High School Football Games involving the Guilford County teams for this week

Posted by Andy Durham on September 3, 2014 at 11:01 am under High School | 20 Comments to Read

Friday night games set with 7:30pm kickoffs:

Southern Guilford(2-0) at Southeast Guilford(2-0)
Northern Guilford(1-0) at Northwest Guilford(2-0)
Matthews Butler(2-0) at Page(0-2)
Dudley(2-0) at Person County(0-2)
Grimsley(0-2) vs. High Point Andrews(0-2) at Simeon Stadium in High Point
Western Guilford(0-2) at Smith(0-2)
Northeast Guilford(0-1) at Ragsdale(1-1)
High Point Central(2-0) at Thomasville(0-2)
Southwest Guilford(2-0) at Ledford(1-1)
Eastern Randolph(1-1) at Eastern Guilford(1-1)

*****We will flip and have the JV schedules up here for you tomorrow…..*****

+++++Hopefully some more time to talk about the above games from us, later on today…+++++

  • SE Parent said,

    SEG/SG SEG (If we can somewhat contain Reggie)
    NG/NWG NG (NWG seems not as strong this year)
    Butler/Page Butler (Ouch! could be ugly)
    Dudley/Person Dudley (Another ugly score)
    Grimsley/TWA TWA (Ground and pound from the Red Radiers)
    WG/BLS BLS (If I was there I would get a fish plate!!!)
    NEG/Rag NEG (Sorry Tommy, NEG kids are BIG!!!)
    HPC/T’ville HPC (Maybe the ugliest score)
    SWG/Led SWG (Are the Cowboys for real?)
    ER/EG EG (Coach Cates is still at Lee County)

  • Andy Durham said,

    I think SE Parent could be right, it could be all about Reggie and what kind of game he has on Friday night…If SEG can contain him early, SEG in the game, if not SG will have control and they can work Reggie to fit the clock and the score….SEG needs the ball and they have to make sure they do all they can to keep it out of Reggie Gallaspy’s hands and he is a real hand-full..

    The key to Northern is they don’t make many mistakes and that is what always gives them a chance to win and once they get up on you on offense, they can turn the defense loose and that NG defense does best when they can be running in gears 6-10…Get out of 5th and go beyond Overdrive…

    Page has had it tough/rough and it will be rough/tough again this Friday night….They are in the process to a certain degree of building toward the future and they are doing that with a senior quarterback and that is hard to do….Page started slow a couple of years ago then rallied behind senior QB Jordan Putnam and everything seemed to come together…Remember that, and can it happen again???

    Dudley can name their score against (0-2) Person and Dudley is just lucky to have somebody to play this week…When you raise your level-of-play to where the Dudley program has gone and you are Top Five in the state year-in, year-out, it is hard to find teams that are willing to play you….

    Andrews would look to have a lot of frustration built up after two very close losses….One point to Central and another one-point loss to SWG in OT…What was that final last Friday night, 19-18? Andrews still has some momentum coming off of last year, but it is starting to wear thin and run out…Grimsley still very young with just 4 seniors, but in about 4 weeks, we will all be the same age…Getting close to expired, if not careful..

    WG has offense and Smith has had to play way too much defense this season…Smith probably feels like we’ve got to get the right people in the right positions and go from there and Western has to feeling we have shown we can run the ball, with Gehsmann and we shown we can pass the ball, with Taylor, now all they have to do is line up and play defense between the 20’s and keep Smith within those boundaries…

    I heard that NEG was real big and that they have some good/big backs…That is the word that I got from my scout that was at the game last week with NEG at SEG…Ragsdale has to find a way to hold on/hold out until Cobb gets back, but they have to make sure that they win several games along the way to point….Ragsdale is a very athletic team and they need a few of those key ATH’s to step up on Friday…NEG’s biggest problem is they don’t know how to win any more..Teams have to learn how to win…

    HP Central should ready to play a con-chair-toe when they go over to Cushwa Staduim and it should be all Bison…That Bison offense is high-powered and it would be fun to see a mid-season game, right before the teams hit conference play, featuring HP Central vs. Dudley….I have seen those two square off twice in the last 15 years, at HPC and at Dudley and Dudley has won them both, but this year, with Mack?????

    SWG is looking like the “Surprise Team of 2014” and if the Cowboys can beat Ledford to go (3-0) this might be a team to see shoot for des-ti-ny…We will have to wait and see, but SWG is doing a very good job of following up a strong start in 2013, with even a better start in 2014….

    Eastern Guilford can reach where they need to be with the win over ER…ER is playing better, but EG went down there to Ramseur and beat the Wildcats last year so why shouldn’t the Wildcats be able to beat the Wildcats at EG this year…This could become confusing, but there we go…

  • Andy Durham said,

    On the other end of that earlier punt, the Wildcats vs. the Wildcats on Friday night…That is WILD and it is at EG….

  • dhs said,

    SEG by 14
    NG by 20
    Butler by 50
    Dudley by 42
    TWA by 17
    BLS by 8
    Ragsdale by 12
    HPC by 40
    SWG by 21
    EG by 14

  • BisonBest said,


    HPC is not in the Metro conf.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Right, HP Central in the Piedmont Triad 4-A, but it would still be fun hypothetically speaking, to see a meeting(Dudley-HP Central) and it would have to be a non-conference game, where Dudley and HP Central could face off in a year like this year, right before they begin their conference play with Dudley-Metro and HP Central-Piedmont Triad…

    A game like that would help and be good for both teams, as they hit conference play…

    They did meet at least twice in the playoffs over the last/past 10-15 years, with one game in High Point, back when the Johnson kid was the Bison’ QB and that was the Steve Johnson’s son and Johnny Evans’ nephew and not Justin Johnson and one year HP Central came to Dudley and I believe Drew Adams was the Bison’ QB then…

    Dudley won them both in the playoff meetings…

    Central was in the Metro back in the day and I believe that was back when East Forsyth was still in there with EF, HPC, Grimsley, Page, Northwest Guilford and SEG might have been in there for a while too and maybe even Glenn…

    For a while there both Dudley and Smith were in the 3-A Conference and that might have been the Triad 3-A…..SEG was 3-A for a time too there too, but they were in there with ER, Ragsdale, Asheboro and more….

  • Cupcakes said,

    Would like to see HPC play someone in non conference. This will definitely hurt them down the road.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Another game that I would love to see this season would be Dudley vs. Northern Guilford at N.C. A&T….Bet that game would draw 15-20 thousand fans….

  • BisonPride said,

    Cupcakes, put down your pipe my friend.

    Andrews is 2A but they are our biggest rivals we will play them every year are you suggesting that they are a cupcake? Why is Butler coming up here to play Page surely because they are a cupcake right? What about West Forsyth ranked in the Top-10 in the state, another cupcake huh?

    Then you have Asheboro, Thomasville, Grimsley, not world-beaters but these have all been successful programs in the past and have the talent and athletes to play anybody tough. And the Piedmont-Triad has been one of the toughest 4A conferences in the state the past few years, there’s nothing cupcake about HPC’s schedule, it may not be the toughest around, but it’s far from being the weakest.

    You sound like like a hater who just don’t wanna give HPC their due that they’re have a real strong team this season. Keep hating we’ll let the results speak for themselves!!

  • ross said,

    Dudley vs Central @ Simeon (maybe in the playoffs)
    Dudley vs Northern @ A&T (maybe next year)

  • SE Parent said,

    How can Page, West Forsyth, and TW Andrews be considered a cupcake? Intresting.

  • D.ca$h said,

    cowboys all day

  • Cupcakes said,

    You guys aren’t making a case at all for Central! Page is 0-2, Andrews 0-2. Who cares about last year and previous years. It’ll show next week when West F. puts up 50 against Central.

  • Cupcakes said,

    You forgot to mention weak Thomasville team (2A) and (3A) Asheboro team. Name another school in 4A that plays this weak a schedule

  • Andy Durham said,

    Big game this week, West Forsyth-East Forsyth and West could be heading into next week with a loss..

  • BisonPride said,

    Football schedules are made years in advance genius, Page recently won a 4AA championship not too long ago, no one can predict have good teams will or won’t be from one season to next.

    Your right no other 4A teams schedules are weaker than Central’s. Maybe HPC should man up like East Forsyth and play the murderous row of Reynolds and Parkland to start off the season two 4A teams that wouldn’t beat a good 1A squad.

    West Forsyth is real good this season and both Andrews and Page have won recent titles, the only one making a poor case for themselves is you.. How about you man up and say which team you pull for, so we can see how their schedule stacks up, ok cupcake?

  • SE Parent said,

    Well said BisonPride

  • Cupcakes said,

    I didn’t say that HPC didn’t have a good program. I only pointed out their cupcake schedule and I see, based on comments above, that both BisonPride and SE Parent agree with me.(“Your right no other 4A teams schedules are weaker than Central’s”) No hating!!

  • BisonPride said,

    Haha.. good catch, when the logic fails, go the grammer route eh?

  • Football 1 said,

    Southern Guilford(2-0) at Southeast Guilford(2-0)I will take the Gallaspy Train in this one

    Northern Guilford(1-0) at Northwest Guilford(2-0) This one I have a feeling will not be close at all. Nighthawk Nation rolls easily

    Matthews Butler(2-0) at Page(0-2) As much as I would like to see the Pirates getting their first win here, I will go with Butler in a route

    Dudley(2-0) at Person County(0-2) Dudley by a lot

    Grimsley(0-2) vs. High Point Andrews(0-2) Grimsley by a point

    Western Guilford(0-2) at Smith(0-2) The Hornets get their first this week.

    Northeast Guilford(0-1) at Ragsdale(1-1) Ragsdale in a close one

    High Point Central(2-0) at Thomasville(0-2)The HPC gets the WIN

    Southwest Guilford(2-0) at Ledford(1-1) The Cowboys…

    Eastern Randolph(1-1) at Eastern Guilford(1-1)The WildCats win, of EGHS that is.