High School Football Practice starts this week:Who will be the top RB’s in Guilford County this season???

Posted by Andy Durham on July 28, 2014 at 11:26 am under High School | 24 Comments to Read

We talked about the quarterbacks, back on Friday and the runningback spots may be harder to nail down than the QB’s….

And to take it all a step further, when does practice officially begin? Is it the old traditional date of August 1, and that would make ‘Start Day’, Friday, or can they get it going on July 31 and that would put the first whistle blast on Thursday….

As far as those runningbacks go, here we go with a few that have be can’t-miss products and we will ask you to join us in our search for the others…..

Reggie Gallaspy-Southern Guilford
C.J. Freeman-Northern Guilford
Darius Graves-Dudley
Connell Young-Dudley
After this first wave, I’m not quite sure about the rest of the bunch….
QB Malik Stimpson was like a runningback for Grimsley last year and so was Jamiel Mack, the quarterback at High Point Central….

Others to be looking at would C.J. McThay at Southeast Guilford, but we are not sold-out sure that he will be there this season and the same can be said for Antonio Moore….We are hearing that Moore won’t be at SEG any more, but he will be at High Point Andrews this season….

Other runningbacks we should hear some noise from:
The Williams kids at Page….Micah and Caleb Williams…
Mark Murphy and Ezra Otero at Northwest Guilford….

Others, we are looking for all them, all together now….We have listed backs from about eight schools and there has to be more RB’s on the ‘Watch List’ for this season…

I am ready for some input and I hope you are ready to share….
HP Central…I think we need to add Chavis Little to this list…Sounds like Little had a pretty ‘BIG’ season last year and ought to be primed to do more in 2014….You put Little and Mack in the same backfield and that ought to give HP Central some ‘high octane’ going into 2014….
and more on the floor as we pick up the pace, headed toward practice later in the week…

  • BisonPride said,

    HPC started a freshman at tailback last season Chavis Little who had over 700 all purpose yards. This season he will be a year older and stronger, look for him to make some noise. We also have some other guys who can carry the ball as well.

  • SE Parent said,

    Reggie, Reggie, Reggie!! The kids a load. Wish he played for SEG!!!

  • Turbo said,

    Any word on how Page is going to be this year?

  • Andy Durham said,

    We haven’t started hitting the sled or the linemen yet, but here is a lineman for you:

    from Ben L. Smith High School:
    Cameron Clark- 6’4″ 256lbs. OL , Senior. 10 D1 offers, currently commited to UNC-Charlotte


  • HGood said,

    That Graves kid from Dudley has hands as good as any wide receiver, there’s nothing he can’t do on the ball field. Looking for a huge senior campaign.

  • HS FB FAN said,


  • Andy Durham said,

    Page with Dominic Britt at QB and there is not a smoother or more poised quarterback around than Britt…He is a cool conductor back there…

    Williams boys at RB should be about ready to break loose and there was an RB on JV last year that I was hearing about, he is supposed to have the power too….

    Not sure about Pirate WR’s, but somebody else may have the word….

    The Kiser kid, I think it Harrison Kiser, should be one of the best punters/kickers in the state and the Mackovic kid, John Mackovic’s distant relative, I think it is Kenny Mackovic, he might be one of those wideouts and at DB, the Level kid is one of the best around….Level kid is at the All-Conference level right now and may be ready to play some LB…

    There is brief overview, but we don’t have it all, others may have heard or seen more….

  • HGood said,

    Thanks for your input HS FB FAN, Gallaspy is a excellent rb, however not the best.Too many RB’S in the area to consider him the best. I hope he propels his team past the first round of the playoffs this year. Have a good day sir

  • pagedad said,

    the Williams boys are not at Page anymore..they will be at Grimsley…good kids..good luck boys

  • michele said,

    Have you posted on your site or can I find somewhere else the 2014-15 football schedules for the area high schools?

  • Andy Durham said,

    We have posted several of the schedules already, but are looking to do a full listing of them all by Wednesday morning in the 9-11am hours….

  • ron said,

    Gallaspy hands down is the best back in the area if not the state. The sleeper this year will be Amon Harris from Southern.

  • mark said,

    wonder who will run the ball for Ragsdale this year. Lack of a running game is what hurt them last year. Gaither was fast but way too small behind too small a line. It’s nice to have tall speedy receivers, sure handed tight ends and a QB that can throw the ball but Norwood has always lived off a balanced attack. It will be another long season if the running game is MIA again.

  • me,too said,

    Who does Southern Guilford compete against, that’s real playoff creditability?
    Just asking?

  • BisonPride said,

    You can’t teach that size and speed that Gallaspy has, kid is forreal.

  • ron said,

    Who does Southern playing with playoff cred? 7 of the teams they played last year made it to the playoffs. Hope that answers your question. But the short answer is they play who line up in front of them.

  • Nighthawk said,

    Everybody thinks gallaspyis the best back cause of his size but honestly being unbiased I think CJ Freeman will be the best runningback this season. He’s gotten bigger and faster up to 195 now. Look for him to explode onto the scene this year and hold more offers other then the VT one. I bet he takes his team to state championship and has 3,000 yards. Also I feel northern plays better defenses then SEG. My opinion

  • me,too said,

    Mostly all the great running backs over the years, have propelled their respective teams to playoff victories, even when they’re the most talented on the team .I have not see any RB from SG do this, not close to being elite. Win in the post season, then perhaps they will be labeled as one of the best.

  • ron said,

    Me Too I see that you have limited football knowledge so I am going to end this conversation. I can’t understand how a kid who has offers from every major school from Arkansas to Ohio State not be considered elite. Sir what is your definition of elite? Not to mention he is on the ESPN top 100 list as well as an Under Armour All-American. That seems elite to me. Maybe my definition of elite is all wrong. Anyway carry on. Nighthawk Gallaspy isn’t the best because of his size. He is the best because of his stats. But I will say size does matter.

  • me,too said,

    By the way,I have tons of football knowledge, needless to say again he’s a good but not great RB, and again far from the absolutely best. Everyone looks good on paper, and not taking away his accomplishments. Good for him. Lead his team to credible wins because most of his stats are inflated because the level of competition.
    No Hood, Logan, Baker,McLendon, Gurly,I can go on, those are the elite RB s.

  • ron said,

    So you are telling me that all of these scouts that show up on campus is coming to visit this guy because he looks good on paper? Here again you lack knowledge of football and how to assess players. Just because your team doesn’t advance to the 4th round of the playoffs does not mean that the RB isn’t elite. Hell Barry Sanders never won a Super Bowl. Stop hating on Gallaspy. Actually over the past few years Southern has done very well in the playoffs. You say ” he’s a good but not great RB.” Statistically find me a better one in this area.

  • me,too said,

    You are making comparisons of a high school individual to an professional. I put him into reference to other former high school players, elite ones at that. Again he is good not great . There’s no hate on this young man, and you have your perspective, I have mine. SG has done well in what playoff system? 1 or 2 rounds your done its easy to say so, when everyone gets a playoff bid. Last year’s loss to a 5-5 squad from Anson county team who basically backed into the post season picture, SG came up short. I understand you’re a sore storm fan. See you in the post season or maybe not.

  • ron said,

    me too the comparison was that you can be an elite player and not win a championship on any level. Here again when you have over 30 D-1 offers that makes you great and elite. Who else in this area can you name that has that? I rest my case. I will know longer respond to those that lack common football knowledge. Go spew your pre-k football rhetoric to someone who cares. Come talk to me when you graduate grade school in terms of football knowledge.

  • me,too said,

    Touchy touchy ron, didn’t mean to touch a nerve,for you to go as far discussing education rhetoric great word usage. I suppose you were an elite player, probably not; just a team manager. Anyway we’ll end this discussion about the elite or elite, programs or what have you. Again it’s all opinionated I don’t believe he’s best RB in the area. Plenty will argue that. He’s not the best of in the area. Thank you for your educational analysis, didn’t mean to upset you in the manner of touching a nerve. See you in the post season or not. As far as the number of offers so what it only takes one. That still doesn’t make him the best in the area.
    Case closed…..