Any news on the high school football 7 on 7 scene???(We ought to get 7-Up to sponsor these 7-Updates)[Page at NEG tonight at 6]

Posted by Andy Durham on July 17, 2014 at 11:33 am under High School | Read the First Comment

+++++Page at Northeast tonight at 6PM+++++

*****Do they still sell or bottle 7-Up? Remember those 7-Up yours ads? Is 7-Up still out there?*****

We had Page at Northeast Guiford back on Tuesday, plus Ragsdale hosting Eastern Guilford, Southern Guilford and Randleman yesterday and do we have any news on those 7 on 7 passing games and do we have any games/workouts going on today???

The window for 7 on 7’s is closing quickly this week and we still do have Grimsley at Wake Forest, N.C. for the State Championships this coming Saturday….

That window is going to shut soon and then it will practices and scrimmages and then the whistle will blow and there you go, Friday Night Football will be back……

  • PHS said,

    Page at Northeast tonight at 6PM. Match-up was postponed Tuesday night due to incliment weather.