Janesh Recap Week #4 of High School Football with Josh Williams(#8 Guilford College Quakers)

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“Janesh Report” with Josh Williams(RB) #8 for the Guilford College Quakers….
I just want to take the time to give God all the glory for every battle he has taken us through. He has the master plan and I will continue to trust in him…

Top Teams:
1. Dudley High School (4 – 0) 12 – 9 over Hillside
2. Northern Guilford (3 – 0) 55 – 7 over Burlington Williams
3. High Point Central (4 – 0) 52 – 13 over Grimsley
4. Western Alamance (4 – 0) 42 – 0 over Morehead
5. Southern Guilford (4 – 0) 42 – 13 over Eastern Randolph
Top Prospects:
1. Reggie Gallaspy Rb (1048 rushing yards, in four games)
2. CJ Freeman Rb (587 yards in three games)
3. Jamiel Mack Qb (745 passing, over 500 rushing)
4. Christian Beal Rb (521 total yards Friday night)
5. Darius Graves Rb (Had a quiet night last night against Hillside. 42 yards rushing, 49 receiving)

Week’s Top Performers:
1. Reggie Gallaspy Rb (296 yards, 4tds)
2. Mook Reynolds Ath (4 receptions 158 yards, 2tds)
3. Jamiel Mack Qb (15 – 23, 224 passing yards, 5tds)
4. Justin Timmons (High Point Christian) Cb (4 interceptions)
5. Christian Beal Rb (201 rushing yards)

Spotlight Recap: (High Point Central – 52 @ Grimsley – 13)
I interviewed Jamiel Mack, and the first thing that came out of his mouth before he spoke about his O-Line, his amazing decision making, was, “I want to thank God for allowing me to do the things that I did out there tonight. Without him, none of this would be possible.” I thought that was beautiful and beyond his age. Jamiel put on a show: 224 passing yards and 5 tds. Originally, I thought of him as option style Qb. After watching him play tonight, he showed me his ability to stand in the pocket and make things happen without scrambling. I see great potential in him on the next level as a pro-style Qb who can escape if he needs to. (I compare him to a Russell Wilson.) I would say the only thing that may limit him is his ability to read coverages post snap. As of now, he is proving that he is the cream of the crop, consistently in the talk of the top performers in the area.

Another guy that caught my attention was Chavis Little. He’s a little undersized but his field play vision made up for that tonight. He had over 100 yards rushing with ease. I talked to him and he gave credit to the game plan that Coach Jones and his staff put together. He also gave credit to the way the team practiced through the week. He said that he felt that they over practiced for Grimsley. They felt way more prepared than they needed to be, to which I said that was not a bad thing. The score definitely shows.

I want to thank both of these teams for allowing me to hang out with them tonight. I’m living my dream. Earning the trust of everyone in the area. As I always tell my clients, I will continue to work hard on your behalf as long as you continue to believe in yourselves.

I love you all and I pray that we can continue to grow this relationship. Enjoy the week.
– Janesh

  • Bison Pride said,

    Great recap!

    Jamiel is a great player and even greater young man off the field, some university is going to be very lucky to land this kid!

    Size wise and skill set Russell Wilson is a nice comparison, also reminds me of the Anthony Boone at Duke.