National Signing Day is coming up in Early February:Are you struggling with Recruiting???(Janesh/Josh Williams has some answers for you)

Posted by Andy Durham on January 21, 2015 at 12:00 pm under College, High School | 2 Comments to Read

A letter to struggling parents and athletes going through the final phases of senior recruiting.

I feel like I went through my recruiting struggles for a reason. My job is to give back to the parents and kids that are lost in this process, having to fight for your own exposure, your own college career.

My only advice for you guys during this time is to keep an open mind. These coaches that are contacting you from smaller schools see potential in you. I know, we all want bigger and better things, but if you want to fully take advantage of the variety of schools that are recaching out to you, you will need to write out your options. Do your research about the academic prestige of each school that is contacting you. What position they want you to play at their college, how is the prestige of their football team, are they winners? Will you get a job after college?

This message is for the guys that are looking at going small D2 – D3 at this point. You will mostly likely be paying money to continue your football career. You can still come out on top. You have a few options.

You can walk on to a bigger institution
Pros: You will be with a high class football program. You will get a quality education.
Cons: You will be treated like a walk-on. Walk-ons do not get treated like a part of the team. There’s a reason they weren’t recruited to play there.

You can attend a D2 or D3 school that will only offer partial scholarships
Pros: You can compete and play football with guys that are at the same talent level as you. You also, will get a quality education. It’s smaller, you can focus on your work and your career after football.
Cons: You won’t be the legend we all strive to become in this game of football. Not as many people will be at your games. But the beauty of that, like me, you will find pride in something beyond football.

Lastly, you have the option of just paying to go to a quality public school.
Pros:You will get the ultimate college experience. Football is like a job. Life without it is a little less stressful, more time to concentrate on girls, parties and academics(The ultimate college life) You will also get an above average education.
Cons: Life without football is not life at all. Just remember that.

Hopefully this helps someone out there. Remember, this is bias opinion from myself, Josh Williams. I am looking to help these type of athletes. I went through this same process. The battle of the underexposed. This time is critical. I was in your shoes a little while ago. I know how it is, parents, I understand your struggles.

A few other things to make sure you research:
Student Loans (You will have to pay these back 6 months after you graduate. This isn’t the same as a scholarship) Research Stafford loans, subsidized loans, etc.
Do your FASFA early, the college is able to find more free money for you the earlier you complete that process.
Go on as many school visits as possible. Are you a good fit at these schools? Remember this will be your home for 4 years.

I have plenty of more thoughts, if you ever have any questions contact me through our website:

– Josh W.

The college coaches that will be at our Showcase and Seminar:

Winston Salem State
Guilford College

Showcase: (We don’t want to disclose everyone, stay tuned for the other names)
Guilford College
Greensboro College
Methodist University
Johnson C Smith

Again, we have some huge things coming up, if you have any questions, contact me personally:

  • JC said,

    What do you think about JUCO?

  • Josh Williams (Janesh) said,


    Thank you for the support.


    Thank you for reaching out. I can’t speak to the JUCO experience. I would have to refer you to my partner who does recruiting counseling. I know a good bit about the D2 and D3 atmosphere because that was the caliber of schools that I interacted with over my years.

    Just an overall assessment, I hear they are pretty effective when you have early recruiting buzz going into the JUCO. That early buzz helps it easier to advance from the JUCO and enter the NCAA at a bigger level.

    Please do your research on it. “Information changes situations”

    If you want to talk with my partner please contact me and we can get you set up.