In the afternoon a Wilson Christian Academy basketball player buried his sister and later that night he went out and scored 30 points in her honor/memory

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Zach Hunter lost his sister in an automobile accident, but he seized the opportunity to lift up his sister’s memory on the very day of her funeral and by doing so he touched many lives that felt the loss, but not quite the same way Zach was feeling and nobody could touch what he did for his sister while he was on the basketball court with a ball in hand and his goal for that night, right up above him…..Just a touching story/post from the pages of…..(

On December 9, Zach Hunter lost a sister. Craig and Lisa Hunter lost their daughter.

“She was a fantastic sister,” Zach said. “She would always make me laugh.”

“She was amazing,” said Craig “She was a special person. She had a special place in my heart being my daughter, our first born.”

Emilee Hunter, just 19 years old, died in a traffic accident.

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