Guilford County High School Football Player of the Week and do you have nominations???

Posted by Andy Durham on September 15, 2014 at 4:12 pm under High School | 22 Comments to Read

*****Previous winners of the “Jim Modlin High School Football Player of the Week”, presented by Chick-fil-A have been Kevin Gehsmann(WG), Jamiel Mack(HP Central) and Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford)…Once a kid has won we are looking for new Winners and we have a number of players for’s Dennis White and his crew to choose from again this week…Two strong candidates will have to be Josh Homol(Northwest Guilford) and C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford)….*****

Here is a look back at what some of the key kids/young men did this past weekend….

Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) with 296 yards on 26 carries and 4 touchdowns….
Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) had 5 TD passes in the first half and ended up going 15-23 for 224 yards passing
Kevin Gehsmann, Tevan Evans and Keenan Stevens at Western Guilford? KG with a TD, a FG and three PAT(kicks)….Evans ran for a TD and he threw the game-winning TD pass to Stevens with just 6.2 seconds remaining….Stevens had two huge receptions/catches on the game-winning drive and none bigger than the TD grab that put the Hornets in front for good, with just seconds to play….
Justin Timmons(High Point Christian) pulled in four(4) big interceptions for the HPCA Cougars
Another touchdown pass and TD run for Tevin Quick(Ragsdale HS)
Brandon Harris(Ragsdale) had 130 yards rushing and a touchdown…
Another big night for Northwest Guilford quarterback Josh Homol, as the senior put together 198 yards passing for two TD’s and he also ran for one score…Thomas Hennigan with 100 yards receiving and 1 TD for NWG….
C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford)152 yards/3 TD’s vs. Burlington Williams…
Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford)4 receptions/158 yard/2 TD’s vs. Williams….

*****Seasonal numbers rundown coming soon….*****

  • Alonzo Jones said,

    Quick and Harris deserve it but I know there not High profile enough to win it because no one was expecting Ragsdale to be 3-1 & improving every week

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Kevin Gehsmann

  • MIM said,

    Kevin Gehsmann – he was in all-purpose beast mode that game.

    Was he the punter in that game too? If so he had a snap go over his head, he recovered it at about the Western 25, and punted it to the SW 25 and took quite a hit right after the kick (which was legal because he was outside the tackle box and kicked it on the run).

  • Old Fan said,

    Now I’m not being biased because my favorite team is WA but CJ Freeman is very underrated to me. In eyes of the best back in guilford county everyone says Reggie gallespy but don’t get me wrong he’s a great back but he gets the ball 30 or more times a game. If he’s not averaging atleast 250 yards something wrong. CJ on the other hand is on a high powered offense who likes to spread the ball! And he is still averaging 3 touchdowns a game and over 200 yards on probably 16 to 19 carries. Last game against Burlington Williams he only had 10 carries which is Amazing and the moves and tackles he breaks at his size is even more impressive and also he’s only a junior! We have one more year of this guy! Smh I’m mad whenever they at WA cause they can’t stop him but in my mind he is the best 2016 back in the state and the best back in the area. Mark my word Andy he will reach his goal he claimed of 3000 yards with less carries then gallaspy.

  • ron said,

    Maybe they should give him the ball more. Obviously Gallaspy can handle the load. I would give him 20 plus carries as well until someone stops him. That’s smart coaching. Don’t hate the player hate the game…he is definitely one of the best if not the best RB in the state.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The punter for Western Guilford when he got nailed and he to be helped off the field was Christian Sarpy….Sarpy was in there on that punt….

  • All purpose said,

    Kevin Gehsmann

    Looked up his stats and he had 11 tackles, 100+ rushing yards, 3 for 3 on PAT’s, 1 FG, and was the kicker/punter. A big impact in all phases of the game.
    Not taking anything away from the great performances from any of these young men. But when you look at player of the game. There’s no bigger impact in a game from 1 single player.

  • HGood said,

    Darius Graves of Dudley High School must be mentioned in the discussion as one of the top RB’S in the area as well. Recognize

  • WAfan said,

    Hey ron, you really tryna tell Roscoe how to coach??? smh the reason he doesn’t get the ball more is because they spread the wealth.

  • SE Parent said,

    How about the CB for NG (Mookie I think is his name sorry if I butchered it). NG is undefeated. The Graves kid for Dudley as well who’s undefeated. WG needs to win some games.

  • GSOfbfan said,

    Justin Timmons

    What he did was not common. Guys run, pass and score weekly but intercepting 4 passes in one game stands out from the pack!

  • FootballGuru said,

    In this day and age of high tempo offenses, the game being geared toward offense (to maintain fan interest ), and defensive players severely hampered in how they are able to “cover” receivers, for a player to grab four (4) INTs has to be recognized. Defense wins championships. Turnovers can stop the best offense — Justin Timmons (and his 4 INTs) proved that.

  • 10-8 said,

    You have to give it to Tevan Evans this kid never gives up.

  • K Barnes said,

    Justin Timmons hands down ….look at all of these and kids run for this many yards very year, they kick and return pints but tell me she the last time was a player got four, 4 INTs

    Justin Timmons all day

  • 83 Hornet said,

    Tevan Evans “The Come Back Kid” he does what the coach wants him to do for the team even though QB is not his true position.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Why did De’Shaun Taylor not get in the game?

  • Miles Keith Timmons said,

    Justin Timmons for player of the week.

  • Char said,

    All I can say is WOW!!! WOW!! Wow!! (4) big interceptions in one night!! I can tell you all the teams would love to have this fantastic football player!! Go Justin Go!!
    Be Blessed!!

  • AGGIE said,

    Justin Timmons has my vote!!

  • MCW said,

    Justin Timmons you have my vote!!!

  • MeMe Bar said,

    My vote is for Justine Timmons … Not just a great football player, but a great young man… Great game..(4) INTs….

  • DB said,

    Justin Timmons is the man!