Looking back at the Friday night MAGIC numbers(Girls and Boys) in true high school basketball fashion

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Going to go with the 15 point mark for the men and the 10 point mark for the women today since we are in the holiday mode and we have a full load so let’s get with it and we will start with the points and then work in the other stats to go with the top-scorers….

Girls and the magic number for today is 10 points….
29:Tamera Thorpe(Greensboro Day School)
25:Peyton Kadlecek(Caldwell Academy)
23:Hailey Riffe(High Point Christian Academy)
18:Toni Tucker(Northwest Guilford)
18:Khayla Miller(Southern Guilford)
18:Hannah Houser(Caldwell Academy)
18:Kodi Centry(McMichael)
17:Bailey Kargo(Page)
17:Kiara Harrison(Dudley)
17:Nokomis Williams(Southern Guilford)
16:Breana Ware(Southern Guilford)
16:Lashonda Monk(Southwest Guilford)
14:Leigh Ramsey(Grimsley)
14:Lauren Carter(Southwest Guilford)
14:Danielle Nieters(Bishop McGuinness)
14:Tessa Johnson(Bishop McGuinness)
14:Taylor Blakely(Walkertown)
13:Kara Straite(Dudley)
12:Kayla Phifer(Southeast Guilford)
12:Mahlon Brady(Greensboro Day School)
12:Gabby Gordon(Rockingham County)
12:K. Cranford(Ragsdale)
12:J. Haugle(Southern Alamance)
11:Hayley Barber(Northwest Guilford)
11:Leah Wallac(Northwest Guilford)
11:Breana Hardnett(Southeast Guilford)
11:Essence Abraham(Dudley)
11:Gloria Smith-Bunch(Greensboro Day School)
11:WG Hardin(Western Guilford)
10:Alliyah Burton(Grimsley)
10:Hailey Dias-Allen(Southeast Guilford)
10:Madeline Hardy(Rockingham County)

Boys and the magic number is 15 for today…..
30:Cameron Alston(Vandalia Christian)
28:Quayson Williams(Eastern Guilford)
23:Madison Cone(East Forsyth)
20:Aaron Simpson(Smith)
20:Will Weethee(East Forsyth)
21:Peter Agba(Greensboro Day School)
21:Noah Dunn(Vandalia Christian)
19:John Puryear(Grimsley)
19:A. King(GC Heat)
18:Darius Moore(Greensboro Day School)
18:John Brewer(Caldwell Academy)
18:Carrington Young(Southern Alamance)
17:DaJour Jones(Eastern Guilford)
17:Ben Robertson(High Point Christian Academy)
17:Devon Woods(Bishop McGuinness)
16:Covington Carson(Caldwell Academy)
16:S. Smith(GC Heat)
15:Jaylen Gore(Northwest Guilford)
15:Austin Love(Ragsdale)
15:Mike Featherston(Grimsley)
15:Brion Seagraves(Dudley)
15:Brandon Childress(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
15:Nick Brown(Caldwell Academy)
15:Aaron Wiggins(Grimsley)
15:Michael Provenzano(High Point Christian)
15:Bryson Gordon(Vandalia Christian)
15:I. Ashely(GC Heat)

*****Other key numbers from Friday night on the men’s side of the court:
Jaylen Gore with 5 assists and 5 rebounds for Northwest Guilford High School…Reggie Davis with 12 rebounds and 13 points for Northwest Guilford….Harry Giles(14 points) with 11 rebounds and Brandon Childress 7 assists for Wesleyan….Darius Moore with 7 assists for Greensboro Day School….Noah Dunn with 11 assists and 10 rebounds, plus Cameron Alston with 10 assists for Vandalia Christian….Josh McGee with 10 rebounds for Bishop McGuinness….

On the women’s end/side of the court:
Lashonda Monk had 10 steals and 8 rebounds for the Southwest Guilford Cowgirls…Peyton Kadlecek with 15 rebounds for Caldwell Academy….Khayla Miller with 6 key rebounds for Southern Guilford…..*****

+++++If you have more and know of more stats, send them our way and will add to the totals……+++++

  • Will said,

    Taylor Blakely 14pts (Walkertown)

  • Andy Durham said,

    These guys might ones to keep an eye on:

    About 20 minutes before the tip of the boys’ basketball game Friday night between Hough and North Mecklenburg, school officials outside of the North Meck gym announced they were closing the doors; No one else would be let in.

    Fans crammed into the bleachers and stood along the baseline, ready to see a matchup between two teams ranked in the top 10 of the Sweet 16 and tied atop the MECKA standings – with Concord Robinson and West Charlotte.

    What the crowd saw was a dominant performance by the No. 3 North Meck Vikings, who beat No. 9 Hough 81-56.

    from the Charlotte Observer and CLICK HERE to

  • Andy Durham said,

    Taylor Blakely(Walkertown) has has joined the team…