Breaking News:Ty Graves(Page High School) is on a plane headed toward Florida

Posted by Andy Durham on November 25, 2014 at 11:34 am under High School | 29 Comments to Read

Reports coming in from outside sources and it is now being reported in the local News and Record on-line….
(He would have been ready to go for Page tonight, but he has gone by air to Florida.)

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*****The Page Pirate guard is headed to Montverde, Florida and he will be set to play high school basketball for the #1 team in the nation and Graves, just a junior is considered to be one of the top point guard prospects on the east coast and he was expected to lead Page back into contention for a NCHSAA 4-A this season and maybe next season too….Great kid, very good basketball player and you hate to see him go, but he is gone and he told Joe Sirera of the N&R he could not wait to hit the ground and get into a uniform and start playing….*****

  • Eagle said,

    Why is he leaving?

  • RuiCosta said,

    To play for the best high school team in the US. Duh.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I will second that emotion…

    Playing for the #1 team in the Nation…Everybody is shooting for that exposure these days…

    Probably could have taken Page up a similar ladder, but went for the quick-strike to be with #1 now….Everybody wants it NOW….

  • Rick said,

    If he is that good how could he not take Page to being number #1

  • street said,

    Sing of the times.

  • street said,

    “sign” of the times.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Rick, I was thinking the same thing, with Graves, Hill-Mais, Overton and Seegars and add in a few more Pirates, Page would have been and who knows, wilder things have happened, Page would be #1 in North Carolina and with those kids and what they can do, they would have at least had to be Top 25 and headed toward Top 10 in the nation…

    One would have to think, much better supporting cast at Montverde since they are already #1, but those kids still at Page are not far off the mark from still being #1 contenders even without Ty…

    They topped NEG by 20 last Tuesday night and that was without Graves and Hill-Mais…

    You get Hill-Mais back and he is ready, Page can still contend for top team in North Carolina….Melton will be the key now in leading that backcourt and the Sterling Smith kid and Will Jones will have to step up…

    Call me a kook, but this Will Jones might be the X-Factor that Page is looking for…Go on and call me a kook, but that may be the key right there….Don’t know him at all, but have heard good things about him and did a very good job when took over at QB for Dominick Britt this season for Page….

    Will miss Ty Graves, but now for Page, the focus has to be on the players that they have to carry out the mission that is still before them…

    I am starting to sound more like Peter Graves now than I am Ty Graves….Key pop quiz here…Anybody remember Peter Graves???

  • jreynolds13 said,

    Best of luck to Ty. He is a great young man and I wish him well in his future!!! Balling with the BIG BOYS…

  • L.A. said,

    Brandon Drew is going to step it up for Page. Watch this kid. He’s only a sophomore.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Seems like there is way too much focus on getting noticed or trying to get to the next level. Folks should learn to “Bloom where you are” Remember Gabe King and others? Where are they now? Enjoy your high school years now, instead of looking for greener pastures.

  • Page Teacher said,

    Man…I just spoke with him in the hallway last week, I asked him how he was feeling, he said he was ready for Tuesday’s game…Next thing I know a student is telling me that hes on a plane…ah well (shrugs). THis other school must be amazing because we (Page) could’ve done serious damage this year.

  • Realtalk said,

    Jalen Gavins gone,Jeremy gone, it was his time to grab the spotlight. Sometimes getting exposed might get you exposed.

  • L.A. said,

    The school Graves is transferring to is ranked #1 in the nation (that means the whole U.S.). Practically everyone on Montverde is going D-1 including the water boy plus they will travel and play against top teams in the nation all year.

    It’s an opportunity of a life time for Graves. I’m excited for him.

    If Montverde asked anyone to relocate to their school, 999/1000 would go. One step closer to a dream.

    Now everyone that is still on Page’s roster must step up, which they will.

  • A regular guy said,

    Word I’ve heard (not sure if true) is that along with better competition in Florida at the #1 school graves dad has got into a recent argument with the Page head coach that could’ve lead to a sooner transfer

  • Observer said,

    Anyone questioning why this kid is going to Florida to Montverde needs to have their head examined.

  • KMSDad said,

    If you can’t make it at your home town school and stand out…you surely aren’t going to do it on the best team in the country. Hope the grass is greener on the other side!

  • Observer said,

    It definitely will be in Florida whether he stands out or not. They will play a national schedule and travel all over the place or he could have stayed here and played Eastern Guilford tonight or Northeast last week.

  • Prep Observer said,

    Well, if this trend somehow finds its way to high school football and “someone” decides to turn their prep school into a De La Salle or Don Bosco then Guilford County can hang it up!

  • John Gatling said,

    Congrats to u Ty and the entire Graves family!! Outstanding young man and player from an outstanding family. I know you will do extremely well…look forward to seeing your smooth game on ESPN and other national networks! The Gatling family supports you and your family 100%! #WHATANOPPORTUNITY!! #GODBEWITHYOU!!

  • pirate alum said,


  • Todd Marinovich said,

    Good move for Ty, assuming Daddy isn’t moving with him.

  • already running with the big boys said,

    Why would you saying running with the big boys as if Ty did not already run with the “big boys”? His AAU team had several players ranked high in the national rankings and they routinely competed against the best teams in the nation every year. The only difference with joining this Florida team is the upgraded travel schedule.

  • talent is down said,

    This county just continues to lose all of its top basketball players to the private schools. If Guilford co had rules such as forsyth co, many of the best players would not be at the WES, GDS or HPC type of schools. Public school basketball was already hard to watch and this will only make it harder. The metro girls are down significant with very few talented players and I can’t think of more than 2 boys worth the $5 door charge this year. I actually can’t think of more than 5 players in the entire county worth watching this year in Guilford co.

  • cnice301 said,

    Talent is down…I totally disagree with you. While many talented players do go to private schools and prep schools, talent is still available and evident at public schools. You may just have to go to a few more games. As a middle school coach, I can assure you that the talent will be and is widespread throughout the county schools. Give it a chance

  • Uhhh said,


    So where do you coach? I can’t imagine any educated schools teacher and coach using the namen cnice301 hahaha
    But what does being a middle school coach Have to do with knowing high school ball? Who are the top 5 players in public school right now in your opinion. doesn’t matter the order and anybody can answer.

  • Great Move said,

    I think it was a great move and i’m sure he hated to leave Page.Ty gets to practice day in and day out with other D1 players and gets to travel the nation and playing games against very high level talent seems like a win.

  • Not so fast said,

    Cnice301 – you are correct that there is a lot of talent in the Guilford county middle schools but that has always been true. However many (if not most) of these talented players will end up at 1 of the private schools either by their 9th grade year or transfer by their junior. You can’t name 1 high school in Guilford county that has more than 3 “really good” players in their junior/senior year. Page was the only exception and Ty leaving cuts into that gap in a big way. NW has good young talent but most of them would not be there if WES, HPC and GDS were not so back up with young talent already. Dudley has a few young horses but it is only because of their football program that Dudley may keep 2 or 3 of those players. SW has some good young talent but again it is mostly because the private schools have so much talent already on their rosters that a lot of these players stayed at SW. Going forward SW will keep most of their talent in the short term because of the brother guards in the district but other schools such as Grimsley, Smith, NE, SE, Southern, HP Central and even NW should be concerned with their ability to keep the younger guys currently in the 7th, 8th and 9th grade.

  • Joe said,

    Ty would be a good fit for Elon, UNCG, A&T or Highpoint

  • appy said,

    Wishing Ty all the best in his new environment. It has to hurt Page as evidence with the loss to Eastern, however they still have 3 division 1 type players and I am sure they will figure it out. The most ironic piece of this is that everyone knows that Ty’s dad hand picked Harter. I guess there was a domestic dispute.