“Coach Kile” going the ‘extra mile’ for the Southeast Guilford Falcons

Posted by Andy Durham on August 23, 2014 at 8:40 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

The Southeast Guilford Falcons rolled over the Northern Durham Knights on Friday night down in Durham(30-0 Falcons), but SEG assistant coach and their offensive coordinator, Coach Chris Kile has been doing anything but rolling lately…

It is all Coach Kile can do to just get around, but he is going the ‘extra mile’ for his Falcons, as his team battles opponents from opposite sides of the county and state, while Coach Kile, battles the “Big C” and he fights it every day and he is in a fight for his life…

Coach Kile has cancer and he beat his deadly foe in Round One, but the ‘C’ word is back and Coach Kile is fighting and treating this concentrated killer and his focus has gone from normal routine, to a regular 24/7 battlefield and his only escape on some days and nights, is the football field.

Coach Kile is the Southeast Guilford offensive coordinator and his men put 30 points up on the board last night during their stop in Durham County and Coach Kile was lucky to be able to keep standing up the entire game, but this man is a warrior…

He used to a Southern Alamance Patriot and made the move from Graham to Greensboro, when Coach Fritz Hessenthaler was named the head coach of the Southeast Guilford Falcons, over 10 years ago…

Coach Kile has been at this football deal for a while and finds the teams on the Falcons’ regular season schedule a lot easier to prepare for, than he does the Cancer that keeps trying to kill him…

Coach Kile knows you have a very good chance to beat the high school football teams that you get your men ready to face each Friday, that is if you have done your homework and if you have stayed dedicated to the task before you…

Coach Kile knows that there is no documented game plan to defeat Cancer, you just have to trust the Chemotherapy treatments and believe in the ‘Power of Prayer’…

That seems to be what has brought Coach Kile to where is today…Still standing and willing to go the ‘Extra Mile’ with the ‘Power of Prayer’ backing him up….

The ‘Power of Prayer’ is what Coach Kile has in is corner these days and that seems to have become his Coach that is helping to keep him in the game…The ‘Power of Prayer’ seems to be everywhere, when you study the “Cancer and Coach”….

In Round One the score was Coach Kile 1, Cancer 0….Round Two is now in an aggressive stage/fight and Cancer is trying to knock Coach Kile down, as he leads his offensive team through those 2-hour practices in the hot August sun and the humidity came back this week, to make matters worse…

Coach Chris Kile has his wife and family watching his back and his fellow coaches and his SEG Falcon team will be there for him at all times…

But with the Sunday morning dawn just hours away, we need to remember that key word on this special day…..Pray

The ‘Power of Prayer’ is everywhere and it is in the life of Coach Kile from Southeast Guilford High School….It doesn’t matter what team you are on, as you hit the churches on Sunday, saw a prayer for Coach Chris Kile at Southeast Guilford…

I do feel this ‘Power of Prayer’ can go a long way in lending a helping hand to Coach Kile….It is time to lift him up and remember how hard Coach Kile has worked on his watch at SEG….

This man can use your support and all it takes is one word of prayer from each of you that read this post and we can give Coach Kile a boost, that may take him to the “Cancer Survivors Hall of Fame”….

Our old coach used to say the word of the day was, HIT and then HIT some more….

Today I say the word of the day is Pray….Pray for Coach Chris Kile and help him go that ‘Extra Mile’…

Pray and remember, it is time to call on the “Power of Prayer”….


*****We made the changes in the spelling of Coach Kile’s name and it would be nice to find out what his first name is too…The people who sent me the news back on Saturday were not sure of his name, if it was first or last, they just knew him as Coach Kile/Kyle and we will leave at that for now, Coach Kile….*****
(Coach Chris Kile we have learned.)

  • loving 00 said,

    Prayers for the Kyle family. My daughter had both Mr and Mrs Kyle as teachers. My son will have Mrs Kyle this year. Great people keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

  • former student i think? said,

    Is this the same Coach Kyle that was at Bartlett Yancey HS?

  • Charlie Pannell said,

    Well said Andy. Coach K we are praying for you and your family. Thanks for all you do for the kids at SEG.

    Charlie Pannell

  • SACoach said,

    Great Father, Great Coach, and Great Friend. I owe many things in my life to what this man has taught me. His is an inspiration to me and my family every day that we wake up!

  • Rick Blackstock said,

    I had the privilege of working with Coach Kile at BY There is not a more dedicated man of football. He is a true student of the game. Any young man that played for him was always prepared. Execution is in the hands of the players. Coach Kile is one of the people that even when the game was not always going our way said something that made me laugh. I was fortunate enough to have a chaplain/ friend from GWHS( Danville, VA) give our devotional one evening. Luke 17:6 Coach Kile alll of my family will say an extra prayer for you

  • sefootball07 said,

    His name is spelled Kile, not Kyle. Just letting you know.

  • Chrissy Layton said,

    My family and I will have Coach Kyle and his family in our prayers! I hope he wins this fight with the big C! I used to be a student of both Mrs. &Mr. Kyle’s. I enjoyed be able to learn in their classes, and I don’t know what Southeast or his family would do without him! Get well soon Coach Kyle!

  • Andy Durham said,

    ****The people who sent me the news back on Saturday were not sure of his name, if it was first or last, they just knew him as Coach Kile/Kyle and we will leave at that for now, Coach Kile….We have made the adjustments and thanks for the info…*****

  • Carla Ely said,

    His name is Chris. I have had the privilege of teaching with both he and his wife. I even have the honor of calling Mrs. Kile. “Best friend”. We need to not only pray individually, we need his name on our church prayer lists, our ladies and men’s groups in the community need to lift him up, we need to encourage our children/his students to openly pray for their inspiring teacher, and so on. Pray without ceasing until this beautiful family is free from this torturous cancer.

  • Chris Chancellor said,

    I played football for coach kile for 3 years and he was a great coach and also a locker room comedian. I hope he is doing well and plan to see him in the future. He is a great person with a big heart and will be there for anybody if needed.