Have you every played “Kick the Rock”/piece of gravel???

Posted by Andy Durham on November 30, 2014 at 3:40 pm under Amateur, Uncategorized | Read the First Comment

Not a bad morning game when you are on that low impact workout and out for a 3 mile or so walk, and when you are heading down one of those side streets, find yourself a piece of the rock, maybe a nice fixture of gravel to be exact and start kicking it down the street….

Not quite the same as “Kick the can”, but man this gravel-kicking is not a bad game at all….

“Kick the Rock”/kick a piece of gravel and one of the challenges is to kick the piece of gravel near the center of the lane, or at somewhere around the middle of the street/road, as you kick it….

This might remind you of somebody kicking a soccer ball down the street/road and it is similar in some ways, but with the size of the rock/piece of gravel, you don’t take up as much space as you would if you are kicking a soccer ball, or even a kickball down the street…

Kicking the rock/gravel becomes sort of a lost art form and you have to make sure to keep it away from the curb….The re-set of the next kick coming off of the curb can be tough and it requires your feet to get near the edge of the street, as you kick as best you can and all the while trying to get the rock/gravel back onto the regular street surface and away from the curb….

Long kicks can become adventurous, as the rock/gravel seems to have a mind of its own and it might just take off on a long trek after a steady kick and who knows where the rock/gravel may end up, when it comes to a stop…..Might be back to the curb and as we stated, the long kick can be adventurous, or it may be advantageous, since you might just end up with the distance that you were looking for when you gave the piece of the rock/gravel, the ‘Big Boot’….

The game of “Kick the Rock” seems to be making some type of comeback and we will see if the this rock/gravel-kicking craze will carry over from 2014 to 2015 and if this game of ‘boot the boulder’ is something new, or maybe something that is older and we are just now beginning to pick(kick) up on it….

Next time you are in for good brisk walk, find yourself a nice kickable rock, or a piece of gravel in someone’s driveway, or along the side of the road/street and give it a nice swipe/kick and keep it going on your entire/complete course of exercise action…..

From all reports that I have been receiving, “Kick the Rock”/gravel is making an inroads and we might possibly see a run on rock and gravel at your neighborhood hardware stores, during the Christmas holiday shopping season…..

Somebody had to write about this new-found fascination and we have taken on the challenge and in closing we have to ask the question today, “Are you Ready to Rock”, or are you at least ready to “Kick the Rock”/gravel???
(What suits you better, the distance or the skills competition?)

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