“The Janesh Report” with Josh Williams(Guilford College Quakers #8) on High School Football

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I just want to thank God for giving us the ability to focus during this time of our life. There are a lot of distractions flying around. I pray for even more assistance to keep us focused on the goal at hand.

Top Teams:
1. Dudley High School (3 – 0) 48 – 0 over Person
2. Northern Guilford (2 – 0) 35 – 12 over Northwest Guilford
3. High Point Central (3 – 0) 33 – 0 over Thomasville
4. Western Alamance (3 – 0) 55 – 13 over Graham
5. Southern Guilford (3 – 0) 36 – 18 over Southeast Guilford

Top Prospects:
1. Reggie Gallaspy Rb (752 rushing yards, in three games)
2. CJ Freeman Rb (Averaging over 200 yards per game)
3. Darius Graves Rb (Heavy contributor to Dudley’s 48 – 0 win over Person, look forward to hearing about him in the Hillside game next week)
4. Christian Beal Rb (As a sophomore, stands as the playmaker of East Forsyth. Accounted for 2 scores Friday night,)
5. Jamiel Mack Qb (521 passing, 414 rushing)

Week 2 Top Performers:
1. Reggie Gallaspy Rb (265 yards, 3tds)
2. CJ Freeman Rb (212, yards rushing, 3tds)
3. Judson Petty Qb (17 – 21, 319 passing yards)
4. Jeremiah McCoy Dl (6 sacks)
5. Juval Mollette Rb (7 carries, 210 rushing yards)

Spotlight Recap: (East Forsyth – 39 @ West Forsyth – 49)
I came to this game primed and ready to see a big game from Christian Beal. He did not fail to impress me. It wasn’t one of his best performances but he showed why he is the playmaker for East. Christian had a couple touchdowns and one that was called back due to a holding penalty. East had ample opportunities to clinch this game. There were a lot of plays left unmade and it didn’t seem like East Forsyth football. Penalties were what held the Eagles back tonight on offense. They had a couple drive stopping penalties that shifted the momentum of the first half.

Defensively, the Eagles struggled with the read-option attack of West Forsyth. One of the other guys I came to cover, Gabe Price, held his team down for as long as he could. Unofficially, he had 12 tackles and a forced fumble. The dual threat Qb/Rb attach eventually wore the Eagles’ defense down. Because I like to bring one critique to the table for the athletes I cover, I told Gabe that I would have liked to see a little more leadership from him. He had a great game and played with non-stop relentless effort. I want to see him make that style of play contagious. Make his teammates around him better through the energy he brings to the field. West’s receivers were able to get behind a few of the Eagles Dbs as the play action was a huge part of the passing attack of West. A few deep balls hurt the Eagles late in the game which kept them at bay during an attempt to make a comeback.

This was an exciting game. Fulfilling to say the least. I got a chance to talk recruiting with Gabe Price. Says a few North Carolina colleges are keeping up with his play this season. The way he played tonight, I will make sure that I keep up with him as I report to the local colleges in the area. He expressed huge interest in Elon. I’ll see what I can do.

I appreciate everyone welcoming me into the high school community. I only want to help and bring exposure to this area. We have so many different athletes that need the support and we will provide it.

Please send stats. It’s hard to accurately keep an account of the stats across the Triad if all we have to use is the information from the papers. Please send stats. Tweet them to me. Email. Otherwise the same names will be highlighted from week to week. I want to expose the guy that doesn’t get the press. There are a lot of them out there. I just don’t know about them yet. Please contact.
@Dreams_Grind ~ Twitter Janeshcorp@gmail.com ~ Email

– Janesh

  • FYI said,

    Dudley beat Roxboro Person 48 to 0, not Ragsdale. Please don’t make the Tigers face Dudley two weeks in a row!

  • Coach said,

    Who is Gabe Price? Are you talking the QB for WF. His name is Slade.

  • Andy Durham said,

    #8 Gabe Price is a linebacker for East Forsyth and Darion Slade is the Jr. QB with/for West Forsyth…

    Pretty sure Josh is talking about Gabe Price the LB…

  • Coach said,

    Okay. I see now. I read those 2 sentences together as he was a dual threat. My mistake. Good read.

  • Janesh (Josh Williams said,

    *Person High. I often get the two teams mixed up. I think it’s the colors. I should know that one because Person was in my conference(PAC 6) when I played for Jordan High School. My apologies.

    I appreciate the comments. Please contact us with more stats from Friday nights, if not, we will have to rely on reports from the newspapers and other sources that usually feature the same high profile athletes. Janeshcorp@gmail.com

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