Muhsin Muhammad(Carolina Panthers) has not 1, not 2, but 3 daughters on the Ardrey Kell Knights girls high school basketball team

Posted by Andy Durham on January 5, 2015 at 7:27 pm under High School | Read the First Comment

Was doing some research on girls high school basketball being played down around Charlotte, N.C. today and found out/learned that former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad has not one, not two, but THREE daughters on the Ardrey Kell Knights girls high school basketball team….

Ardrey Kell(11-2) doing pretty well this season on the girls 4-A high school level with:

Jordan Muhammad…10.8ppg and 4.8rbg and Jordan is a senior and I wonder where she got her first name from???
Chase Muhammad….8.1ppg and 3.8rbg for Chase and she is a junior….
Journey Muhammad..3.6ppg, plus 2.1 assists per game and Journey has just begun her journey with the Ardrey Kell Knights, she is just a freshman….

*****Kind of interesting the things you learn when you start looking around a little bit and sometimes you can come up wrong or empty, but you still learn or find out something new along the way….*****

+++++Rodney Rogers’ daughter is on the Myers Park(Charlotte) team and her name is Rydeiah Rogers and she is averaging 10 points and 12 rebounds per game…..+++++

  • NW Viking said,

    His step daughter Raven Dean is also a senior on that team and has committed to play college ball at ETSU.