The Janesh Report from Week 11 of the High School Football Season with Josh Williams(#8 Guilford College Quakers)

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God has been my light, my guidance, and I pray that he continues to help me build the Triad into the recruiting hotspot that I know it can be. Every North Carolina college should be recruiting within the State. We have too much talent here. My mission.

Top Teams:
1. Dudley High School (9 – 0) 44 – 7 over Page
2. Southern Guilford (11 – 0) 35 – 21 over Ledford
3. Eastern Alamance (10 – 0) 42 – 14 over Eastern Guilford
4. Northern Guilford (8- 1) 55 -0 over McMichael
5. Reagan (9- 1) 45 – 34 over North Davidson

Top Prospects:
1. Reggie Gallaspy (Southern Guilford) RB (2340 rushing yards)
2. Jamiel Mack (High Point Central) QB (1890 passing, 1274 rushing)
3. Christian Beal (East Forsyth) RB (1126 rushing, 13 TDs)
4. Darius Graves (Dudley) RB (1105 rushing)
5. Malcolm Summers (Eastern Alamance) RB (1550 rushing, 28 TDs)

Week’s Top Performers:
1. Chavis Little (High Point Central) RB (195 rushing, 3 TDs)
2. Malcolm Summers (Eastern Alamance) RB (202 rushing, 3 TDs)
3. Christian Beal (East Forsyth) RB (120 rushing)
4. Jamiel Mack (High Point Central) QB (169 rushing, 150 passing, 2 TDs)
5. John Lamot (Eastern Alamance) QB (191 rushing, 149 passing, 3 TDs)

Spotlight Recap: (Dudley – 44 vs Page – 7)
Tonight was so much fun. I got love from the fans, parents, mascots, cheerleaders, and of course my players. I came to the game only to see three players. Darius Graves, senior RB. Connell Young, junior RB. Lastly, senior Db Simeon Gatling.

Darius finished with 152 yards on 13 carries. Even though he shares carries with Connell, he had a productive night. He plays the slotback position which is very successful for Dudley; they’ve won 24 straight games. I just think if Darius was in a traditional or spread offense he would put up a lot more yards. He has 1105 on the year but I believe he has the same potential to put up numbers like a Reggie Gallaspy or CJ Freeman who run in the spread style offense. He and Connell are featured in this offense but it’s not built to show how much talent both of these guys have. With that being said, I think Comnell is one of the best athletes in this area, hands down. He can run the ball and catch the ball well out of the backfield. The thing that is most impressive about him is his ability to block. Not a big guy at 6’1 192, he dominates in pass blocking as well as open field blocking which is something any collegiate offensive coordinator would love to have. This kid is legit. It’s hard to stand out on a championship squad like Dudley and he does.

I asked the three guys about their recruiting campaign, what’s the progress. All three had positive reports. Darius and Simeon are both experiencing some good signs. Simeon, who hasn’t received any offers yet is heading on a visit to Virginia Tech tomorrow (Saturday), is still on their recruiting radar as well as some other D1 schools. Darius, who also hasn’t received an offer, is patient at the moment. He believed that with the way he and his team is playing, he’ll have plenty of film to prove his case to D1 scouts.

Connell, a junior, has an optimistic feeling towards his situation. He rattled off schools like ECU, UNC Charlotte, and App State that are all showing interest, he is just ready to solidify his first offer.

I see positive visions for all three of these guys. They have the talent. The other thing working in their favor is the prestige and reputation of Dudley. This is subliminally something that matters to coaches. It always bring a little advantage to you in the recruiting process when your team is blowing folks out 44 – 7.

To close, I’ll most definitely keep these names in my recruiting pipeline. My coaching contacts are already familiar with all three of these prospects. I’m just eager to see what happens after the smoke clears towards the end of the season.

I’m excited! Thanks again for accepting me. I’ll continue to work hard to bring the Triad to the proper recruiting status that I know it deserves.

– Janesh

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