Update from Sunday at American Legion Baseball State Tournament:DC done, but boy it was fun and they had a good run(Why not American Legion ball in Guilford County?)

Posted by Andy Durham on July 28, 2014 at 10:54 am under Amateur, College, High School | 7 Comments to Read

from Sunday at the American Legion Baseball State Tournament in Lexington, North Carolina, at historic Holt-Moffitt Field and this year’s tournament has been making history, but that’s a different story/post….
On Sunday and this ends the season for the Davidson County team, but they had a good run and they had plenty of fun along the way, but now after Sunday’s meeting with Two-time defending champion Wilmington, DC is done…..Final from Sunday…
Wilmington 7
Post 8 Davidson County Warriors 5

DC was up 4-1 at one stage of this game….
Excellent seasons for Christian Dix, Colson Everett, Marcus Shoemaker(and I hope I got the first name correct, there are two very good Shoemaker baseball players out there), Jesse Juday and others from Northwest Guilford that played on this year’s DC united squad…DC as in Davidson County had a very good/awesome season/year and with all of the success that were experiencing comes the question,

“The question of the day”…Why does Guilford County not have American Legion Baseball? Maybe even at “historic Memorial Stadium!”

  • John Barrow said,

    I, for one, would love to see Legion ball in Guilford County. However, given the current political drama involving Legion at the State Tournament, one has to question whether they want to be involved with such nonsense.

  • Andy Durham said,

    It would be nice if we could start an off-shoot, sort of a branch younger branch of the Greensboro Adult Baseball group and call or find the new group as the ABA….

    The American Baseball Association….

  • Rob Shore said,

    The High Point team is 90% Guilford County kids. Ragsdale,HP Central, Southern Guilford, HP Christian, Wesleyan Christian and SW Guilford are all represented on the Post 87 team.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Sorry for that break in comments, but had to make a computer switch….

    You could probably get some teams, towns, or cities to switch leagues or affiliations if the American Legion doesn’t get their act together…

    Would love to see some of the teams from around here going up against Palomino/American Legion age teams during the regular season….

    Similar plan to what the Kernersville Bulldogs have done…They have had mucho success and are the foundation and part of very strong program/league in the CVCL…

    Those guys under the watchful eye of Dale Ijames have done it the right way….

    If the American Legion is not the way to go, maybe that ABA can find a way to play….What do you say?

    The recent high school graduates need a place to go without having to drive half-way down to Charlotte, although I sure Coach Moser was more than happy/glad to have those Northwest Guilford kids in his program this season….

    The Post 87 crew has really done a good job with Southern Guilford, Ragsdale, HP Central, HPCA and others all involved from Guilford County….

    I do believe you have Grimsley, Page, Dudley, NWG, SEG, WG, NG, NEG, EG, Caldwell, WES, and on we go looking for a place to play ABA or American Legion….

    *****Especially a place a little closer to home…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Coach Shore is right on the money about the High Point team, they are well-stocked as we mentioned in our continuation post….

    That is one team and we could probably use at least more from this age group from Guilford County….

    What do you think????

    *****Have to say for sure, that Coach Shore is standing on firm ground with the baseball programs that he operates…*****

  • HiToms MOM said,

    Coach Shore is a Class Act and does not deserve what has happened to Post 87 and the illegal ruling the State American Legion Baseball Office has handed down. The NC State American Legion Tournament that is being played at Holt Moffitt Field has been “Fixed” in my opinion for only one winner outcome=Shelby. HiToms and Davidson County Post have players from Guilford County. There is no need to have a Guildford County Team when tournament outcomes are predetermined. We can discuss and debate all you want, but when players performance on the field does not determine the winner of games, you are back at looking at the American Legion Motto that is said before each game. Why say it if it is not honored by coaches and state and national levels.

  • John said,

    Too bad Shelby couldn’t get it done on the field or keep a stout heart in defeat! They had to find something that would in their eyes excuse their loss to Post 87. File not one but two appeals that would wrongfully as interpreted, disqualify Post 87. We are in state play-offs which should have ruled by state’s administration and rules. Post 87’s kids are a true underclassmen team that either just graduated high school or have 5 or 6 players returning for their junior or senior year in high school. A lot of the teams that made it into the state playoffs have kids returning to their 2nd year in college this fall.

    And to top it off, the American Legion Baseball League has accepted a check for $ 30,000 (Thirty Thousand dollars)each year for a five year contract to sell the names and contact information of American Legion kids to “The Baseball factory”. And then tell a kid his participation in the event was deemed a violation of the dual participation rules and made a Post 87 player ineligible. What great advantage did this kid gain by attending this one or two day camp? A sanctioned event through the legion ball agreement with The Baseball Factory. I say accepting the check from The Baseball Factory and then condemning a kid’s participation with such an event sanctioned by both, to be dishonorable and morally wrong. The Baseball Factory received money and in turn the American Legion Baseball program received payment by their contract agreement. This is a case of double standards. The American Legion baseball league needs to get back on track and do what is right and represent all of the kids that play within this great youth organization. If they want wrongfully punish this kid and all the hard work he and his teammates went through to get to this point in their season and say he is ineligible when all he did was contribute to the American Legion fund, then give the $ 30,000 check back to “The Baseball Factory” and tear up the five year contract and stand fast in your decision. We’ll soon forget about this and move on. The American Legion Baseball program may also be risking their very existence and be lost and forgotten. This would be sad for all the kids that are coming up through recreational programs looking forward to participating in the American Legion Baseball program.