Talking to the coaches:Coach Jared Rolfes(Northwest Guilford)

Posted by Andy Durham on August 5, 2014 at 2:31 pm under High School | 5 Comments to Read

On the phone with new Northwest Guilford coach Jared Rolfes today and it is Rolfes, like in ‘office’ and he was in the office and talked about the upcoming year for the Northwest Guilford Vikings and the 2014 season as a whole…

It was almost like we were doing an internet or radio one-on-one interview and here we go with what we came up today from Coach Rolfes…

Interview with Coach Jared Rolfes(Northwest Guilford High School)
1)What makes this the right school for you, right now?
Yes, you are correct, this is the right school and right fit for me right now and the right fit is due to the right kids we have in practice….The kids have the desire, we are team oriented, the administration is backing us up and we have a high quality coaching staff….These kids want to be successful and we have new defensive coordinator Todd McComb and he will run the defense, while I run the offense…Coach McComb has college coaching experience from being at Catawba College…

2)Did you want to be a head coach again, this soon? Assistant last year at Northern Guilford…
I feel like I was called to be head coach again and the calling was right to be here at Northwest Guilford…

3)What have you been doing in practice over the first few days?
Things have been going well. We had a camp prior to practice and we have been working to figure out all the things we are going to be doing….We want to balance the run and the pass and right now we are trying to evaluate what we can do as a team….Quarterbacks Josh Homol(senior) and Jake Smith(sophomore) are battling for the top leadership spot….

4)Is the August preseason long enough for you?
Yes, it has to be…You have to go with the time you have and the time you are allowed to practice….The Summer workouts helped us quite a bit to get organized and to begin to out some of key things in place…

5)How many kids do you have out for Varsity?
Varsity 45…JV’s-54…

6)Will staff work with both the JV’s and the Varsity?
They will do both…Work two schedules….Sometimes the teams will be together for drills and other times we will split them up….With the JV’s we want to keep that program successful and make sure our JV’s are ready to play Varsity…

7)Who will be the key players on offense?(Standouts)
QB’s Homol and Smith….Tailbacks Mark Murphy, Tyrek Howard and Kyle Finne…H-backs Ezra Otero and Thomas Hennigan…WR’s Mark Garner, Weston Haack, Kevin Henry and Carter Mitchell…OL Derrick Braymond, Kerry Miller and Cole Underwood…

On defense?(Standouts)
DL Peyton Stull(DE), Cole Underwood(DE), Kerry Miller(DT) and Steven Williams(DL)…LB’s Thomas Hennigan….DB’s Mark Murphy(Safety) and Kevin Henry(CB)

8)You are an offensive specialist, who runs the defense?
Coach Todd McComb

9)The Favorite in your Piedmont Triad Athletic 4-A Conference?
East Forsyth

10)How will the Northwest Guilford Vikings be different this season?
The difference will be visual….We will run a multiple-spread offense and on defense will be set up in a 4-2-5 defensive scheme….We want to build on the Success that Northwest Guilford has established……

  • Payton said,

    the addition of coach jimmy Jiles from Ragsdale will be a great addition,he is a great teacher of the game and finds something positive in every player he coaches.its a huge lost for Ragsdale

  • Andy Durham said,

    Probably not the same Jimmie Giles that used to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but that man could play some TE and he could catch a football all night long….

    If it is the same guy, we welcome him to our area..

  • HPC said,

    Yea, believe Giles pretty much run Ragsdale offense for years. They’ll have a tough time scoring this year.

  • stud muffin said,

    Thomas Hennigan is a STUD MUFFIN

  • Gary said,

    Big test on Monday. Many new faces in their first game situation with the varsity. Buckle-up and be ready.