HS Football Stats/Numbers Tracker going into the NCHSAA 2014 Championships

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HS Football Stats/Numbers Tracker going into the Final Round of the NCHSAA Playoffs

*****We do have a lot of *****Seasons Complete*****, but we are still looking for any final numbers on our local players and here is what we have so far and we still have one team Northern Guilford(14-1) in the hunt.*****
(This week’s report will include updated Northern numbers.)

*****This mark will mean a player’s season is complete/over.*****

Combo-Man Mack:
*****4,033 Total Yards:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 2,430 yards passing and 1,603 yards rushing for 4,033 yards overall and 23 passing TD’s and 24 rushing TD’s for 47 Total TD’s..186.9 passing yards per game/61.6% and 123.3 rushing yards per game/8.1 yards per carry for Mack/198 carries….Mack 175-284 passing/6 INT’s(13 Games)*****Season Complete*****
+++++The combo of Cam Harris with 3,152 Total Yards, C.J. Freeman with 2,034 Total Yards and Mook Reynolds with 1,1341 Total Yards now have a large combined total for Northern Guilford and this gives the Big Three, 6,320 yards combined….+++++

Rushing/On the Run:
3,318:Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) 3,318 yards and 52 TD’s…237 yards per game on 349 carries and 9.5 yards per carry(14 games)…54 total touchdowns…*****Season Complete and Gallaspy was the top rusher/runner in the state in 2014*****
2,034:C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) 2,034 yards and 27 TD’s…127.2 yards per game…(15 games)…215 carries and 8.9 yards per carry…
1,603:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) 1,603 yards and 24 TD’s…198 carries…123.3 yards per game…*****Season Complete*****
1,585:Chavis Little(High Point Central) 1,585 yards and 14 TD’s…(12 games)…194 carries*****Season Complete*****
1,247:Darius Graves(Dudley) with 1,247 yards rushing and 17 TD’s total with 16 rushing and 1 receiving…(10 games)…156 carries/124.7 yards per game
*****Season Complete*****
1.163:Styles Jennings(Southeast Guilford) 1,163 yards with 9 TD’s on 202 carries*****Season Complete*****
1,051:Connell Young(Dudley) 1,051 yards and 11 TD’s in (10 games)*****Season Complete*****
1,028:Jahmad Cherry(High Point Andrews) with 110 carries for 1028 yards and 9 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
991:Travis Steele(High Point Andrews) had 991 yards on 98 carries, with 11 TD’…s*****Season Complete*****
874:Kevin Gehsmann(Western Guilford) 874 yards rushing and 10 TD’s…87.4 yards per game*****Season Complete*****
753:Steven Baldwin(Southeast Guilford) 753 yards on 117 carries and 11 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
700:DJ Hill(High Point Andrews) with 770 yards on 85 carries, good for 12 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
685:Brandon Harris(Ragsdale) 685 yards and 7 TD’s…/142 carries*****Season Complete*****
634:Nigel Thomas(Southern Guilford) with 634 yards and 10 TD’s…72 carries and 8.8 yards per carry…*****Season Complete*****
601:Cam Harris(Northern Guilford) 601 yards and 11 TD’s/104 carries
573:Tariq Howard(Northwest Guilford) 135 Rushes for 573 Yards and 3 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
544:Eric Cunningham(Southwest Guilford) 544 yards…and 1TD*****Season Complete*****
534:Zackey Stevenson(Southeast Guilford) 534 yards and 6 TD’s….*****Season Complete*****
522:Hendon Hooker(Dudley) 522 yards and 6 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
511:Jarious Drayton(Ragsdale) with 511 yards/2 TD’s….*****Season Complete*****
489:Jakwiza Hope(High Point Andrews) had 37 carries for 489 yards and 9 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
456:Javon Leake(Page) with 456 yards and 5 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
411:Bubba Craven(Southeast Guilford) has 411 yards with 7 TD’s on 71 carries*****Season Complete*****
405:Geoffrey Wall(High Point Central) 405/3 TD’s/62 carries*****Season Complete*****
357:Kyle Finne(Northwest Guilford) 102 Rushes for 357 Yards/1 TD*****Season Complete*****
352:Devonte Cross(Southwest Guilford) 352 rushing and 3 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
291:Garrett Church(Southeast Guilford) 291 yards and 5 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
276:Greg Liggs(Southeast Guilford) 274 yards rushing and 6 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
268:Nick Fryer(Northern Guilford) 268 yards and 4 TD/26 carries….
243:Amon Harris(Southern Guilford) with 243 yards/1 TD/37 carries…*****Season Complete*****
228:Tevan Evans(Western Guilford) 228 yards and 3 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
202:Tevin Quick(Ragsdale) 202 rushing and 8 TD’s…
197:Jayden Maynor(Dudley) 197 yards and 1 TD…..*****Season Complete*****
197:Tamrius Howze(Southwest Guilford) 197 yards and 1 TD*****Season Complete*****
196:Devon Parks(Ragsdale) with 196 yards and 3 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
166:Daniel Kelly(Northern Guilford) 161 yards and 2 TD’s/19 carries…
155:Johnston McCorkle(Southwest Guilford) 155 yards and 1 TD*****Season Complete*****
146:Miles Timmons(Northern Guilford) with 146 yards rushing and 1 TD/24 carries…
146:Tyree Knight(Dudley) 146 yards and 1 TD*****Season Complete*****
138:Antoine McCray(Dudley) 138 yards*****Season Complete*****
116:Kris Fisher(Southeast Guilford) with 116 yards and 1 TD*****Season Complete*****

Passing/Through the Air:
2,551:Cam Harris(Northern Guilford) with 2,551 passing and 30 TD’s/117-197/5 INT’s(15 games)…170.1 yards per game…59.4% completion rate…
2,538:Josh Homol(Northwest Guilford) with 2,538 Yards, 216-320(68%), 24 TD’s, 7 INT’s, Also has 7 Rushing TD’s*****Season Complete*****
2,430:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) 2,430 passing yards and 24 TD’s/175-284/6 INT….189.9 yards per game…61.6 completion rate…*****Season Complete*****
1,542:Nathan Stoner(Southern Guilford) with 1,542 yards passing and 18 TD’s/91-188/7 INT’s…110.1 yards per game…48.4% completion rate…*****Season Complete*****
1,541:Devonte Cross(Southwest Guilford) with 1,541 yards passing and 17 TD’s/89-211/8 INT’s…140.1 yards per game*****Season Complete*****
1,178:Tevan Evans(Western Guilford) 1,178 yards and 8 TD/88-158/13 INT’s*****Season Complete*****
1,522:Alec Cobb(Ragsdale) 128-218 (64% completion), 1,522 yards, 13 TD’s, 7 INT’s, 217.4 yards per game(7 Games)*****Season Complete*****
1,141:Hendon Hooker(Dudley) 1,141 passing and 10 TD’s/3 INT’s/67-108..(10 games)…114.1 yards per game…*****Season Complete*****
964:Bubba Craven(Southeast Guilford) 964 yards and 7 TD/63-114/7 INT., 87.6 yards per game*****Season Complete*****
576:Tevin Quick(Ragsdale) 576 passing yards and 5 TD’s/53-76/2 INT
515:De’Shaun Taylor(Western Guilford) 515 yards on 40-71 with 4 TD and 6 INT’s*****Season Complete*****

Receiving/Ball in hands:
1,148:Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford) 100 Catches for 1,148 Yards and 11 TD’s…4 Rushing TD’s with 51 yards on 20 carries, also he has thrown one TD pass…(42 yards and 1-1)*****Season Complete*****
1,134:Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford) 1,134 yards and 13 TD’s on 47 receptions
959:Charles Edmund(High Point Central) 959 yards and 13 TD’s on 70 receptions*****Season Complete*****
901:T.J. Parker(Ragsdale) with 901 yards/7 TD’s/66 receptions*****Season Complete*****
877:Diondre Overton(Page) with 877 yards on 61 receptions and 7 TD’s in 9 games….*****Season Complete*****
873:Ron Hunt:(Southern Guilford) with 873 yards and 12 TD’s…45 receptions…*****Season Complete*****
829:Jeremiah Brown(Southwest Guilford) 829 yards on 46 receptions and 10 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
598:Tim Gorham(High Point Central) 598 yards and 4 TD’s on 48 receptions*****Season Complete*****
590:Mark Garner(Northwest Guilford) 590 yards and 3 TD on 51 receptions*****Season Complete*****
584:Tevin Quick(Ragsdale) with 584 yards and 3 TD’s/52 catch….Quick with 547 yards passing, 202 yards rushing and 584 yards receiving and 16 TD’s…(1,178 All-Purpose Yards)*****Season Complete*****
580:Christian Sarpy(Western Guilford) with 580 yards and 2 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
525:Tucker Hord(Northern Guilford) with 525 yards and 4 TD/25 receptions
437:Tre Marsh(Northern Guilford) with 437 yards and 9 TD’s/16 receptions
424:Geoffrey Wall(High Point Central) 424 yards/5 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
370:Greg Liggs Jr.(Southeast Guilford) with 370 yards and 3 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
364:Brandon Person-Boyd(Dudley) with 364 yards and 4 TD’s….*****Season Complete*****
356:Keenan Stevens(Western Guilford) with 356 yards and 3 TD…*****Season Complete*****
320:Christian Cokely(Dudley) with 320 yards and 4 TD*****Season Complete*****
297:Savon McCauley(High Point Central) with 297 yards…13 receptions/1 TD…*****Season Complete*****
291:Max Maynard(Northern Guilford) 291 yards and 2 TD’s/13 catch
287:Carter Mitchell(Northwest Guilford) with 387 yards on 22 receptions and 1 TD….4 INT’s on Defense…*****Season Complete*****
282:Tehron Durr(Southwest Guilford) with 282 yards and 4 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
282:Darius Graves(Dudley) 282 yards with 1 TD*****Season Complete*****
282:Taylor Still(Ragsale) 242 yards and 4 TD’s/23 catch*****Season Complete*****
281:Kevin Gehsmann(Western Guilford) with 281 yards and 2 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
260:Kevin Henry(Northwest Guilford) 24 Catches for 260 Yards and 5 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
224:Eric Cunningham(Southwest Guilford) with 224 yards and 2 TD’s*****Season Complete*****
202:James Paschal(Southeast Guilford) 202 yards*****Season Complete*****
187:Michael Sibley(Western Guilford) 187 yards….*****Season Complete******
182:Ryjaan Glover(Western Guilford) with 182 yards and 2 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
179:Nick Fryer(Northern Guilford) 179 yards and 1 TD/8 Receptions….
161:Tariqq Haack(Southern Guilford) with 161 yards and 1 TD/10 receptions*****Season Complete*****
156:Jeremiah Hedrick(Southern Guilford) with 156 yards and 1 TD/8 receptions*****Season Complete*****
146:Jeremy Vinson(Northwest Guilford) 16 Catches for 146 Yards and 2 TD’s*****Season Complete*****(Missed last 5 games of the season.)
136:Ronald Chole(Ragsdale) with 136 yards and 2 TD’s….*****Season Complete*****
134:Keaton Haack(Northwest Guilford) with 134 yards on 10 receptions and 2 TD’s…*****Season Complete*****
126:C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) with 126 yards and 2 TD’s/11 Receptions…
123:Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) 123 yards and 2 TD’s…9 Receptions*****Season Complete*****
116:Chavis Little(High Point Central) with 116 yards receiving….*****Season Complete*****
112:Garrett Church(Southeast Guilford) with 112 yards*****Season Complete*****
107:Antoine McCray(Dudley) 107 yards and 1 TD…*****Season Complete*****
*****More updates may be arriving later on today.*****

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