Stats Tracker on the Local College and Pro Football Players from last weekend:Logan, Pratt, Reader, Davidson and Allen big day for Chargers/Okoro on ‘Skins practice squad

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We won’t post our large master list from the complete 2014 season since we only had a few young men in action on the college scene this past weekend and if missed anybody let us know….Most of the guys have finished up their 2014 college football seasons….Remember that this is the master list that Football Digested follows and goes by each and every week…

College List from this past weekend and these numbers won’t make you jump out of your seat/chair, but here you go with what we have, based on what we have been able to compile….

T.J. Logan(North Carolina/Northern Guilford HS) with 12 yards on 5 carries in the Tar Heels’ 35-7 loss to N.C. State…
Germaine Pratt(N.C. State/High Point Central HS) had 1 solo tackle for the Wolfpack in their win over UNC…
D.J. Reader(Clemson/Grimsley HS) came up with 1 solo Tackle and 2 assists for 3 Total Tackles and he had 1 1/2 TFL’s and 1 Sack….Very good day for D.J. in the Tigers win over the South Carolina Gamecocks….
Eric Davidson(Appalachian State/Western Guilford HS) was in on several ASU special teams and handled one kickoff for no return….
Austin Proehl(North Carolina/Western Guilford HS) Proehl was not in town long and he did not make any long receptions on Saturday, but he does get us an extra name on our list with 1 catch for 6 yards for the Heels, in their loss to the Pack…..
*****Dia’Vante Brown(Liberty/Southern Guilford HS) was on the roster with the Flames as they went to James Madison and knocked off the Dukes….
We may have had a player or two on the roster and they may have reached the field for the Lenior Rhyne Bears in their DII Playoff loss to Valdosta State…*****

From the Pros/NFL:
Keenan Allen(Northern Guilford HS/Cal/San Diego Chargers) Big Sunday with 11 key receptions for 121 yards and 2 TD’s in the Chargers’ 35-34 win over the Baltimore Ravens…Steve Smith had one catch for two yards for Baltimore….Allen was the key for the Chargers…..
Marcus Gilchrist(High Point Andrews/Clemson/San Diego Chargers) had 8 Total Tackles and 4 of them were Solo Tackles….
Eric Ebron(Smith HS/North Carolina/Detroit Lions) Nice day for Ebron with 3 receptions for 23 yards on CBS during the Thanksgiving Day Game vs. the Bears….Ebron jumped over the top of one defender on one of his runs after the catch…..
David Amerson(Dudley HS/N.C. State/Washington Redskins) with 1 Solo Tackle…
Christian McCain(Northern Guilford/Cal/Miami Dolphins) [DNP]

+++++Kenny Okoro(Dudley HS/Wake Forest) is now a member of the Washington Redskins practice squad.+++++

$$$$$We look to see Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford HS) at N.C. State in January and he will join these other Guilford County running backs that played for State including Ricky Adams(Ragsdale HS), Ted Brown(High Point Andrews HS) and Toney Baker(Ragsdale HS)….Johnny Evans(High Point Andrews) was a quarterback from Guilford County that played for State and Elijah Marshall(Gibsonville HS/now Eastern Guilford HS) was a high school quarterback that became a pretty good wide receiver at N.C. State….The Holt Brothers, also from Gibsonville/EGHS, did not do too bad at State either….

The best/top four backs/RB’s to come out of N.C. State and they were all there together at the same time and that really helped, those were Stan Fritts, Willie Burden, Roland Hooks and Charley Young…….You put those four together into one package at one time and that would trump Ted Brown, but that just shows how good Ted Brown really was, it takes four guys coming at you at the same time to send him to the sidelines, but these four came just before Brown came to Raleigh and now it is all about Reggie Gallaspy running to Raleigh…..^^^^^Jarius Morehead(Eastern Guilford HS) will be joining Reggie in Raleigh for the Fall of ’15…..That has a nice ring to it, “The Fall of 15″…….^^^^^

That is it for this week and that might be it for this season, unless we get something BIG…..

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