Chancellor Carol Folt lets loose a lightning bolt:Former North Carolina athletes can come back and complete unfinished degrees/business

Posted by Andy Durham on July 24, 2014 at 12:33 pm under College | Comments are off for this article

Warren Martin, Kennard Martin, Raymond Felton, George Felton, Rashad McCants, LaShonda McCants, Bob McAdoo, Rasheed Wallace, maybe even Ray Harrison, who knows….Not sure who all this applies to, but the door is OPEN and if you left the University of North Carolina in good standing, or if you left standing good, you can now come back and complete your degree under this new program that Chancellor Carol Folt has instituted/put in place….

If you left the place and you want to come back and complete your degree, come on back and get it done…..
“COMPLETE CAROLINA” is the name of the new program at the Chapel Hill College….

CLICK HERE to see this plan and we will see if Folt can jolt a few of the former athletes into riding back into the sunset, after the sun has already set on many of their athletic and academic careers…

See if you can add a few more names to this list of former Tar Heels that might still be looking to attain their degrees….P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS) is working on his degree from UNC on-line, according to an article in this week’s YES Weekly….

(Some of the people I mentioned above may have completed their degrees, I just am not sure about some of those cases.)

*****May need to speak to Tom, about this…Our former Judge and now the President of the University system…..Tom and his last name escapes me today…Tom King, Tom Davis, Tom Smith, I just got it and I do have my degree from the David Caldwell Log College….BS, you might say, but our Judge and Presidente is Mr. Tom Ross……Might need to talk to ‘The Boss’, Tom Ross, about this new approach of bringing them back within our state university system, at UNC-Chapel Hill.*****

+++++I have not known many of the chancellors over the years and the only one I ever really knew on a personal basis was, Chancellor Helment Schmidtt.+++++

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