Friday Night Scoring Desk – Playoff Football and Scores From the Twitterverse – December 5, 2014

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Update #17 – 11:40 PM – Good Night

Our Game of the Week is Chapel Hill at Northern Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White. Catch the replay at GreensboroSportsRadio.

NCHSAA – 3AA Regional Playoffs
Chapel Hill – 15
Northern Guilford – 34

Varsity Girls Basketball
Greensboro Day – 54
Cary Academy – 25

RJ Reynolds – 58
Glenn – 23

Northwest Guilford – 63
Page – 36

Rockingham County – 58
Northeast Guilford – 47

Bishop McGuinness – 45
Winston-Salem Atkins – 59

Southeast Guilford – 62
Southern Guilford – 29

Grimsley – 61
Western Guilford – 41

JV Girls Basketball
RJ Reynolds – 34
Glenn – 27

Northwest Guilford – 56
Page – 49

Smith – 27
Ragsdale – 22

Varsity Boys Basketball
Greensboro Day – 82
Cary Academy – 38

Bishop McGuinness – 62
Winston-Salem Atkins – 49

Northwest Guilford – 77
Page – 65

Grimsley – 74
Western Guilford – 58

HP Christian – 48
Victory Christian – 51

Smith – 57
Ragsdale – 47

Burlington Christian Academy – 70
Caldwell Academy – 55

JV Boys Basketball
Glenn – 59
RJ Reynolds – 61

Smith – 60
Ragsdale – 35

Northern Guilford – 75
Burlington Williams – 52

NCHSAA – 4AA Regional Playoffs
Wake Forest – 27
Garner Magnet – 13

Mallard Creek – 48
Lake Norman – 41

NCHSAA – 4A Regional Playoffs
New Bern – 49
Hoggard – 14

Vance – 34
Charlotte Catholic – 35

NCHSAA – 3AA Regional Playoffs
Chapel Hill – 15
Northern Guilford – 34

Weddington – 24
Cuthbertson – 21

NCHSAA – 3A Regional Playoffs
Eastern Wayne – 12
Havelock – 35

Crest – 13
South Point – 7

NCHSAA – 2AA Regional Playoffs
Washington – 41
Northeastern – 17

East Lincoln – 31
Franklin – 21

NCHSAA – 2A Regional Playoffs
Southwest Onslow – 21
Clinton – 45

Mount Pleasant – 17
Shelby – 31

NCHSAA – 1AA Regional Playoffs
Wallace Rose-Hill – 34
James Kenan – 31

Starmount – 42
Swain County – 7

NCHSAA – 1A Regional Playoffs
Plymouth – 28
Lakewood – 0

Robbinsville – 31
Alleghany – 7

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  • Basketball Fan said,

    Another Big Night for the GDS Boys Varsity…Big start for GDS, up 32-8 in the First Half….Standout performance from the Freshman John Newman so far…

  • NG girls said,

    NG 39
    BW 36

  • Falcon1 said,

    Southeast Guilford 62
    Southern Guilford 29

    Women’s Final

  • Basketball Fan said,

    GDS Boys V- 82
    Cary Academy V- 38

  • Kenny said,

    Girls JV: Smith with first win. 27-22 over Ragsdale
    Boys JV: Smith with win over Ragsdale: 60-35

  • whirlie said,

    Grimsley 74
    Western 58

  • Johnny football said,

    Welcome back Roscoe!!! 4 in a row

  • Sike said,

    You do know CJ Freeman went out with a concussion right? He has carried the team throughout the playoffs. I don’t see them beating a tough Weddington team without him. I hope they win by 30 and run a fake punt

  • whirlie said,

    The score for the varsity boys Grimsley/ Western game was 74 to 58.

  • Johnny football said,

    CJ took a hard hit. I pray he is okay and able to compete. As for you Sike. Seek medical attention. You obviously need some real theropy.

  • Sike said,

    I’m sure Roscoe has no problem risking his players career to try and win a game. He’s out after this anyways

  • Tiger1012 said,

    Smith 55
    Ragsdale 45

    Varsity Boys Basketball

  • Jtown2014 said,

    Ragsdale is in for a long season it was tough to watch!

  • Johnny football said,

    Look up the definition of stupid. Then look in the mirror!

  • Sike said,

    Look up the definition of cheaters. Then look in the mirror!

  • LOL said,

    Look up the definition of State Champion and there’s a picture of the Nighthawks!!!

  • Eagle said,

    Burlington Christian Academy Boys 70
    Caldwell Academy Boys 55

  • Justin Olllis said,


    It’s time to grow up, support, and be a role model for kids of the county you live in…whether you personally like the school, teachers, or coaches that work there. This is one of the biggest moments of their high school careers…and I for one will be pulling for them, and all the students that may one day be fortunate enough to have this opportunity, regardless of which school they attend or who may be coaching them. By the way, these kids wouldn’t be there without the support and leadership from their parents, community, and yes, coaches. Go Nighthawks!

  • Ol' Ball Coach Jr. said,

    Maybe Guilford County will get a state title this year. …..good luck Northern….

  • Eagles said,

    Smith Varsity Boys and Girls Won tonight

  • Johnny football said,

    What I saw tonight was a TEAM effort. No one person won the game. It was a combination of great coaching and players on both sides of the ball. Unless they stumble they will be very hard to beat. And I don’t have a kid on the team and was an observer!!! Glad I got to see it. The defense is incredible. Hard to run the ball and if you throw it look out. 4 or 5 picks tonight. They are really something to see. AWESOME!!!!

  • Nighthawk Nation Momma! said,

    Northern Nighthawks are a Dynasty, Roscoe is a Legend.
    We do our talking on the field!

  • lol said,

    Northern beat a really bad chapel hill team. With all the d1 talent northern has they should of won by 50. With all the horses Roscoe has if he screws this up he might be the worst coach ever.

  • LOL said,

    Every year its Northern can’ t compete because
    they lost to much from the year before. Then its they have all this D1 talent if they don’ t win Roscoe sucks. Who do y
    ou think makes these kids D1 talent. Roscoe that who… best coach in the area hands down.

  • Observer said,

    Johnny is one hell of a recruiter.

  • NG SPIRIT said,

    Roscoe for Governor!

  • Triadwatch said,

    Congrats to northern very impressive last night could work on delay of game and neutral zone infractions for next week.
    I was also impressed with the quarterback from chapel hill that kid can throw a bullet pass but did let a few throws go wild . Seeing the kid throw those bullets all night was like dang that was a sweet spiral pass .

  • Tracy said,


  • sad said,

    Sad thing is all everyone can talk about is the attention hog Roscoe. Every kid gets over looked for Roscoes glory. Roscoe never rejects the attention he eats it up.

  • LOL said,

    Johnny Roscoe has probably never read a post on this site. What’s so sad are the faults accusations of recruiting. Can’t beat them so they must be cheaters.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I don’t think Coach Roscoe does a lot of talking or looking for attention, he goes about his football business and works to get the job done, to give his team the best opportunity to win and it seems to be a good formula…

  • ex Northern Dad said,

    The recruiting was done back in 2008-2010. He went to several NE kids house and asked them to transfer to Northern. Since the new rules have been in place cant really get as many transfers as they use to. Now it’s just a few parents on the team who talk to other parents to get their kids to move in. Not really rrecruiting more talking them into moving to play because the parents aren’t happy at Dudley, NE, Page ect. Fact is it happened they didn’t have enough hard evidence to burn Roscoe he was very lucky. Sad thing is as long as he coaches in this area that tag will follow him cause it did happen. I just hate it for the kids who have always lived their like my son did.