Friday Night Finish:We have our Final Four(SG’s Reggie Gallaspy moves to 2,724 yards and 44 TD’s for 2014)

Posted by Andy Durham on November 14, 2014 at 11:48 pm under High School | 16 Comments to Read

Just four Guilford County teams left as we head towards Round Two of the NCHSAA Football Playoffs next Friday night….

Rocky Mount at Southern Guilford and the Storm have now moved to (12-0)…Northern Guilford(11-1) at Wilson Fike…High Point Central(9-3) at Charlotte Catholic and Ragsdale(7-5) at Charlotte Vance…

Southern Guilford got 4 TD’s and close to 300 yards rushing tonight, as Reggie’s Storm rolled over C.B. Aycock 56-13….Reggie got rolling with runs of 57, 73, 34 and 6 yards for TD’s….Nijel Thomas had a 45-yard TD run and a short run of say three yards for TD’s, Amon Harris had a 13-yard TD and Ron Hunt caught a 12-yard pass from Nathan Stoner for Storm touchdowns and I am doing all of these off of memory, so if a miss a yard or two we will keep on running/rolling….Southern Guilford did very good job of spreading the wealth around tonight with lots of players getting their hands on the ball and taking it into the end zone…I still want to see Nathan Stoner run one in a naked bootleg after a strong fake to Reggie Gallaspy, and I think it would work and be successful….322 yards for Reggie to go with the 4 TD’s and that should take him to 2,724 yards and 44 TD’s on the year….

We don’t have much yet on the other games, but from what we are hearing, Page gave a very good account of themselves down at Ardrey Kell in Charlotte….Northwest Guilford ended up having a long night at home against Providence out of Charlotte…Eastern Guilford and High Point Andrews both ran into very rough road opponents and Southeast Guilford was able to stay with High Point Central early, but as the game wore on, HP Central ran away with it….

We started out with nine teams and now we only have four left….

We had Northwest Guilford and now gone…
We had Eastern Guilford and now gone…
We had Southeast Guilford and now gone…
We had Page and now gone…
We had High Point Andrews and now gone…

We still have High Point Central….
We still have Northern Guilford…
We still have Ragsdale…
We still have Southern Guilford…

Rocky Mount over Western Alamance was a suprise tonight….Rocky Mount wins it 21-14 and they will come to Southern Guiford and most fans were expecting to see Western Alamance at Southern Guilford next Friday night…

Ragsdale to Charlotte Vance and quite a bit of the crowd was looking for Ragsdale to pulling into Mooresville next Friday night, but Vance pulled off the upset, by something like 35-6…I remeber going to Mooresville to cover Ragsdale back around 2000…But I have never seen hide nor hair of Charlotte Vance….Ragsdale might just be the team to beat Vance..

Northern Guilford is used to going down to Wilson, but this year they will travel to face Wilson Fike instead of the usual Wilson Hunt Warriors….Fike is the #2 seed in the 3-AA East and NG is #7….From what I have witnessed over the years. Northern has always had success going East….Maybe their plan will be to start down that way and head back up here with a busload of wins…

High Point Central will have their hands full at Charlotte Catholic, but everybody always does…Central went down there to Charlotte to face Catholic last year in Round Two and the Bison found Catholic was in the Hood, Elijah Hood in the neighborhood back in 2013….Catholic seems to have a much more balanced team this season….But HP Central has Jamiel Mack and on a give night the Mack Attack will not be Slack, it will full contact with Mack back on track….

We will be looking for more to add to this as the night unfolds….

  • SE Alum said,

    Rasdalle will not beat Vance, not sure Dudey would either..most underated team in the state! Ask HP Central and Mallard Creek!
    Vance 42-10

  • Dudley Supporter said,

    I have to agree with you SE Alum. That Dudley-Vance game would have been real interesting. Maybe next year.

  • SE Alum said,

    @Dudley supporter, Would have been one of the best games in the state! I know Dudley will be back, we love to play you and support Dudley wholeheartedly.

  • David said,

    SE Alum you’re sure Dudley “would not beat Vance”. I’m actually positive they won’t. They missed their chance by breaking the rules. What exactly should Ragsdale ask HPC since they did not play Vance this fall? Better yet what should they ask Mallard Creek as Vance lost their game to them this fall? Your entire post makes no sense. Ragsdale may lose but I doubt Ragsdale will not underrate one of the remaining 8 teams playing in the western bracket.

  • Gfan said,

    SEG had a great year. Congratulations on a very good season. Except for Dudley and SEG the Metro was weak this year. Even SEG while having a good offense struggled on D. We as a conference will just have to lick our wounds, learn our important lessons this year and get ready for next year.

  • SE Alum said,

    @ David, I said “not sure” far as Central and Mallard Creek? Lets see here, Central was involved in a scrimmage that Vance was in and their fans said they were “Dominant”. and Mallard Creek? got man handled by Vance size and athleticism, you can watch the highlights on youtube or just listen to Coach Palmaneri talk about it. I dont know why you are so confused? and one more thing, I didnt say Ragsdale would underestimate Vance, I specifically said (regarding Andys post about the lack of knowledge about Vance) they were underrated. Everyone expected a Ragsdale/Mooresville game, still confused? I can bill you for my time!

  • Are you serious? said,

    Dudley wouldn’t have beaten Vance? Under what are you basing that off of? Scrimmaged them in the summer and moved the ball at will, without 2 starting lineman. And we all no about the Panther defense. They would’ve gotten stops.

  • Bison Pride said,

    That’s correct High point Central scrimmaged Vance in the preseason and they were by far the biggest team there at the scrimmage which included Dudley, Richmond, HPC etc..

    They didn’t dominate HPC though, it was pretty much a draw as both teams could not stop the other’s offense. Vance is a physically imposing team though especially in the trenches Ragsdale will have an uphill battle with that. In order for them to have a chance they are going to have to have a balanced attack and keep Vance off balanced. It’s still the playoff though so anything can happen.

  • SE Alum said,

    @ Bison Pride, I didnt say they did, we all know their defense is suspect… but, they would score at will with Dudley.. and to me, that would make for one heck of a game! Good luck to all remaining teams.

  • Tiger Fan said,

    After watching Vance last night, my take is that Dudley and HPC would both beat Vance on coaching alone. Although very big and athletic, there are some holes in that Vance defense and hopefully Ragsdale coaching staff can take advantage.

    Tommy Norwood has been coaching a long time and always seems to prepare his team well when they’re the underdog. Great opportunity for Ragsdale to pull the upset!

  • SEG 09 said,

    Great job Falcons, athletically you were outmatched in almost every game but you guys still found a way to pull out a 10-2 season and a conference CHAMPIONSHIP. Another great coaching job by Fritz and his passionate staff. Next year you all should be even better.

  • Congrats said,

    Congrats to SEG on their season and a conference Championship. Coach Fritz has worked hard to turn that program around.

  • fan said,

    Paper Champs!

  • Paws4thecause said,

    Good luck down in Charlotte Ragsdale…..I’m sure Coach Norwood and his staff are hard at work with planning for Vance. Make a great showing and go get that win!


    Congrats on that fine win over the Metro conf. Champs SEG at their place. Too bad many of the SE fans didn’t think much of their conference champs to stick around to the final whistle…………talk about supporting YOUR program in victory and defeat………..Good luck with Catholic HPC fans.

  • Teddy Roe said,

    Playing JV players as a misunderstanding of the 8 quarters rule is not cheating. NCHSAA should prohibit JV players dressing on Fridays if they cannot take the field.

    Dudley would have easily defended its championship. If Page would play players in the correct positions and change others, they too would have a winning record. If Smith would have gotten the correct call versus SEG, they would’ve been in the playoffs.

  • Teddy Roe2 said,

    NCHSAA does prohibit JV players that are juniors from playing on Fridays, the 8qtr rule does not apply to upper classmen. You think a guy that, apparently, thinks he knows more about football than the entire Page staff would know that.