Making the Right Decision

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This post came our way today and not sure of its origin, but someone felt that this could/might help some of those perspective college students, as they seek to ‘Make the Right Decisions’….

Here we go and let us know what you think about this one and does it apply to your current or future situation….

Now that the AAU Summer Recruiting Season is about to conclude for Men and Womens Basketball , most coaches have already decided whom they are going to offer college basketball scholarships if they have not already. Offers are irrespective of class. The recruiting process never ends for coaches and their staffs. The Alumni and administration like the notoriety that comes along with winning. In winning comes a lot of pressure on coaches to get the best STUDENT-ATHLETE that they feel meets those expectations. Unfortunately for many it does not work out that way. Sometimes going after young women and men basketball players because they are ranked by certain website services could be a big mistake.

Too often young players have too many people in their ears telling them that they are better than what they really are. So when they arrive on campuses with an ego larger than life and all of a sudden what they thought would happen does not pan out, they look to transfer. Last year there were over 450 college athletes that moved on to new residences. Many will ask the question as to What happen? Some will say that the coach promise them a starting position and when that did not happen, they will say that the coach lied to the athlete. Perhaps that could be true, but what if someone else happen to be better? Some will say that the kid got home sick. That could be, but what happen when they went to visit the school on their official or unofficial visit? Did the school all of a sudden change distances when they arrive? Some will say that the coach did not like them. Did the coach not like the student-athlete when they offered them a scholarship?

If so, did the kid and parents not notice that during the recruitment. Some will say that they should have been recruited by a much larger school, so they believe that they are doing the school that they are at a favor and tend to put in less effort which usually leads to a termination at some point. Some believe that they should attend a school that plays on television a lot as if that validates their status as a premiere player. Some attend schools that they are not socially or academically ready for which can cause a feeling of dismay. Example is a kid that may accept a scholarship to play in the ACC or SEC but in reality they may have had a better career and would have had more fun playing in another conference. What normally happens in this situation is when it does not pan out early the schools tend to recruit over them in a year or two. The higher one goes up the more cut throat this business becomes because of the enormous amount of pressure it is on coaches to win and win early. Many times a coach will take a chance on a taller player especially if she is a female basketball player, irregardless of whether the player is good or not in hopes that it pans out because they could not get the player that they really wanted.

That is a harsh reality but its the truth. So now the moment of decision and truth is arriving for many student athletes during this period and hopefully not too many kids are passing up on schools that may not have the big name for schools that truly have no real interest in them. This is where parents must really step in and really find out what schools really wants their kid as a student athlete based on their character as well as their basketball skills. Parents and student athletes must avoid the hype or they could easily become a victim of the 450 transfers whom tend to become desponded and dismayed in due time.

The question a prospective Student-Athlete need to make sure that their decision is solid and Academically based as well as socially.

  • Pamela said,

    I really love this article and its common sense approach.

  • Tom said,

    Parents need to be objective and point their children in the right direction. Find a school that fits academically and athletically. There are 450 transfers, but there are many others that leave and don’t complete their education. That is truly sad. My dad made sure I went to a school where I could play and I am forever thankful for that. I was recruited at larger schools, but I was not good enough and he knew it.

  • Thomas said,

    Well said Tom. Too many folks are putting too much emphasis on ball versus education. The kids feel like failures when it does not pan out and education becomes the lease thing that they want to pursue.

  • Mike said,

    This article is spot on!