The Janesh Football Report on Upcoming FREE Seminar in January and the Senior Showcase at Proehlific Park in February

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The Recruiting Seminar (February 13th at Guilford College) is turning into a pretty big hit. We all know the significance of having a college coach tell you exactly what they are looking for in a recruit. In my experience, high school coaches give a tainted view of exactly what college coaches are looking for. They just don’t know. I know parents don’t have any idea of what this recruiting process really looks like. I know this for a fact because of the troubles that I had leaving high school. Fortunate enough for me, Guilford College showed me unconditional love as I went though the process which is what attracted me to play football on the D3 level at Guilford. I had the skills, but only if I had the knowledge, I would have ended up on a much bigger playing field.

I just want to give people the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about a process that is constantly changing and evolving. Come hear the truth right out of the mouths of a college coach.


Now the Senior Showcase,

This is an update for our senior showcase February 14th in Greensboro N.C. Located at Ricky Proehl’s state-of-the-art facility, Prohelific Park.
The kids will be competing in:
40 Yard Sprint
5-10-5 Shuttle
Broad Jump
Possible L-Drill
Intense 1 vs. 1 Drill
Then they will conclude with an information session from the attending college coaches. This is where you will get a chance to visit with all of the college coaches that are wanting to recruit you guys. An extended recruiting visit. This area of N.C. is full of undiscovered talent. So far, the average GPA of pre-registered kids is 2.9. Not bad. There are some with higher and some with lower.

Here is one of the top rated unsigned guys in our reach. Darius Graves, Rb, Dudley High. Finished with over 1,200 rushing yards.

For more info CALL HERE to talk to Josh Williams now:
Josh W. (919) 943-2572

  • Janesh (Josh Williams said,

    Thanks Andy!

  • Get a Grip said,


    Maybe your coach gave you a tainted view or maybe he told you the right thing. You are a very avg D3 football player at best. What you need to tell the players and parents is that the recruiting process works 99 percent of the time to benefit the kid. You either got it or you don’t. Bloom where you are planted dude.

  • Good stuff said,

    To Josh keep up the good work, keep making a difference in the community. I understand exactly why you are doing for creating such an event. Many coaches dont inform their players about the pitfalls if recruiting. Athletes are over looked daily and many of them do have what it takes. 75% of recruiting is political, Just keep doing what you’re doing. As for get a grip, get a life fall back sir.

  • Ogramballer said,

    How can we get more info on senior showcase?

  • Andy Durham said,

    CALL HERE to talk to Josh Williams now:
    Josh W. (919) 943-2572

  • GuessWho said,

    I actually take offense to this post. As a person who works with many coaches both in and outside Guilford County on a daily basis, I can unequivicaly say that your statement “high school coaches give a tainted view of exactly what college coaches are looking for. They just don’t know.” is false. You’re right, some may not know and some may not give a crap, but to say that all coaches give a “tainted” view is just uninformed.

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience with your high school coach, but trust me that is the exception not the norm. Sorry buddy but your post reeks of someone who thinks that they are too good to be at Guilford College. Personally I wouldn’t put down the school who “showed me love” just because you are unhappy with playing at the D3 level. There are great football players playing at that level which I’m sure you already know since you played with some of them.

    As for Good Stuff, do you speak with recruiters? I highly doubt it. People recruit in order to win ball games and ultimately their jobs depend on it. They are just handing out scholarships because their cousin’s sister’s brother in-law’s mother’s aunt’s grandson is the Mayor or the Dean of Arts and Science

  • Josh Williams (Janesh) said,

    Hi all,

    Thank you for your feedback. I have been waiting two years for this! I do not mean to step on anyones toes. My passion is for the kids and families who feel that they deserve more college recognition. My high school coach did not know or inform me much on the recruiting process. My father and I had to go out and attach it on our own. I am here to be a third source of recruiting information. That is why I am here. I actually want to incorporate my work with the High school coaches. Of course I need their cooperation for that. I have ideas!

    I will change the game for everybody in this area. I will equip parents and athletes with the information and resources to accurately take a risk at earning a scholarship.

    My final goal is to just give some kids the rush of chasing there dreams. There’s not a bigger rush than playing on Friday nights just to go out and to prove to scouts that you are worthy of their recognition. I know because that is what I did in high school.

    I have never downplayed Guilford College. I love that school. It has turned me into a man. I have learned to stand on my own two feet.

    Sorry to whoever I have offend with my events. I just am here to help. That’s all I want to do!

    – Janesh

  • Josh Williams (Janesh) said,

    For more information:

  • Jimmy Lamour said,


    I think there are some that are missed and some scholarships are influenced by those that coaches trust. I believe that developing a relationship with the HS coaches in this area to make this a great exposure opportunity for the kids is what this is all about. Our goal is to help as many athletes as possible play on the next level with the least amount of debt as possible. This is great feedback I believe for thos that care about the kids. We in the community should really support events such as this.

  • help is needed said,

    I will simply speak as a former player, current parent and coach that has had the opportunity to help advise other parents and players about the process based on my experience. Clearly there are a lot coaches that get and work many extra hours helping kids that have the desire to get potential offers from colleges. However I will suggest that far too many coaches simply do not understand the process or have enough college connections or relationships to help the average players. It is easy to help the star player or the can’t miss player but helping the “average” or just above average player get an opportunity takes work, experience and connections. Any extra process that a players, coach or parents can have at their access should be appreciated. The college recruiting process is more about relationships and understanding where a player is in their development to better understand where they could fit. Anything that can be offered to help players and their parents understand where their kid fits on that schedule is great for the community.

  • Janesh (Josh Williams) said,

    Again, I want to say sorry to who ever I offended. I have to work on the way I present my work. I should never offend anyone in this industry. We all want the same thing, and that’s to see kids get to college. WIth this feedback from “Guesswho”, I have realized that I have been presenting a bias perception of this whole process. I have not been conveying my reasoning behind what I do. So here it is.

    I guess what I want to convey, I have done work with a lot of college coaches. The technology, the process, the reasoning behind recruiting kids is constantly changing. I have committed myself to staying current with what these coaches are looking for out of a kid. I have made a stand to communicate that very thing to the world. Starting with the Triad. I know there are high school football coaches that work extremely hard so see their kids go to the next level. But their number one goal is to win. The second goal is to put the kids in college. While the high school coaches are focused on their seasons, things are changing. Technology is getting better, college coaches are going to seminars among themselves to constantly innovate how they do recruiting. Things are moving around on that level. I want to commit to staying current with that process. I want to work with the high school coaches. I want to work with the athletes. I want to work with the parents. Janesh is here to educate everyone. That’s what we do. We don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but this industry is constantly moving, evolving. We have to continue stay up on the process or we will be left behind.

    This is why I offer events like this. Again, I am a senior at Guilford College. I still have a lot of learning to do, but guys, this is what I have learned so far and this is what I am passionate about. I will make this work not only for me but for the community around me.

    Have a good day,

    ~ Janesh

  • Andy Durham said,

    Josh, you got people talking and you got people sharing their opinions and that is more than some people can do in a lifetime…

    You are still learning, but you are willing to listen…

    Learning, listening and working hard….

    Keep up the good work and there is for sure somebody out there that is benefitting from your efforts right now as we speak here at this site…

    People are seeing, people are hearing and people are reacting….That is a good thing…