High School Basketball Polls as we head into the heart of the season

Posted by Andy Durham on December 12, 2014 at 11:51 am under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Busy time for high school basketball and just about a third of the season gets played before the teams hit the Christmas Break and before all of the Haeco, Sheetz and Eastern Guilford tournaments get going…Let’s get going with our polls and we will begin with out three polls today and add in more of the private schools next week as we get further and further into the heart of the season….

Boys Public School Poll
1)Northwest Guilford(6-0)….NWG vs. SWG coming soon, and SWG vs. Grimsley tonight at SWG…
2)Southwest Guilford(6-0)
7)Eastern Guilford(3-1)
9)Northeast Guilford(3-3)
10)Southern Guilford(2-3)

Girls Public School Poll
1)Northwest Guilford(6-0)
2)Southeast Guilford(6-1)
3)Northern Guilford(4-2)
4)High Point Andrews(4-1)
7)Eastern Guilford(3-1)
10)Southwest Guilford(3-4)

Boys Combined Poll
2)Greensboro Day School(11-0)
3)Northwest Guilford(6-0)
4)Southwest Guilford(6-0)
7)High Point Christian(6-5)
10)Eastern Guilford(3-1)

  • NC Fan said,

    Funny how a team with a losing record gets in the top 10. How does that happen?

  • Andy Durham said,

    When you look at the rest of the boys public school teams they are a combined (4-24) and left us with at least two teams with losing records in the boys Top Ten…We may have to whittle it down to a Top Five, but we will leave it as is for now….

  • Hmmm said,


    Putting Southwest Guilford behind Grimsley and Smith? Andy I think we need a commitee just like college footbal.

    Grimsley beat Central, Ragsdale and Western
    Smith beat Victory Christian, Ragsdale, Bartlett Yancey and Lee County.

    SW played Reynolds, SE, Dudley, Andrews, and Page. They have Eastern and NW twice left on the schedule.

    Toughest schedule in the area outside of Dudley.

  • girls rankings said,

    No combined poll for the girls. The Wesleyan girls are actually really good this year and GDS appears to be doing the same as in the past. How is Dudley ranked ahead of 4 teams with winning records but Dudley has a losing record.

  • Andy Durham said,

    It all goes back to Monk for Southwest Guilford…How far can she carry this team on her back and I know she has help, but we for sure will know more after tonight….

    We hope to have more polls out next week and we will have to look closely at the Private School girls group…The private school boys pretty much spells itself out, but the girls, there is lot of gray matter there left to be studied….

    Lots of studying left for all of us to do….

  • NWGHS fan said,

    In the girls, I’d put Northern ahead of SE based on their games against NW (all of the losses for those two teams have been to NW). Northern played NW pretty tough, especially the first game.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good points on Northern, I had them up there early, but that (6-1) swayed me….The (6-1) jumped out off of the paper at me and SEG is doing this without Shutt and other key losses and with a first-year head coach Rachel Clark…

    Good points tough on NG with NWG, because I think that first meeting at NWG went Vikings 55-52…NWG up early but had to hang on and we will too….There is a plan, and we are looking for it and we will follow it….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Southwest Guilford was too athletic for Grimsley…SWG has a compliment to go along with Monk and when those girls want to work, they can go to work…First time seeing SWG and they have some good athletes on that girls team….

  • Fan said,

    The Dudley boys and girls teams has always played the toughest schedule in Guilford county. This is why they have a higher ranking than some of the other teams.

  • SWG FAN said,

    And we only gave two seniors and neither one scored. All sophs and freshman.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hope to have New Hope and the other private school girls rolling this week….Got to make sure we can get all of their info together…We had New Hope listed as the #1 girls team here all last season….We have been covering them with the help of Warren Jackson for a long, long time….

  • Wildcat Fan said,

    Eastern is behind Page but one of Pages lost is to Eastern Guilford.