Final HS Football Brackets are now ready from NCHSAA(Ragsdale at Dudley/HP Central at SEG)

Posted by Andy Durham on November 8, 2014 at 11:20 am under High School | 14 Comments to Read

Final Brackets are now posted!

#9 Providence at #8 Northwest Guilford
#11 Page at #6 Ardrey Kell

#16 Ragsdale at #1 Dudley
#11 High Point Central at #6 Southeast Guilford

3-AA:(Both Eastern and Northern Guilford have changed from their original 10:40 seedings.)
#13 Eastern Guilford at #4 TerrY Sanford(East)
#10 Northwood at #7 Northern Guilford(West)

#16 C.B. Aycock at #1 Southern Guilford

#11 High Point Andrews at #6 Monroe

The Brackets below have be replaced by Version 2 – see link above.
Brackets are displayed as follows: 1A, 1AA, 2A, 2AA, 3A, 3AA, 4A and 4AA.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Let’s hit the crowd and see if we have had any changes….

    Crowd, any changes so far???

    This was the earliest I can ever remember NCHSAA getting this released…Around 10:40am for the first pairings to the public….

  • Andy Durham said,

    You could see NWG-East Forsyth in Round Two and possibly SEG at Charlotte Catholic and that is the same place that SEG went to last year, but it was in Round Three to Catholic in 2013 for SEG….SEG to Mount Tabor last year Round One, then on to Unbeaten Mooresville in Round Two and finally the Falcons fell at Charlotte Catholic in Round Three and then Catholic came to Greensboro and fell to Dudley in Round Four with Elijah Hood and company…

    SEG could be at Catholic in Round Two, but they will have to get past High Point Central and Jamiel Mack first and that will be a very tall order….

    Dudley would have to face Mooresville in Round Two at Dudley and that is after the Panthers game with Ragsdale in Round One this coming Friday night….Dudley beat Ragsdale easily earlier this season, but at the time Ragsdale did not have their top QB in Alec Cobb and when you have Cobb at QB, that gives you an extra receiver in Tevin Quick at wideout…

    One of the keys to Dudley is that those boys/young men LOVE to hit and they hit hard…They make you pay the price each time they tackle the ball carrier and that is one thing that Ragsdale better be protective of….You better protect your quarterback because Dudley is so quick off of the ball and they know how to come get you and when they get you, they hit you and they hit hard and make you feel it on every play and they are a hard-hitting clean team…That’s just how they play, hard and fast and they hit you with authority….

    Better be ready, and that goes for all teams in Round One…SEG-HP Central may become a track meet with Jamiel Mack and Chavis Little back there for the Bison and they have the top tier receivers to go with them in Edmund and Gorham and Central has been beat up a bit and they need to be healthy if they want to beat Southeast….

    Gonna be some good games and who will stay to play on in Round Two?????

    We got Ten teams still in here with:
    Southern Guilford
    Northern Guilford
    Southeast Guilford
    Northwest Guilford
    High Point Central
    Eastern Guilford
    High Point Andrews

    Teams that are done for the year:
    Southwest Guilford
    Western Guilford
    Northeast Guilford

    And I wonder how many teams we will have left after Round One……(Maybe Five teams left?)

  • ross said,

    maybe 7 teams left next week

  • Andy Durham said,

    Who do we have left after Week One/Round One of the playoffs???

  • ross said,


    These 3 should all be locks for round 2

    SE (like Central, but Falcons at home)
    NW in a close one
    Eastern in an upset (Jarius Morehead Time)
    Andrews is still the champs till proven otherwise

  • hsfball said,

    southern going the deepest

  • SG Supporter said,

    I am still baffled how teams with 2 and 3 wins get into the playoffs. Seems like a waste of time to me.

  • Andy Durham said,

    In some seasons a conference is guaranteed a certain number of spots like 1, 2, 3 and 4 get in and many times they will go to a conference and take that 4th team if their record is sufficient…

    On certain occasions they have to take the teams with the bad records because they have to have enough teams to fill out a bracket and they will move teams from the West to the East if necessary and also send East to West to get those brackets complete…

    Many times you see those weak records coming out of Combo Conferences too, where you have the 4-A/3-A teams in the same conference in a certain area due to size constrictions and by the time they get to the playoffs, the 4-A’s may have beaten up on the 3-A’s and that will hurt the 3-A’s record, but they may still finish first in the 4-A/3-A grouping and come playoff time they have to get in as the #1 or #2 team from that conference….

    There have been words spoken over the years where the word was, “The last shall be first and the first shall be last” and we progress or digress…..

  • NG fan said,

    Gonna put this out there
    No way is NG a lock for round 2. Northwood is a very good football team. Losing this year only to defending state champ Southern Durham by 8 and to Orange by 7. It appears Northwood has returned most of its key players from last years squad including a QB that threw for over 3000 yards in 2013. A big RB compliments the QB not to mention an above average O line that gives the kid time to throw. On the defensive side ….they have athletes and size. Very mobile LB’s and a DT that goes 6’1 and 360lbs. That’s not a typo. This kid is also a basketball player. With the lack of discipline the Nighthawks have displayed this year, injuries and a running game that has tapered off they need to realize this is not your typical 1st round matchup.
    The dirty birds cannot just show up and expect to win this one. Northwood upsets the Nighthawks Friday night.

  • Justsayn said,

    To hsfball, what makes you think Southern Guilford will go the deepest in the playoffs than any of the other teams listed, did you feel the same way when you guys had a 1st round exit a year ago. Kinda premature assumption you think? regular season is over, playoffs brings a different attitude, just sayin

  • pack it in said,

    Ragsdale may as well not show up. Totally different set of athletes on the two teams. Ragsdale coaches did a good job improving the team this year, especially after losing Cobb for half the season. that was really a two person injury becuas ethey lost their best WR as well. Going to take another couple of years for Ragsdale to get back to where they were. Dudley is just too good this year.

    Southern Guilford intrigues me. they will need to play better defense to get past the 2nd round.

    Over the last 4-5 years the team that has surprised me is SEG. They have slowly gotten better each year.

  • NG fan II said,

    Couldn’t agree more NG Fan. Roscoe needs to dig into his bag of tricks this week because the play calling during the regular season is not gonna work. I guarantee that! I’d offer coach Brian Thomas anything he wants to coach our D for the rest of the season. Also, cut out the tacky neon with the uni for the superstars…wear the standard uni with the team or sit out! I take the L rather than let them wear that crap! Lastly, if one more player costs us a 15 yd penalty for opening their mouth, I’d sit them for the rest of the season. My 2 cents. Go NightHawks!

  • Andy Durham said,

    There are some tough characters in the Northern Guilford 3-AA East Bracket and the Southern Guilford 3-A East Bracket….

    NG with Northwood, Wilson Fike, Orange, Southern Durham and more and SG with Western Alamance and Eastern Alamance and more teams like that…

    Wonder how Crest ended up in the 3-A West, they must have shrunk over the past 4-5 years….The 3-AA East looks a whole lot tougher than the 3-AA West if you ask me and Dudley’s 4-A West Bracket is not a piece of cake either…..You got some tough teams in the there….

  • pirate alum said,

    Panthers too good them boys/men mean business p.s. they got the blue print from Page coaching staff Page alum including Coach Davis & Floyd prior to him, anyway gud luck PIRATES& Panthers