Southeast Guilford Falcons take care of business with 35-13 victory over the Grimsley Whirlies

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Courtesy of Alexander Smith from Southeast Guilford High School:

Southeast Guilford receives the kick at the 45. They run the ball but get nowhere and turn the ball over on downs.

Grimsley then starts out slow as well and has a quick three and out. Southeast the runs the ball a few times before Ryan Craven passes the ball to Garrett Church. Church then runs the ball two plays in a row and scores a touchdown. The Falcons attempt a two-point conversion but its no good. Again after recovering the ball Southeast holds Grimsley down forcing another three and out.

Southeast recovers the ball at the 27 yard line and runs the ball quite a bit. Ryan Craven throws a 25 yard pass to Greg Liggs who runs it in for a touchdown the next play. Styles Jennings then runs in for a two point conversion making the score 14-0.

Grimsley gets the ball back but goes three and out again and that ends the half.

To start the half Southeast kicks the ball off. Grimsley recovers but does not have a good possession again and turns the ball back over quickly. Bubba Craven then drops a bomb to Styles Jennings for a 40-yard gain.

Four plays later the ball is back in the endzone because of another touchdown run by Garrett Church. The point after by Justin Richardson is good making it 28-0 with 8:08 left in the quarter.

Grimsley gets the ball at midfield after the kick. For the first time all game they have a good possession running the ball multiple times and completing some passes. Caleb Williams then runs it in for 6 points to put Grimsley on the board with 4:03 in the quarter, the point after is no good.

Southeast gets the ball at the 30 and runs the ball all the way down to Grimsley’s 39 yard line. Bubba Craven then throws a touchdown pass to Kris Fisher with 52 seconds to go. The point after is good making the score 35-6.

Grimsley receives the ball and runs twice before the end of the quarter.

The first play of the fourth quarter Grimsley throws it away and is forced to punt. Southeast gets the ball and there are many runs by Steven Baldwin and Garrett Church before they turn it over off of downs. Grimsley receives at the 32 and makes their way down the field on three passes, then Gerald Simpson passes to Bruce Davis for a touchdown, the point after by Will Gustaveson is good making the score 13-35.

Southeast fumbles the ball after four plays, but Grimsley throws and interception after getting the ball back.

Southeast runs the clock down a win the game 35-13.

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