What’s Up WithThat??? Time to send out Holiday Greetings and Shout Outs!!!(Who’s On Your List?)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 24, 2014 at 2:58 pm under College, High School, Professional | 2 Comments to Read

What’s Up With That?…What’s Up With That?…What’s Up With That?… What’s Up With That?.. What’s Up With That?…

Time to send out some of those Holiday Greetings and Shout Outs this year with What’s Up With That?, and we’ve been doing this web blog/web site going on 10 years now and we need to stop and reflect on some What’s Up With That and that has us throwing out some Shout Outs and Holiday Greetings here for 2014 and you can do the same….

Just put your Holiday Greeting or Shout Out in the Comment Box below and you will be doing a good thing this Holiday Season, for a coach, a player, a family member, a work associate and more…

Holiday Greetings and Shout Outs to the people that help us here at the site, with Don Moore, Dennis White, Nathan White, Andy Gore and more like Greg Vlazny, Coach Mullis, Coach McDuffie, Coach Prince, Coach Partee, Danny Robinson, Carson Cashwell, Coach Scarborough, Coach Jones, Coach Dorrell, Coach Parrish, Joe Moore, and all the other coaches that send us info….

Our college and pro guys out there like Eric Ebron, P.J. Hairston, D.J. Reader(lost his dad this year), high school kids like J.J. Watson out in California and C.J. Freeman who just had ankle surgery on Saturday, Elijah Jordan locked up in jail, Jeff Simms, our old coaches that are still hanging in there like Coach Slayton, Coach Henderson, and Coach Siler and on we can go with our family members like brothers and sisters, friends/associates like Big Charlie Pannell, Ron Davidson, Buck Bain, Shawyn Newton, Brian Herndon, Randall Hackett, John Hughes, Brindon Chrismon at Christmas, Rusty Lee(long-time AD), Lewis Newman, Joe Goddette, Skip McCall, Ray Crawford, Coach Stanley, Dale Holder, Ad Edwards, Ad Penfield, Leigh Hibbard, Jesse Pratt, Worth Holleman, Jim Gentry, Kevin McCoy, Rob Goodman, Demp Bradford, Ron Bradford, Bruce Woodall, Freddy Johnson, Robert Johnson, Robert Kent, Jackson Kent, David Price, Mr. German, Carmine Pagano, Bob Poole, Fred McMurray, Buddy Bray, David Nettesheim, Bill Ahrens and many more Shout Outs to come out today….

Get us a few down below….

Send us those that are on your “Shout Out/Holiday Greeting/What’s Up With That List”…..

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Merry Christmas to all the folks at Greensboro Sports!!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Let’s get with it, you want to be sure to get all of these in before December 26…How about a “Shout Out” for David Letterman, this will be his last Christmas Season on Late Night TV….He was riding a mini-scooter on his show last night, the night before Christmas Eve…