Friday Night Finish:Everybody is sitting around now waiting for the NCHSAA Brackets to come out

Posted by Andy Durham on November 7, 2014 at 11:42 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

That seems to be the story right now with everybody sitting around waiting for the brackets to come out on Saturday….

We should have in for sure Dudley(Metro 4-A Conference Champs) after tonight’s 50-21 win over SEG…SEG was in the lead in the game, with the Falcons up at one time 21-6….When Dudley gets rolling behind their Soph. QB Hendon Hooker, the Panthers can be very hard to beat…Hooker is going to keep turning some heads and he will one of the tops in the state before his days are done at Dudley…

So we have Dudley in, Southeast Guilford is in as the #2 team from the Metro and Page should be ready to get in as the #3 team from the Metro…Who will be named the Player of the Year from the Metro Conference….

Dudley in, SEG in, Page in and what about the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference??? NWG has to be in as the #2 team, behind East Forsyth and High Point Central must go in as the #3 team…Does Ragsdale get in as the #4 team??? Watching/Looking out for the Tigers on Saturday….

Is there any outside chance that Smith might get in the playoffs??? The Golden Eagles are (4-7) and you can drop one non-conference game loss and that would make Ben L. Smith (4-6)….

Who would/will end up being the Player of the Year in the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference? One of the East Forsyth players??? Or might the coaches go with the man with the big numbers in Jamiel Mack from High Point Central….Mack should be a very strong candidate…

So far we have:
Southeast Guiford
Northwest Guilford and
High Point Central in…..

Northern Guilford is in and Eastern Guilford is in….Southern Guilford has been in since last Friday night….High Point Andrews with their decisive win over Trinity tonight ought to be in again….

So we’ve got:
Southeast Guilford
Northwest Guilford
High Point Central
Southern Guilford
Northern Guilford
Eastern Guilford
and High Point Andrews in the playoffs and Ragsdale on a bubble and Smith on the edge of getting in……

Who will be named the Player of the Year in the Mid-State 3-A Conference??? Do you have Cam Harris, Mook Reynolds, both from Northern Guilford or will it be John Lamot from Eastern Alamance or Jarius Morehead from Eastern Guilford????

Metro 4-A Player of the Year may end up being Ryan Craven from SEG or Darius Graves from Dudley or maybe another Dudley Panther???

Reggie Gallaspy has to have it wrapped up in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference it won’t even be close….

Conference Coaches Meetings will be held tomorrow/Saturday….

  • No name said,

    Jarius Morehead POY in Mid-State this guy played everything and was everywhere from QB to LB toK/P and put up numbers every where. He should be the POY without a doubt

  • HGood said,

    Definitely Darius Graves of Dudley, who has been an impact player for the Panthers since he set foot on the football field. Graves is improving every week. Big part of the Panthers success.

  • Football fan said,

    Craven deserves this. He has carried this team all year with not all the talent around his as a graves or another Panther. Tough kid that deserves this award.

  • HGood said,

    Graves should get a real look for the POY, because he’s a dynamic player who doesn’t touch the ball every play, buts makes big plays when he does get an opportunity. Look at his body of work over the last 3 seasons. He can hold his own, his play speaks for itself

  • HS FB FAN said,

    POY should go to the player that means the most to his team. Graves is a very good player, but if he goes down Dudley still goes undefeated. SEG loses Craven they would have been lucky to finish at 500.
    They lost most of their OF and DF lines to graduation, and then lose Mcthay and Moore, their 2 best backs. then they lose Stevenson their 3rd best. Craven held them together and led them to another good season.
    No player in the Metro 4A meant as much to their team as he did. And he deserves to be named POY

  • HGood said,

    To say Craven is the best player on his team or POY is a slap in the face, so forget the Liggs kid and his accomplishments. As far as Graves goes you know very little about the Panthers, he is responsible for quite a bit of the Panthers success. Liggs has contributed much to the success of the falcons, that’s a little unfair say that Craven is the best and meant more to his team. You mean if Liggs go down SEG wouldn’t win anything. Back to Graves, it says “Player of the Year” he is the best player in the Metro 4A period. His success has been over the last few years, not just this one. Do your research and find out what POY means. Are we discussing the success of the teams or the Players, it’s not an reward for who means the most, its says the best player. We are finished here.