Dudley Denied

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CHAPEL HILL—The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has announced that Dudley High School’s appeal of penalties from a report of using ineligible players has been denied by the executive committee of the NCHSAA.

Dudley reported ineligible players in its final regular season game against Southeast Guilford and thus had to forfeit that contest. The school then filed notice of an appeal.

The rule governing the situation in terms of the playoff brackets is 3.2.3 (a) in the current edition of the NCHSAA Handbook, which states that “the team shall not participate in playoffs if, after the brackets have been finalized, forfeited contests cause an adjustment in its record and seed.”

No other seeds or pairings change since the brackets had been finalized.

  • Sammy said,

    terrible decision but a good learning tool for all high schools. Just hate it had to happen to these young men. Coach Davis, keep your head up and win it all again next year.

  • Observer said,

    Why was it a terrible decision? If you look at the rule its clear as day what the penalty will be.

  • Sammy said,

    Observer, it was a honest mistake as they turned their own selves in. If you were coaching, what would you want to happen?

  • Parent said,

    It’s a terrible decision because it’s not the kids fault . Yet there being punished… Put that in the rule book.

  • Panther Alumn 2009 said,

    You must acknowledge that the rules were broken however, it’s quite sad that the outcome had to come to this. The violation had ZERO impact on the game. However, it is well known that you have to be twice as good to get half the respect and not give ANYONE a reason to target you. Quite sad how this impacts the whole team when it was one player who played in a game that had already been decided. I won’t compare this situation to any other situation that has happened before.

    Southeast Guilford High School coaching staff I’m certain that you are content with the decision. Everyone knows who the best team in the conference was/IS.

    Dudley keep your head up! Greensboro recognizes you as the best team in the city alongside Southern Guilford High School.

  • Im Just Saying said,

    Observer Yes Rules were broken its just sad in the way SE camp handled it.

  • Terry said,

    Unfortunate, lessons learned, let’s move forward! I hate it for the kids who are being recruited and the opposing teams who will not get to compete against the best. Just a thought, to all the schools out there looking for a reason or rule to hurt another team that you can’t beat on the filed. Remember, it can come back to bite you! Dudley, you are State 4A Champs until someone beats you! Stay strong!

  • ron said,

    Wonder if the same will happen to SE? They used at least 2 JV players the past 2 weeks.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The committee went strictly by the book and if they are going by the order of the bylaws and the rules, then they made the direct call, right down the line…

    There was no leeway and you hate it the most for the kids…No precedent to be set here, and the committee made the call right down the line and again, you hate it for the kids…

    This has to be a “Learning Moment” and what we have learned here is that there will be no exceptions…

    You have to pay the price even when it hurts and this one hurts the most for the Dudley Kids…

  • McFly said,

    Lesson learned … don’t wait to your last game of the year to cheat.

  • Observer said,

    I do feel bad for the kids there is no doubt. So since it was the coach to blame fire him for not knowing the rule book which was a lie anyways.

  • Sammy said,

    how did they cheat but won by 29 points? Cheating means you won by a point or 2. Seriously, some of you’ll are just reaching and making comments just to make comments. Just remember, Dudley will be back next year and don’t think those players aren’t going to forget this and all the smack talk.

  • Observer said,

    What they should remember next year is their coach not knowing the rules cost them a chance in the playoffs. That’s who they should be mad at not Southeast

  • NWGHS fan said,

    I agree that this is a very steep price to pay for what, by what I’ve read, appears to be a very minor violation that did not give Dudley any competitive advantage in the game. However, the rules are clear, and Dudley was in violation. Maybe this rule needs to be revisited over the offseason. But, for the NCHSAA to grant Dudley a waiver now would create all sorts of other issues.

    I really have sympathy for the kids, for something they had no control over. It’s a hard life lesson for them to learn. But, they’ll recover from it.

    Now, after Northern and now Dudley have both had some rather serious consequences to breaking these participation rules, perhaps everyone will take them seriously, and put steps in place to ensure the will be followed.

  • Sammy said,

    i agree coaches must remember these rules also. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a game.

  • ron said,

    I feel sorry for SE next year….no I feel sorry for them Friday.

  • Student athlete said,

    I know a ton of kids who play jv and dress out for varsity from all schools in the triad. So I don’t know why only Dudley was punished

  • Panther Alum 2009 said,

    @McFly you say “cheat” but the game was WELL DECIDED if I’m not mistaken. The kid came in for TWO plays when the score was 50-21. You guys are ridiculous. But, a rule is a rule so we will deal with the consequences.

    Curious to know, would Southeast have reported Dudley if they had beat Dudley? Also, I think this will lead to a bunch of internal investigations being done. I hope Southeast has all of their i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

  • McFly said,

    My remark was not directed at Dudley but at the fact that if you break the same rule earlier in the year the penalty is one game and not season ending.

    ..we won by 29 so we couldn’t have cheated.. lol

  • SportsFan said,

    Rules are rules but had Southeast won the game, this wouldn’t be an issue. It doesn’t matter because after Friday night their season will be over as well.

  • Know the rules said,

    I feel like some of you are misinformed as to what rule was actually broken.

    According to the NCHSAA, upperclassmen can not play in both the JV and Varsity games in the same week. If they dress out, that is considered participating, so Dudley actually broke the rule when the four JUNIORS in question broke through the banner in full uniform before the game. They were in violation of the rule because they dressed and played in the JV game and again dressed for the Varsity game. The fact that one of them actually played is just icing on the cake.

    Those of you who are taking shots at SEG because they played JV players, you should brush up on your rules.

    Underclassmen players (9th and 10th grade) can play in Varsity games, not to exceed EIGHT quarters of play. Just because a 9th or 10th grader plays in the JV game and again in the Varsity game doesn’t break the rules. If the player has played less than EIGHT quarters in Varsity action, he is eligible to continue to play JV and dress for Varsity games.

  • All Year said,

    More will come out on this and Dudley will have to forfeit all their games and maybe last year. It will take several weeks but much more to come. Been cheating for s while!!

  • GuessWho said,

    Hate it for the kids and shame on the coaches! The rule is black and white and in the handbook specifically states that it applies to freshmen and sophomores ONLY!!! That’s just poor oversight. I know some of the conversations that occur in meeting rooms about 8 qtr kids and apparently either these conversations weren’t being had or no one cared and in the end it cost the kids which is a shame! No need to revist the rule, maybe our county coaches need to do a better job of administering the rule.

  • DHS said,

    Not fair at all they kid only got in for the last two plays of the game he didn’t even contribute to the win. The game was already won dudley beat south east fair and square it’s obvious pure hate towards dudley and nobody wanted to see them repeat from a historically black school lets all be real . Dudley the best in the state the best athletes in North Carolina always come from dudley. Those kids worked to hard to to have back to back undefeated seasons and it’s just got took away . Yall hurt kids players who are still working to get college offers have just went down the drain.

  • James Brown said,

    SE…I have a feeling a rivalry has been born. Pray for realignment or mercy for the next few seasons…

  • Panther Alum said,

    Here comes the “cheating” attacks. Andy, I understand this is a blog and it’s meant for opinions to be expressed but at this point it’s a mute point. The rule was broken, the decision was made, the appeal was denied. Disable the comments because a bunch of finger pointing will begin to ensue. Attacks will be made via false usernames and a bunch of the same arguments. I understand you are here to provide information on area news; do just that and let the teenage internet drama be killed by disabling the comments.

  • GuessWho said,

    Hey DHS. Seeing as you have no clue who is commenting on this message board, I would refrain from trying to turn it into a racism issue. I’m black and have attended a well known HBCU and I think the ruling is what it is. Also, use of the word “Ya’ll” seems a little out of place. There is a very slim chance that anyone on this message board had anything to do with what happened or the decision to keep them out. How about you do yourself a favor and direct your ire toward the coaching staff who made this mistake and not at people that are reacting to it.

  • sad said,

    This is why there are so many troubled professional athletes. People who are so caught up in winning and not integrity. Just a “minor violation’ right? What’s drinking and driving if nothing happens, right? Get over it! They broke the rule and the pay the price. This willbe a life long learning experience for most involved and for some of the athletes that feel they are entitled and coaches, may save their careers down the road. Take the lesson and see the blessing.

  • McFly said,

    Lesson Learned: If you cheat try to get away with it until someone turns you in so you can be mad at them.

    “We would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those medling kids”

  • MIM said,

    It ain’t over until it’s over.

    Stand by folks. The full board hasn’t ruled yet.

  • coach said,

    there is a old saying is that rules are made to be broken that being said consequences are in place when they are. Dudley’s fate was sealed at kickoff since all four players should have been unable to dress for the game. don’t put the blame on the head coach since the athletic director and principal should also know the rules. they have to all sign off on j_v players dressing on friday night. sad for the players and also sad for coach Davis who has he has turned the dudleys program around into being a respected troughout the state

  • SO . . . . said,

    “know the rules” said it best, no need to cry over spilled milk, rules are rules, whether or not, rule was broken, pay the price and chalk it up as a “learned lesson”. You are never to old to learn. Move on with the life ahead.

  • Bullseye4truth said,

    NCSHAA goes by the book when it wants to. Lets be clear most don’t care about those inner-city kids. The school educational resources are totally unequal in favor of schools that are not Smith, Dudley or Andrews,and nobody speaks up about that. This is football and everyone has an opinion. “Solution” beat everyone into the ground using no younger kids putting 70-80 points on teams. Don’t let up or show mercy cause in situations like this nobody is showing Dudley any mercy. You will never have this problem again. They will make a rule to let you use younger less talented kids more liberally when this becomes the norm.

  • it is over said,

    The full board is not going to overturn it. This is a formality they have to go through to run out the appeals process. I have a lot of sympathy for Dudley. This does totally stink. But at the same time, it is complicated. This rule is not really an obscure rule. Other schools do have JV players playing on Varsity, but they follow the 8 quarter rule. It is a minor violation and clearly the coach was not cheating or trying to gain an advantage. But again, this is a rule that most coaches are pretty well aware of and it is not a rule that is broken by everyone because I think most are aware of the rule as it is stressed by the NCHSAA before and during football season. I imagine the reason for a violation after seeding comes out being so harsh is because how do you go back after and re seed at this point after everyone has made arrangements, exchanged game film, broken down film, and started their players preparing for specific assignments with specific teams. This one forfeiture, unlike a forfeiture prior to seeding, would completely change the seeding for everyone. So I get why they have the rule and it does make sense. I also have great sympathy for Dudley and understand why everyone in the Dudley camp is upset. Hate it for those kids and that community. Just a tough situation all the way around.

  • Really? said,

    People I keep talking to are trying to turn this into a Civil Rights violation. Smh…Take it all the way to the Supreme Court.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Current comments will be closing at 1:30pm….

    Just left a Press Conference downtown and Dudley and the Guilford County Schools System are appealing today’s decision to the full board of the NCHSAA, which is a step above the Executive Committee…

    Post will be closing for comments at 1:30pm….

  • McFly said,

    This has nothing to do with the 8 quarter rule !!!!!

  • McFly said,

    The appeal should be based on not having time to report before the brackets were set (<1 day) as well as other teams who have broken the same rule earlier in the year being allowed to participate in the playoffs. Good luck Dudley.

  • Bullseye4truth said,

    There is no rule against leaving in your 1st and 2nd units in a blowout follow this rule and Dudley won’t have these issues anymore.

  • Terry said,

    Let’s be clear, everbody in this county know all teams use and move up jv players. They just have not been caught or the opposing team were good sports and did not report them. I guess I would feel the same way if I get beat by 30 points every year by a team thats clearly better. I do believe Dudley and SEG do play again next year, same conference. The result will be the same.

  • McFly said,

    It’s not mercy to play 1 of 4 Jv’s for 2 plays.