High School Football Tonight for 9/19/14 plus the Picks and the Poll

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We will be down at Southeast Guilford tonight for the Falcons hosting the Ragsdale Tigers and we will get the broadcast rolling at 6:46 on GreensboroSports Radio and you can also pick up the game on 97.7FM at the Bill Slayton Athletic Field/SEG Stadium….Big game with Coach Norwood(Ragsdale) going back to his former coaching home from several years back and these two schools spent quite a few years battling head-to-head in the same 3-A Conference(Mid-Piedmont 3-A), back in the day….Back at it tonight, along with Dennis and Nathan White, from Southeast Guilford High School, with the kickoff set for 7:30pm….

Games for this evening:Kickoffs coming at 7:30…

High Point Central(4-0) at West Forsyth(4-0)….Big one for Jamiel Mack and the Bison as they travel to Clemmons to take on the Titans….Remember the Titans? Mack, Chavis Little, Charles Edmund and Tim Gorham promise they won’t forget…

Reidsville(3-1) at Northern Guilford(3-0)….Reidsville is slated to have their starting QB back, but will it make a difference when Northern Guilford hits the Rams with the ‘Big Three’….Harris, Reynolds, and Freeman…(Incentive Note):NG Nighthawks’ friend with ALS, Darrell Haymore, who adopted team over the past year, passed away last night. Nighthawks will have extra motivation to win this game tonight for Darrell.

Ragsdale(3-1) at Southeast Guilford(2-1)…Ragsdale has found something that is working with Tevin Quick running the team from QB and will SEG be able to see the end zone tonight against the quick Ragsdale ‘D’ lead by Bryce Walker and Xan Swaim….Watch for Parker working to get open in what should be a good battle with the Tiger WR facing a very tough DB from SEG, Greg Liggs…Ryan ‘Bubba’ Craven will have to bring his best stuff at QB for SEG tonight if the Falcons are going to able to fend off the “attack of the Tigers”…

Northwest Guilford(3-1) at WS Reagan(3-1)….Don’t know a ton about Reagan, but we hear they have some big kids up front, but the front page news at the NWO(Northwest Observer) is showing us that NWG has found pretty potent QB in Josh Homol and he has acquainted himself pretty well with his two top receivers in Thomas Hennigan and Mark Garner….Heenigan has been putting up some pretty big numbers and Garner is a very good source for Homol as a “go to”/”big play” receiver….Homol has become the man to keep an eye out for, when the Vikings set sail on Friday nights…

East Forsyth(3-1) at Page(0-4)…You would think East in a “Lock-Down” win here, but Page seems to be playing better against the tougher opponents, as they enter Marion Kirby Stadium this season…Can that trend continue? Your guess is as good as mine, but if you get off to a good start against any team, you have a better chance for success and like most nights that would be the key tonight, get off to a good start vs. East Forsyth and don’t let them jump all over you early…Give yourself a chance to stay in the game and you may well be in the game late, when it is all on the line…Sounds good on-line, between you have to do it between-the-lines and on the field…

Southern Guilford(4-0) at Smith(1-3)…..Smith had a very good chance to pick up a road win down at Burlington Cummings last Friday night, but Southern Guilford is not going to give you those same chances to win, you will have to go get them and they may be very hard to come by…Reggie Gallaspy is a very focused young man and he sees the prize at the end of the line and he, along with his head coach Darryl Brown, has to be telling their team that they can’t afford a letdown….If all goes as planned, Gallaspy should be at 250/4 tonight, with that being 250 yards rushing and 4 TD’s…If Smith can hem him in, then the other Storm players will have to step up…Problem I see with Smith would be a defense getting very tired from having to live on the field tonight…Lots of team players say they want to be out there on that field all the time, but if you are a coach, if your defense is not on the field, that is usually a very good thing….

Eastern Guilford(2-1) at Northeast Guilford(0-3)….Eastern Guilford looks to be the team on the way up and Northeast Guilford is down and looks to remain down…Good news for some and bad news for others, but that is the way it is….For EG it looks to keep getting better, but it will get tougher when they have to hit that ‘Murderer’s Row’ of Northern Guilford, Eastern Alamance and Western Alamance….How you can survive and still have a chance to win the conference after facing that, I don’t know…For EG the look down the road has to be a push for the playoffs and stay ‘Playoff Minded”…Got to work toward that end…For NEG it is going to be a long year, but after the loss up at Rockingham County last Friday night, that conclusion had to be settling in…For NEG, you have to take it and deal with it and look to spoil somebody else’s season, while still trying to salvage your own as best you can, without giving up the fight…

Southwest Guilford(2-2) at Southern Alamance(1-3)…..Southwest Guilford has to put the 24-20 loss to Western Guilford last week behind them and realize they have a very good chance to be (3-2) halfway through the season after tonight’s trip to Graham to face Southern Alamance…You can deal with a loss, but you don’t want to put together back-to-back losses, that is what you are looking to avoid…SWG has a very capable team and after seeing them last week at WG, these guys have talent….The QB Cross can play with about anybody around and Jeremiah Brown is as good any of our Guilford County receivers that we have on the field on Friday nights…Juan Pagan the Cowboys’ LB sparks that defense and the McCorkle kid and Eric Cunningham in the offensive backfield give Cross plenty of options, but many times it seems the best option for Cross, is to take off and run…No reason why SWG shouldn’t head back toward High Point victorious tonight…

Grimsley(1-3) at Mount Tabor(3-1)……Tough times for Grimsley facing a Spartan team that is coming off of a loss to Matthews Butler down in Charlotte, in game where Mount Tabor was up by 2 TD’s at halftime….Mount Tabor and several of those Forsyth County teams(Tabor, West Forsyth, East Forsyth, Reagan) are looking pretty solid this season…Whiriles have made some changes with the JV QB Simpson becoming the starting Varsity QB and Malik Stimpson moving to RB to take advantage of his speed…Hoping the Whirlies can adjust and if it comes to justification, I know the offensive line is doing their part…..Saw them on the hill after practice on Monday and they were not doing geographic research or a topography chart/study, this was work on the hill that could probably whip a well-conditioned athlete, these men were working toward mid-season form and striving to reach tip-top shape in time for Friday night…

Western Guilford(1-3) at WS Reynolds(0-4)…..Western Guilford has hit a stretch….A key stretch where they can put together back-to-back wins…We talked earlier how important it was not to suffer back-to-back losses and it is just as equally important to find a way to put together back-to-back wins….If find yourself in that position, you better take advantage of it, because you can use it and you sure do need it…Western can do this….They have a good mix of players, they just have to repeat many of things that they were doing right last Friday night and if Kevin Gehsmann comes out with that same kind of determination he had last Friday night, the win is going to be there for the taking…A beatable team is on the books and WG needs Tevan Evans and Keenan Stevens to bring their September 12 games with them too…Has to be a team effort and it is time for these kids to put the ‘W’, back in the “WG”….Need Glover, Sarpy, Dixon, and all other Hornets to carry the load as well…Key win, because from here, how do you follow-up on what you accomplished last week???

Bartlett Yancey(0-4) at High Point Andrews(0-3)…HP Andrews knows this is “Must Win” and the rest of the season for them MUST start right here, right now….Andrews has to set the tone for the rest of their season beginning at 7:30 tonight….The starters must do their job, the backups have to be ready to make the most out their ‘quality time’ that they will be seeing tonight….Not sure who the leaders are for Andrews right now, but we will find out this evening…Doesn’t matter who you are playing, you can’t take anything for granted when you are searching for a victory and HPA must find their way and go get this one tonight….Let us know who you are when we look up at that scoreboard and see the box score later today/tonight….

High Point Christian(4-0) vs. First Assembly (Concord, NC) @ High Point Athletic Center @ 7pm…Been hearing that name Justin Timmons from several High Point corners this week and it will be interesting to see how Mr. Timmons and his Cougars come out tonight…Will they be a bit flat after last week’s outstanding performance or are they ready to “add-on” to what they established last Friday night….This Cougar team led on defense by Timmons, is a work in progress and how far can they go this season??? Are they ready for ‘Prime Time’ and can they keep the “Cougar Count”, a-coming….A-coming up with more wins that is…We are about to learn more/see if this this HPCA team is for real….


HP Central
Northern Guilford
Northwest Guilford
East Forsyth
Southern Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Southwest Guilford
Mount Tabor
Western Guilford
High Point Andrews
High Point Christian
(Last Week’s Picks we were (5-4) and went out on so many limbs, that we took a good AP switching/beating last week.)

Top Ten Poll for this week:
2)High Point Central(4-0)
3)Northern Guilford(3-0)
4)Southern Guilford(4-0)
5)Northwest Guilford(3-1)
7)Southeast Guilford(2-1)
8)Eastern Guilford(3-1)
9)Southwest Guilford(2-2)
10)Western Guilford(1-3)/Smith(1-3)

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  • Lee Anne said,

    Go Nighthawks! Win this one for Darrell, he is the 12th man tonight.

  • Ogramballer said,

    Justin timmons had 2 tds (1 catch,2 rushing) and 1 interception in a 59_14 route

  • Ogramballer said,

    Timmons had 1 td rushing and 1 td catch