially If The Kid Morehead Stay Healthy This Year