The week is starting out a little edgy for the North Carolina Tar Heels

Posted by Andy Durham on November 24, 2014 at 7:16 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

This sort of news sort of makes you feel like you left your turkey in the oven too long and it got burnt/toasted to a crisp and if you are a Heels fan or even a Duke fan, you might be feeling almost as hot as the preset on your Thanksgiving Day stove when you read this news of the day…

Former University of North Carolina basketball player Melvin Scott was arrested Friday and charged with felony second-degree rape.
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If that was the only detail we would stop right there and close up shop for today, but the problems have just begun and even though we need to run, we are staying right here until we give you chance to read this son of a gun too….From

Durham, N.C. — Following a 45-20 win over Duke at Wallace Wade Stadium Thursday, the University of North Carolina football team celebrated by causing extensive damage to the Blue Devils’ facilities.

Following the UNC win, Tar Heels players began spray painting the annually-awarded Victory Bell in light blue as is tradition when it is taken back from Duke. The Blue Devils similarly paint the bell’s apparatus a darker shade of blue when they claim it back from UNC.

The celebration Thursday, however, carried over into the visiting locker room at Brooks Practice Facility where Tar Heels players spray painted the letters “UNC” on walls and even the carpet. According to reports, the graffiti was also found at the practice field and in areas of Wallace Wade Stadium.

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  • MIM said,

    stay classy Carolina… or maybe start getting classy.

  • It never ends said,

    I saw this article earlier. That place just gets worse and worse. Recruit the kind of kids they do and this is what you get. Andy is kind in his comments. There were many other curse words spray painted.

  • media lawsuit said,

    Don’t forget the lawsuit filed by several local media outlets vs UNC for failure to comply with the freedom of information act.

    University of NonCompliance!