Guilford Wildlife Club looking at Wild fee/dues increase coming from Lake Jeanette Homeowners Association:Can GWC survive when the rates are doubled???

Posted by Andy Durham on December 23, 2014 at 2:20 pm under Uncategorized | Read the First Comment

*****from one of our contacts out there in the Wild, Paul Bunyion IV:*****

Can wildlife followers/fishing families continue with their passion when the dues/fees are doubled???

There is currently a battle brewing between the Guilford Wildlife Club, which has been based at Lake Jeanette since the lake was built some time back in the 1940’s, and the Lake Jeanette Homeowners Association.

The LJHOA wants to raise GWC fees to $150 which would double the rate for the GWC senior citizens. Seniors make up a large portion of the Guilford Wildlife Club membership.

The management company that operates the property, Roskelly Management, said they want GWC dues to be inline with other dues but the GWC members don’t get all the access LJHOA members do.

Interestingly LJHOA doesn’t own the lake, International Textile Group (Cone Mills) does. Apparently the GWC board has decided to walk away without consulting its membership.

This has become a sad situation that could end generations of families enjoying fishing trips together.

We’ve been told that the Cone family originally signed a $1 a year lease to the Wildlife Club for 100 years.

Where is a true outdoorsman, like Bodie McDowell, when we need him?????

  • Drob1211 said,

    My father in law fishes there and all Greensboro lakes and he said homeowners jacked the price up so much that the wildlife club is getting out. Heard final day to fish there is in March. Sad day as he took my boys fishing there since they were small.