NFL Panthers-Falcons Game “Flexed” to 4:25 PM Slot

Posted by Don Moore on December 23, 2014 at 9:52 am under Professional | Comments are off for this article

The NFL and Networks Broadcast Agreements include to right to move game times to accommodate the interests (or lack of interests) of the football fans. They can’t do it every week; but if there is a reason, they can pull the trigger.

That’s exactly what has happened this Sunday. The Carolina Panthers versus Atlanta Falcons was originally scheduled for regional coverage at 1 PM. (Regional coverage is where games are local to several states only.) Now it has been moved to a National Slot – 4:25 PM. In the National Slot, it may be viewed Nation-Wide, although some areas may get a local game.

This game is important because it will decide who moves ahead in the NFL playoffs.

It airs locally on WFMY-TV.

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