Average Daily Memberships(ADM’s) are in and now they are out from Carolina GridIron reports

Posted by Andy Durham on November 4, 2014 at 1:45 pm under High School | Comments are off for this article

CLICK HERE to see all of these with Saturday’s playoff parings/seedings/brackets being determined by these Average Daily Memberships/Attendances at our high schools..

Coming in from Justin Jones and Brian Barnes at Carolina GridIron.com and they seem to one of the first in the state to be posting these and we will now jump in line with our Guilford County Schools….We have listed all of the Guilford County schools and obviously, all of them will not get in, but this still gives you a good idea how the different school sizes compare….

Top Daily Attendance in the state of North Carolina coming in from:

#1 South Mecklenburg 2937 students per day…
#2 Raleigh Enloe 2915
#3 Panther Creek 2871
#4 Myers Park 2824
#5 Ardrey Kell 2725

#23 Page 2177
#28 Northwest Guilford 2128
#53 Grimsley 1804
#64 High Point Central 1700
#73 Southwest Guilford 1627
#79 Ragsdale 1590
#81 Smith 1570
#84 Dudley 1537
#86 Southeast Guilford 1496
******This should conclude all of our 4-A teams with most going small at 4-A, with the exception of NWG and Page…*****

#11 Northern Guilford 1445
#15 Western Guilford 1416
#35 Eastern Guilford 1279
#55 Northeast Guilford 1206
#58 Southern Guilford 1185
*****Possibilities loom that SG could go in as a small 3-A team….3-A as opposed to 3-AA and that should as usual be the fate of NG and EG….

#9 High Point Andrews 993

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