New High School Basketball Polls for the Week of 12/19/14

Posted by Andy Durham on December 19, 2014 at 11:32 am under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Boys Public School Poll
1)Northwest Guilford(8-0)
2)Southwest Guilford(8-0)
*****Adjusted Grimsley record, they lost last night/Thursday to North Rowan….*****
5)Eastern Guilford(5-2)
9)Northern Guilford(4-5)
10)Northeast Guilford(3-5)

Girls Public School Poll
1)Northwest Guilford(8-0)
2)Southeast Guilford(8-1)
3)Northern Guilford(7-2)
4)High Point Andrews(4-1)
7)Eastern Guilford(5-2)
8)Southwest Guilford(5-4)

Boys Combined Poll
2)Greensboro Day School(14-0)
3)Northwest Guilford(8-0)
4)Southwest Guilford(8-0)
7)High Point Christian(7-6)
8)Eastern Guilford(5-2)

Boys Private School Poll with a start at Top Five
2)Greensboro Day School(14-0)
3)High Point Christian(7-6)
4)New Hope Christian Academy(7-5)
5)Vandalia Christian School(8-2)
*****We will do some more digging on these in the next few days…Still need to get a look at Westchester, have not seen their record yet, and I don’t think they have a girls team over there…We do more searching on both the boys and girls to try and get us a better overall view…Some of the teams are in real bad shape and best to leave them out there for now, but they may be joining us later…Lots of our talent in both the public and private schools is top heavy this season…Not some of the balance on the girls and boys sides that we have seen in the past….*****

Girls Private School Poll with Top Five
1)New Hope Christian Academy(15-0)
2)Greensboro Day School(13-1)
3)Caldwell Academy(9-4)
4)Wesleyan Christian Academy(3-8)
5)Tie:High Point Christian Academy(3-5)/Vandalia Christian School(3-5)

  • rock fan said,

    Why is Rockingham County High School not listed for the girls? They are 10-1. Their only loss has been to Northern by one point. Very good team.

  • Just Sayin said,

    Rockingham County might be on the list on Rockingham County Just Sayin!

  • Tim said,

    So that’s why we see articles on Elon university all the time. I didn’t realize they are located in Greensboro or Guilford county. Just sayn

  • Rock Fan said,

    Maybe Just Sayin, you should look at another school that is listed that is in Davidson County which is New Hope.

  • Wow said,

    Did same thing to Southern Alamance last year when they had a great girls team

  • New Hope said,

    New Hope has local girls playing on their team. Maybe that is why they are listed under private only. The public schools are all in Guilford County

  • Andy Durham said,

    Might be time to start looking at an Area Poll which would take in more of our counties for the Public Schools…All of the Public Schools are from Guilford County…

    One school I used to list with the Private Schools since they are private playing public is Bishop McGuinness…

    I need to for sure get Bishop back in there since they have been in there before and Westchester boys too…We will be taking a look at that for sure…

    If there is an opening we will usually take, so stay tuned in, more to come…

  • fan said,

    Southwest should definitely be number 1 they have beating 3 team’s in this top ten and not mention beat a very good and tall team across the board last night in Alpharetta High school out of Georgia.