High School Basketball Tonight for the Guilford County and area teams

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Several key matchups tonight and none more intriguing going in than the Page at Northwest Guilford game at 6pm…Page does not get out to NWG all that often, but I did see NWG at Page two or three years ago and when they get together, even though this will be a non-conference affair, this will be big…Page girls (3-2) and the NWG girls are (3-0) and both teams are loaded with talent and Page is a bit younger than NWG and the Vikings are packed with juniors, plus NWG has a bench that is coming on fast….Page can throw a lot of different players and looks at you and better do some stretching before you go in there to watch this game, because you might find yourself doing a lot of jumping up and down while this one is going on….Rematch of last year’s TIMCO final, if I remember correctly, with the Page and NWG girls having been in the December championship games at the Greensboro Coliseum more times than the Duke and UNC men have made NCAA runs in recent years…Page and NWG are young but quality clubs and tonight see NWG with a running approach and Page with a more deliberate style….I would mention a few names, but there are so many, you need to make it point to get out and see them all this evening, at the Roger Nelson Gym….

For the Page-NWG boys, you have NWG at (3-0) and Page at (2-2) and this game stacks up somewhat like we had back on Tuesday with NWG at Northern Guilford….Page is tough on the inside with Jalen Seegars and Diondre Overton and NWG has guards coming at you in droves….Spicer, Gore, Henry, Covington, Turner, Hennigan and then you add in Reggie Davis for their post and NWG can roast when they heat up from the outside and those quick guards can take it to the basket on you….If Hill-Mais is available for Page and he is able to team up with Seegars and Overton, then the Pirates can protect the basket, but Page needs a boost from some place other than Overton and Seegars…..NWG is quick and smooth and Page has big men that can also take the ball outside around the perimeter, but they need the big inside around the rim, to get all of those rebounds and loose balls…..

The excitement for the potential energy and quality of both games could be as good as you are going to get here early in the season, but you must show up and see for yourself and it will take four quarters of top-tier play from the team/teams that end up winning these games tonight….Going to be a ton of calories burned up by the participants that hit the court at NWG this evening and how do stay focused during the school day since you want to get out there and get this game going right now….

*****And these are both non-conference games tonight, just wait till later on, when the teams start to meet their foes in the Metro 4-A and the Piedmont Triad 4-A, but did you say wait? Wait, nobody can wait, the time is set for 6pm…..*****

With all the hype that we just introduced on this Friday, we do have other games going on this evening and here is the list as it should up in today’s News and Record and at MaxPreps.com….

Grimsley at Western Guilford 6pm…Grimsley boys are (4-0) and (5-0) after tonight? Some say they can feel it, but WG has other ideas….This Hornet team is starving for victory in both the girl’s and the boy’s locker rooms…
High Point Central at High Point Andrews 6pm…..Boys game could be a good one, girls game, it could be rough and that is just the way it is…GAMES HAVE BEEN CANCELLED
Southern Guilford at Southeast Guilford 6pm…..Girls game SG has a chance, with SEG coming off of a tough loss to NWG back on WEDS., and for the boys, it is anybody’s game, and SG might have a few football players back tonight….
Smith at Ragsdale 6pm…..Girls up for grabs, boys Smith has an edge, but will they use it…Ragsdale has been playing like Jeckyl and Hyde…
Northern Guilford at Burlington Williams….I get the feeling this game will be postponed, since they have the playoff football game going at Northern tonight….GAME ON at 6pm at BW…..
Dudley at Southeast Raleigh 6pm….Dudley meeting many Triangle teams here early in the season this one is a mystery and we will have the ending for you later tonight with Joshua Prince….
Northeast Guilford at Rockingham County 6pm….ROCK girls are historically strong and the boys are not, but the NEG boys are off to a slow start and the NEG girls are playing better under their new head coach and we might see a flip-flop tonight, but then again, you never know what might happen when you travel up toward Wentworth and Ruffin….
+++++That is the jump on most of our Guilford County teams and let’s get the full list in here in our efforts to not leave anyone out of the picture and we always plan to just list the games and then we end up making comments about so many things that we should probably stay out of, but hey it is time to play with:
Cary Academy at the Greensboro Day School 5:30pm….GDS boys still rolling and girls now with one loss…Came against Providence Day the other night…
WS Atkins at Bishop McGuinness 6pm….The Bishop girls lost the other night and that doesn’t happen all that often….WS Prep over Bishop boys last night…
Eastern Alamance at McMichael 6pm
Glenn at WS Reynolds 6pm…Glenn girls are playing everybody tough in 2014 and the product value is increasing…
Randleman at Asheboro 6pm
New Garden Friends School at the Carolina Home Educators with (Girls Only) at 6pm
Trinity School from Durham at Westchester Country Day 6pm
Berean Baptist at Vandalia Christian 7pm with the Boys Only here….Look out for this new kid, the freshman Noah Dunn for VCS…
Wesleyan Christian Academy vs. Rabun Gap at Carolina Day with the Girls Only and game time is 4pm….

And there we are with today’s/tonight’s games and we should have an active scoreboard running for you here at the site tonight and on the scores, Don Moore…..

  • Game on said,

    NG at Burlington Williams is still on. BW refused to reschedule

  • Teddy Roe said,

    Will Xaiver Hill-Mais get to play? Why hasn’t he been in uniform? The local media protects Page’s infractions.

  • Wesleyan girls said,

    Game time is 4pm. Game is vs Rabun but played at Carolina Day

  • Andrea L. said,

    Andrews/Central games cancelled for tonight. Fights from last night possibly today and post about bringing a gun to the school. Both schools are being searched now.

  • Andy Durham said,

    from the High Point Enterprise web site:

    School violence prompts police presence, games cancellations

    Police are investigating a brawl between two students at High Point Central High School that escalated to threats through social media and more violence among a large group of students outside of school.

  • Eagles Dad said,

    Burlington Christian Academy at Caldwell Academy
    Varsity Girls 5:30 Followed by Varisty Boys (7pm)

  • Pirate Booty said,

    Only one (last) name to remember in that Page girls game…and there will be no answer for it, either.

  • Page player the best ? said,

    Exactly what “last” name should we remember? Let me guess she is potentially the best girl player in the city and she goes to Page.

  • the truth be told said,

    The best girl player in the city is at Page. I must have missed the memo. I think the best player in this city may be at a different school this year (Paris did graduate last year). Double check your notes and get out to more games than what is happening in pirate nation.

  • Fan said,

    Dudley plays at home tonight

  • Falcon1 said,

    Southeast Guilford 62
    Southern Guilford 29

    Women’s Final

  • Just saying said,

    How can Page have the best player in the city and they lose by 28 pts???

  • Go Vikings! said,

    NW girls varisty team is packed with talent. Tonight’s win is a good example of fundamentals and great team basketball. Way to go ladies and congrats to the NW girls jv team for a good win tonight as well! Both undefeated!

  • LMSMITH said,

    Just want to shout out the Smith teams who are on a great start…I’ve been going to the games for about 10 yrs now, long after my child graduated. They never get the same type of community support or love as the Dudley kids, but that’s ok. Anyway, I will say both teams won tonight…I don’t remember the girls score, but boys won 57-47. I think this year Dudley-Smith and Dudley-Page are going to be good games!!

  • Bobby Coley said,

    Page just has too much baggage, I mean Kargo, to beat NWG this year. Lady Vikings are one of three best teams in Guilford county.

  • Pirate Nation said,

    Who does Dudley play tonight?

  • GDS Basketball said,

    HPCA never reports the score when they lose a game. If they win,the score will be up immediately. Please, if you report your scores, report all games.